Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mongols clash with Iron Order in Denver

The Canadian Press is reporting that "One person was fatally shot and seven others were injured in a shooting and stabbing at a motorcycle expo on Saturday. Investigators believe there was an exchange of gunfire at about 1 p.m. In addition to the person who was shot and killed, three others were shot, another person was stabbed and three others suffered injuries from a fistfight."

The Daily Mail is reporting that it was a clash between Mongols and the Iron Order. A fight broke out and escalated into a stabbing and a shootout. The recent biker clash in Waco, Texas was a fight between Bandidos and a Hells Angel puppet club. Both of whom are involved in the drug trade. Although the Mongols are Hells Angels rivals and have been known to be involved in the drug trade to some extent, the Iron Order doesn't appear to be involved in that lifestyle. A lot of the Hells Angels puppet clubs hate on the Iron Order because they aren't drug dealers like the rest of them and some of their members may be cops. Mongols are a credible MC from southern California that has a large Latino membership. The Hells Angels do not.


  1. Just another shooting in American, no big deal. they shoot and kill each other at will and random. Its what you get when there are that many guns around.

    1. bikers=lack of direction in their lives, no hobbies, passions, poor parenting from the start! CHILDREN WATCHING TOO MANY RATED R ACTION MOVIES! playing with guns acting like the heroic Hollywood actors..dangerous bunch..unpredictable dudes...

    2. That's Bullshit, no direction.. No hobbies.. I have both and have been a biker my entire adult life. Your comment is typical of a guy that knows and understands NOTHING about the subject.

    3. Riding motorcycles is not the problem. Selling drugs and fantasizing about SOA is. That displays a lack of direction in life. Many old men who simply never grew up.

  2. Says a Canadian who apparently has no clue that criminals don't obey laws, any laws, and that your neighborhood machine shop can manufacture a firearm in a matter of hours anyway. Good luck rounding them all up.

    Have you noticed that every time Barry Soetero opens his cake hole about executive orders and gun control, there is a new record set for the number of background check requests? Yes, in contrast to what you believe, we have the same Americans who you think would or should be in favor of further restrictions on one of their Constitutional Rights apparently don't agree with this....

    Personally, I favor First Amendment (free speech) restrictions on people who attempt to subvert the Second Amendment to the Constitution. No one says you have to own a gun, we're just telling you that you and bunch of other clueless ****'s don't get to decide if we can or not. Just go back to chewing your cud.....

  3. If it is "no big deal" people shoot and kill each other because there are guns - then the logical extension of that is it is "no big deal" people OD, lose their life savings, commit crimes, kill each other, etc because there are narcotics.

    I wonder if EAF really did read that study I posted the link to that Trailrunner referred to?

  4. there, there trailrunner. Restrictions on the First amendment truly not a good idea. The MSM already does a good enough job of that. Subverting the Second Amendment, now people do have the right to free speech and as with most things, the first item is usually the most important.

    I have yet to hear of a case where people who started a shooting incident were "dealt" with by another gun carrying person. The U.S.A. with all their guns just don't seem to have reduced its number of deaths by gun. Now if we go to Japan, which has very tight restrictions on guns, we just don't see those high figures of death by gun.

    when it comes to guns, if people want a rifle to go hunting with, fine. But really, when you see what passes for a hunting rifle, its just a tad much to believe. people don't need these high powered guns/rifles.

    guns are about making money, pure and simple. its the biggest business in the world.

    when one reads the American constitution, I concluded the right to bear arms had more to do with forming militias to defend. Most gun owners do not belong to militias.

    If Americans had a disease which killed as many people as guns do, they'd declare it a national crisis.

    If americans want to kill each other at such a high rate, I'm not keen on the idea, because so many children get killed along the way. However, I don't want American gun laws in Canada, ever. It was distressing enough when harper eliminated the gun registry.

    Since Australia implemented gun control, the number of teen suicides have dropped by half and the number of mass shootings have been reduced to a couple. But as an American do feel free to carry on killing each other.

    1. "I have yet to hear of a case where people who started a shooting incident were "dealt" with by another gun carrying person."

      Then your ignorance is truly abysmal, and willful. The information is out there if you wanted it, (Google is your friend) but it's pretty clear you don't. I can think of 3 "mass shootings" that we re brought to a halt by a citizen who was armed, two in schools and one in a church,and that's just off the top of my head, there are others. "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy (or girl, in one case) with a gun, or the shooter committing suicide at some point. Nothing else. And as we all know, "when seconds count, the police are only minutes away".

      Seriously, you don't know of even one case?? Yet somehow you think yourself qualified to comment on the subject....unbelievable. Dr. John was even kind enough to provide you with a link to the only real study on crime rates and firearms possession. As he points out, you either haven't read it or it clashes with your cherished world view so you've discounted it. I suspect the former. You think you already have the right answers. Greater the fool you for thinking that. Always question. Revisit past
      conclusions to ensure you were either right the first time or to confirm they are still valid. Things change.

      And then you just keep babbling on with this drivel...."If Americans had a disease which killed as many people as guns do, they'd declare it a national crisis." We do have this actually, it's called cancer, or heart disease, or stroke, take your pick of about 50 things all of which kill people in greater numbers than guns, how f'ing ignorant are you not to know this? The numbers aren't even close. What does it say about you and how seriously we should take ANYTHING you say that you either don't know this or choose to lie about it (there's really only the two options) because it's how you "feel" about the issue.

      YOU think we don't need "whatever". As I've said before, you confuse your shallowly held opinion with the idea that anyone else should be bound by it, when in fact it's your opinion, for you, in your life. Not anyone else'. And the fact that other people have this same outlook changes nothing.

      "Molon Labe". Google it.

  5. tr78, making such judgements, without knowing the writer, simply based on comments on a particular topic, is one of the reasons I don't like guns. it doesn't take much for "abysmal/willful" to get a tad out of control.

    Just look at the number of "mass" shootings. The American news reports there is almost one every day. Some major American cities have more gun deaths than our whole country. Of course they are a tad larger, I'll give you that.

    The U.S.A. is simply a gun happy country, and it isn't going to change. We have seen a number of mass shootings which really were dreadful. The only time we see these types of shootings is in countries which are at war or have very big social issues. We don't see this behaviour in other G-20 countries.
    We won't be agreeing on this subject, ever. But its O.K. I will walk through life in my ignorance and be happy with my B.C. Med card. Americans will walk through their lives with guns and no real social medical system for all. its what makes us different.
    I have wandered off topic by leaps and bounds. However, given the number of guns in the U.S.A we can expect to see more of these "events".

  6. LOL, well at least you can admit your dislike of guns has no actual basis in the realities of the issue....but we already knew that didn't we?

    Ah yes, the press, which is totally in the bag for the "progressive" view of things, says so. There is NOT a mass shooting "almost" every day. On top of which their definition of a mass shooting is one where 2 or more are shot. Hardly "mass", but then that sounds sexier and advances the agenda doesn't it?

    About social issues, you are correct. We have a criminal underclass which has it's basis in an identifiable population subgroup which, although comprising only 15% of the population is responsible for 60% of the violent crime, this from the FBI/DoJ Uniform Crime Statistics which are compiled every two years. So yeah, "social issues".

    The larger issue than guns is violent behavior, and Canada has enough of that too, but like Australia and Britain, people use what is available.

    Yes you have, and no we won't.

  7. OK, now for a comment on the post that actually relates to the post....

    Iron Order - Founded in 2004 by a former federal agent, the Iron Order has been rapidly spreading across the nation. It's known for having a base of police and corrections officers as well as active-duty military and government contractors, but also claims members from all walks of life.

    Mongols - The Mongols Motorcycle Club is an international group classified by the U.S. Department of Justice as a highly organized criminal enterprise.

    The IO shooter was an off-duty Corrections Officer.

    So, good guys dressed like bad guys, bad guys who don't like cops dressing like them.....If cops were doing this solely to piss off OMGs and get enough rise out of them that they could legally shoot them, I would have to respect that. Trolling for bad guys is an admirable and honest activity, and I won't criticize it.

    There would be no issue if the OMG's didn't think they were in charge, and would just stop getting in people's faces about that they wear. Every time OMG guys jump an IO guy, an OMG guy gets shot. In a way, the IO is more hardcore than the OMG's. They don't fuck around and fist fight you, they just shoot your ass.


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