Friday, January 8, 2016

El Chapo arrested again

The New York Times is reporting that "Nearly six months after his escape from a maximum-security prison in Mexico, the drug kingpin Joaquín Guzmán Loera, also known as El Chapo, has been arrested by the Mexican authorities, President Enrique Peña Nieto announced Friday."

Personally I think the whole thing is a bullsh*t scam. The ATF were selling the sinola cartel guns and bringing back tons of cocaine as payment in Operation Fast and Furious. When are they going to be arrested? Obama used executive privileged to prevent those involved from being arrested just like Nixon tried to do in Watergate. Obama should be arrested for aiding and abetting that crime.


  1. Look for the USG to request his extradition from Mexico to try him for whatever in an American court. That way they can take pressure off the Mexican G at the same time as stashing him in SuperMax out in Colorado for the rest of his life, he will NOT be escaping from there unless it's in a coffin.

    1. Just like Noriega. What a farce that was:,28804,1933053_1933052_1933051,00.html

  2. he looks amazingly calm for a guy who has just been re-arrested. guess he is planning his next escape.

    Perhaps the Americans want him, not so much to confine him in a jail but rather to kill him. given the number of police, judges, customs officers, politicians this man must have on his payroll, if it ever became public, there would be a huge number of vacancies everywhere, as they resigned.

    The drug trade will always be with us as will "dirty" politicians. The drug trade in Mexico and the U.S.A could not have grown as extensive as it has with out "legal" help.

  3. Everything after the word "Perhaps" will never happen, those "assets" are more valuable in place where they are, to continue working on behalf of the cartel. The cartel will not interrupt it's operations like that for a leader who can still run the whole operation from a Mexican jail cell. If he gets extradited, someone else who will need those same assets will take over

  4. perhaps..........time will tell. check with you in 5 years. So Dennis do keep the blog going.

  5. 1. If the US Govt "kills" him the Sicarios will flood US soil and kill everyone involved and their families.

    2. Jaq Guzman aka El Chapo is just one of many Sinalao cartel bosses. El anything is a boss.

    3. You have to understand the culture. In Mexico human life means nothing. Corruption goes right to the top. The ATF has nothing to do with it. If the Mexican cartels decided to storm the US it would take the entire US Army to stop it. Even the trinket venders on Cancun or Puerto Vallarta beaches selling weed and coke are under cartel employ. Fact is they all expect to die, so it's no surprise the brutality of the Cartels. Their numbers are staggering. No other north american criminal organization would even dare mess with them. Even the Mexican govt won't. Fact. Cartels pay their taxes. Ding ding. Spend any time in Mexico for some reality. HA UN Outlaws. Well. After Mexico none of them are even scary in comparison because at least they won't open up AKs on crowded streets.

  6. I wouldn't even post about Cartels bro. Stick to what you know. El chapo aka J Guzman is just one Sinolao Cartel Boss. Ruthless is an understatement. Their numbers are staggering and make Hells Angels look like evangelists when it comes to brutality. They have Sicario Cells all over North America and if they want you they'll find you and your family no matter where. Subject best avoided unless you've actually spent time in Mexico to understand. They control everything from the MX Govt to the Cancun and PV beach vendors. It would take the entire US Army to stop if they pushed North. The HA at least won't open up with AKs on a crowded street killing 50 people. Be thankful and be careful the light you shed. I just travel but media doesn't show the tip of it because Cartels kill journalists who report.


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