Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gang war in Williams Lake

Today's Vancouver Province was fairly dramatic. The headline read: A town's cry for help: Williams Lake leaders seek resources to deal with deadly street gang war. Last Sunday we reported a possible shooting in Williams Lake the night before. Turns out it was a gang related murder. Williams Lake has one murder in retaliation for a murder a year before that and the mayor makes a public plea for help to deal with their gang war.

Turns out there appears to be a gang war between two Native gangs in Williams Lake. Well I can tell you the obvious. One group is with the Hells Angels and the other group doesn't want to be. Here in BC, it's that simple. In Calgary the Hells Angels were behind that gang war too. The FOB were supplied drugs by the Hells Angels while the FK were supplied drugs by the UN. Red Alert is a First Nations gang that sells drugs for the Hells Angels. It has absolutely nothing to do with honour. It's just about drug trafficking. Who do you think supplies the Crips in Montreal? The Hells Angles do through their pal Greg Wooley. As Chris Tucker said "Follow the rich white man."

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  1. if the mayor of Williams lake is asking for help, he better be directing his request somewhere other than the provincial government. the premier of this province and her B.C. Lieberals don't care much about anything, unless its LNG. We have only to look at what has been going on in Surrey. Granted, they never really asked for help, just held press conferances.

    The Williams Lake area has a lot of young people, with not much to do, so of course drugs will be a problem. It will be up to the mayor and council to deal with it.


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