Saturday, January 2, 2016

Kelowna drug bust

1130 News is reporting that police traced a shipment of 100 liters of a substance used to make GHB to a Kelowna home and seized a pill press on site that was contaminated with Fentanyl. A 22-year-old Kelowna woman and a 28-year-old West Kelowna man were arrested and are now facing several charges. BTW what the hell is this? Anyone recognize the two guys in the picture?


  1. where did the picture come from. I thought it was two people with the police, examining the material. If they're not part of the police force, it might be nice to know.

    It is about time they arrested someone for the drugs being manufactured with fent. in it. If any of this product can be traced to products which killed users, lets hope they are charged with murder and attempted murder (for those lucky not to have died)

    1. The picture is from that web site I linked to selling illicit drugs. They have a Michigan area code posted but they look like locals.

  2. Wow what a strange site! If you read the about section it says they only distribute to licensed facilities I wonder if that's the truth?


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