Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bacchus in Ontario

Bacchus' gay pride parade seems to be well received in Ontario. This news article claims there are 30 members in Hamilton now but I can assure you they are not independent. Bacchus was an older club from New Brunswick. They were always Hells Angels ass kissers but as soon as they started expanding into Halifax and Fort McMurray they assumed the Darksiders position and became full on drug dealing puppets. It was around the same time the Hells Angels gave them permission to put 1%er on their ridiculous patch.

Derreck Dean Huggan was a member of Bacchus in New Brunswick. Huggan ran the Route 81 shop in Charlottetown, PEI. Route 81 was obviously a Hells Angels support shop. Back in 2000 Derek Dean Huggan was caught with $85 thousand worth of crack cocaine, marijuana, and hashish as well as a loaded handgun. In 2007 Derreck Dean Huggan was described as a drug kingpin and was sentenced to 6 1/2 years for conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. David Bishop was a member of Bacchus convicted of trafficking drugs in the Halifax prison.

The list of drug trafficking convictions tied to Bacchus is extensive so it's surprising the HAs haven't traded them in for a new name before they get criminal org status as well. What's even more surprising is the historical origin of their name and patch.

Sergius and Bacchus were Roman soldiers who were openly gay and secretly Christan. Members of Bacchus deny that is where they get their name from claiming their Bacchus was the god of wine. However, their logo is of a Roman soldier not a Greek god. They've kept the original drawing which looks like it's wearing a condone on it's nose.

Originally Bacchus in New Brunswick had some respect of the locals. Until they started their own finger puppet club of losers on sports bikes who's claim to fame was threatening a couple of senior citizens on Harleys for wearing a Christian patch at a local Tim Hortons. I kid you not. Things went down hill from there and the number of clowns and idiots they have recruited is staggering.

The Hells Angels have never been able to make a solid foothold in Ontario like they have in Quebec and BC. Partly it's because of rivals but mostly it's because of recruiting idiots. The Ontario Hells Angels were the ones that shot one of their own guys in Manitoba so they could take over the drug trade there and started another gang war in Winnipeg.

There are basically two groups in the 1%er world. Those that are affiliated with the Hells Angels and those that are affiliated with the Outlaws. The Rock Machine are independent as are the Banditios but both are friends with the Outlaws so to speak. The only two HAs in Ontario that had any credibility are Paul ‘Sasquatch’ Porter and Dominico Esposito.

Both crossed over from the Rock Machine after the Bandidio massacre. Paul may well have been huge but he took the fall when his girlfriend was caught with a small amount of cocaine. HAs never do that. They always get someone else to take the fall for them. However, the Hells Angels leading a stolen car ring in Ottawa is reminiscent of Kelowna trash. The number of drug convictions tied to the Ontario Hells Angels is staggering.

Disclaimer: Obviously the Catholic Church takes great offense to the reference of Sergius and Bacchus as the Patron Saints of homosexuality and passionately deny that they were gay. Wikipedia contains the official version as well as the rumor. The point is, I'm not the one that made up the rumor. People from back east sent me the links about them being gay. This article claims the oldest record of their martyrdom describes them as erastai (Greek for “lovers”). There's even a fictional novel called The Passion of Sergius and Bacchus. Whether or not they were actually gay matters not to me. The point is when people back east hear that name, that's what comes to mind. It is what it is soulja.


  1. It is probably more than fair to go around calling Bacchus members gay, but to repeatedly try to defame the names of two Saints.

    Since being homosexual is against the teachings of God and always has been (read the Bible - both Old and New Testaments; look at Sodom and Ghomorah, 10 Commandments, Leviticus 20:13, etc, etc, ad naseum) it is impossible (logic and reason prove this) for any Saints to have been practicing homosexuals.

    Bacchus is the Roman name for the Greek diety Dionysus. Apparently derived from the word "bakkheia" - which describes the frenzy produced.

    You have been informed of this repeatedly - as you keep trying to bring it up to defame and belittle the club - however, please stick to the truth to do so.

    It's not subjective.

  2. so I've concluded there is a gay motorcycle gang, which is affiliated with some bad guys. Well that is equal opportunity I guess.

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    1. Then why is their logo of a Roman soldier not a Greek god?

  4. well lets get real here, not many of those guys studied history and most likely would have a very difficult time telling the difference between a Greek and/or a Roman. good chance they wouldn't even know there was a difference or which civilization came first. so lets just say the boys are a little confused and uneducated.

    1. Indeed. This is what a Roman soldier looks like:

      And this is what Bacchus the Greek god looks like:

      Freaking hillbillies can't tell the difference.


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