Monday, January 18, 2016

Outlaw murder in Saskatoon

CBC is reporting that Ontario biker charged with second degree murder in Saskatoon killing. John Glen MacAulay, 46, has been charged in the death of Norman Playter in 2014. In 2012 Canoe News reported that Norman Playter, 44, of Calgary was involved with a cocaine bust in Calgary tied to the Outlaws motorcycle gang. Yet CBC posted a picture from facebook of John MacAulay wearing an Outlaws vest and sneakers. So an Outlaw killed an Outlaw. Police say they knew each other and were members of the same gang. No L&R there.


  1. Kind of a surprise that HA and the AOA get along such that they tolerate each others presence in a city as small as Saskatoon..... :puzzled:

    1. Locals claim that the Outlaw chapter in Saskatoon kiss HA ass and pay them dues. Norm might have said that was BS and may be the reason John killed him.

  2. outlaws are pussys always were a second rate ciub

  3. Just wondering if anybody has any updates on this murder Norm was an old friend of mine wondering if they found his remains


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