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Dennis Watson's past history with the Guardian Angels

Not that it matters, but on a matter of personal privileged, I will clarify my past history with a volunteer group I served many years with called the Guardian Angels. The Sofa King keeps repeating the same lies over and over again. He seems to think that if he repeats the same lies enough times that will somehow make them true. Not.

Many years ago, when I was young, I saw Curtis Sliwa on the news. He started a group of volunteers trained in the martial arts that would patrol the subways of New York to stop muggings and prevent violent crime. When they opened a chapter in Surrey, I went through the training program and became the co chapter leader. The Surrey group was always rock solid. After they chased away the Whalley Burnouts and got bored, they started paroling Vancouver.

There was a mild rivalry between the Surrey and Vancouver chapter but it was harmless and I never got involved in it because I liked paroling Vancouver. Sebastian was the Vancouver chapter leader who was born in New York but raised in Canada. He was very good at being able to diffuse situations by talking to people and calming them down. He and I traveled quite a bit for the group.

After I finished my chef apprenticeship I went to New York City to see what it was like for myself. That was indeed a dream come true. I talked a bit about it in chapter one and chapter ten of my free e-book. We rocked the A train up to 155th Street in Harlem which is where the Headquarters was. Thomas Hunt also known as Tut or the New York City secret weapon was the chapter leader. He was very competent and became a good friend who taught me many important things about life.

While in New York I was promoted to the status of a New York leader and became a Regional Coordinator. At the time Curtis Sliwa was married to Lisa Evers who was the National Director of the group. Lisa was the one that briefed me for my trip to London, doing ground breaking work for the group there in Brixton. Lisa gave woman's self defense seminars and needed a couple of guys to dress up as muggers for her book. On pages 74 and 75 of her book Attitude, Reggie is the brother with the dew rag in the pictures on the top of the pages, and I'm the ugly white guy with the scraggly goatee in the pictures on the bottom of the pages.

Lisa Evers on The Morton Downey Jr Show

Photo journal of the Guardian Angels on the New York Subways in the 1980's

On my second trip to New York after I came back from Egypt and Israel, I worked with Fox fighting with the crack dealers on the Deuce. In Minneapolis, I attended a National Convention where Tut and Paul Martinelli spoke about their crackdown on crack campaign in West Palm Beach. It was inspiring to say the least. After that, Sebastien and I helped with a crack down on crack campaign in Lakeshore Village, south Seattle. That was amazing. We worked closely with the kids helping them get away form the crack dealers that had taken over their neighborhood.

At the National Convention in Minneapolis, Curtis had us protesting outside the home of a local mafioso. We would march around the guy's house whispering together in a chant, "Squeeze the Sleaze to his Knees" over and over again. We would get louder and louder until the police came, then we would get quieter until they left and got louder again. Since I was the guest from out of town they had me be the flag bearer so I proudly carried the American Flag during the procession.

After four years of traveling around the world, I retired from the group and started a family. Sebastian stayed on and traveled extensively with the group opening up chapters in London England, Australia and Berlin. After my kids were almost grown up, Curtis Sliwa came to Vancouver and asked me if I would help David Toner start a new chapter in Vancouver which I did. I met Curtis in the lobby of the Patricia hotel in the DTES. He saw me and smiled, telling old stories about how crazy I was back in the day. I laughed and said at least I'm not the one who got shot up for making fun of John Gotti on his radio show. Curtis leaned back and smiled as if to say that's right, he was the grand master of crazy. Curtis was fearless and inspiring. The stories I could tell.

Curtis instilled in us a hatred for crack cocaine. When David Toner and I met with the local RCMP in Surrey to discuss our presence in the city, the officer in charged asked us how we respond to crack addicts. Fine I said. We don't go after the addicts. In New York we went after the crack dealers but that was an American thing. Here in Canada we never got involved in drugs or prostitution. Just violent crime. We just kept the peace.

The officer claimed he saw a member of the Guardian Angels break someone's crack pipe on the news in Calgary. Oh no, I said. We don't do that in Canada. That's just an American thing. He was pretty sure about it so I made some inquiries. I asked Vespa if she had heard anything about it. She said yeah it was on the news. Who and the hell did that I asked? Curtis she said. I just shook my head and smiled. Curtis doesn't give a f*ck about public opinion. He does what he thinks is right not what's politically correct.

David Toner was a really good guy. He got involved because his step son was murdered at Surrey Central. I totally supported him. Unfortunately there was one former member in Vancouver who was a plastic backstabbing weasel who kept trying to sabotage anything David did so David resigned and started his own group called Families Against Crime and Trauma. They asked me to take over the group so I did. I wanted to keep David involved so I worked closely with him and his wife in FACT. Then that plastic weasel kept trying to sabotage anything I did just like he did with David.

There was a big shootout with automatic weapons in Dover Park. I held a press conference and put up white balloons around the park calling for a ceasefire showing that it was in a residential neighborhood with a day care on site. I went by myself because I didn't want any of my guys to get hurt. Steve Willan freaked and sent New York copies of the news articles. They thought it was great and posted it on their web site. Steve kept being a whinny little b*tch so I quit. It wasn't worth my time. Then he did the same thing to Vespa until she quit. Curtis and Sebastian are still involved after all these years and I salute them for their service.

When Steve Willan and Liam Benyon posted my daughter's picture on the Dirty they called the cops on me when I found out it was them who did it. I just told the cop that you'd be angry too if someone put your daughter's life at risk. Only a pos would put a man's daughter at risk. History has recorded that. The reason I never mentioned anything about my past affiliations is because I didn't want any of them to become targeted like my daughter has been. I am no longer affiliated with that organization and am solely responsible for what I write and post.

I already talked about my campaign against Moya Greene at Canada Post in chapter 13 of my free e-book. It's actually kind of a funny story. I've already confirmed that the reason I started this blog and web site was because I heard Eileen Mohan speak at a rally against gang violence David Toner invited me to at Beer Creek Park. I posted pictures of the rally at the time. My ex wife never hooked up with a member of the Hells Angels. That is a ridiculous lie the sofa king keeps repeating over and over again proving that clown is sofaking stupid it's hilarious.

When I was in New York, Tut taught me an important lesson about life. He put a dollar bill in my hand and said I'm going to tell you the same thing a wise man once told me. He said take a look at that dollar bill. It doesn't say on it how you earned it. It doesn't say whether you were a doctor, lawyer or garbage collector. He said some people are too proud to work. He said everybody wants a high paying job on Wall Street. Some people just won't work if it doesn't pay enough or if it isn't prestigious enough. He said to me no matter where you go in your travels, there will always be work out there for you to do if you are humble enough to do it. He was absolutely right. I ended up in some pretty bizarre situations in some pretty dark corners of the world but no mater where I went, I was always able to find work to earn me enough money to get out and move on.

In contrast, the sofa king claims he has been unemployable for the past 22 years. Yet from all the volumes of sh*t he keeps frantically posting on me and a few others he is stalking, there is no reason he couldn't get a real job. None whatsoever. He claims that everyone but him has mental problems yet he himself uses a mental health facility as his address for service. He's still just a scammer committing fraud. Some people never grow up. Now he's running scared because his lies are beginning to unravel. In time, truth will prevail.

Yes I said Ricky Ciarniello is a f*ck up (chapter seven) and yes I said Weird Hal Porteous is an idiot because they are. History has recorded that. My involvement with the Guardian Angels was a long time ago. Yet as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the new Terminator remix, I may be old but I'm not obsolete. I've still got a lot of fight left in me. Word. So once again Finian escapes like a Bat out of Hell. See you on the other side souljas. Ride hard, die free. Peace.


  1. The truth always wins out in the end. Keep up the great work.

    1. Indeed, thanks. Sometimes it takes a while but even Iron Maiden knows their time is short:

  2. interesting read/story. like many you had an "interesting" youth. People move on. Others not so much.

    As a reader of this blog, I'm not interested in what some people from your past have to say about you. Actually this is all news to me.

    sofa king, like the name. if people still want to carry on about someone else long after the expiry date, its time to ignore them, totally. I would hazard a guess that this is about all the attention they receive.

    1. Indeed. Giving trolls the attention they crave is counter productive.


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