Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Another shooting outside Williams Lake

The William's Lake Tribune is reporting that a home was the scene of a targeted shooting just outside Williams Lake in Wildwood. Staff Sgt. Del Byron stated "This shooting relates to the ongoing gang conflict in our area, specifically between the Indian Outlaws and the 712s."


  1. And some one knows who did the shooting, but no family member or friend is going to make the mental leap and say, gee their shooting up some place is placing others in danger. I ought to report this to the police. Most likely because in areas such as Williams Lake the police may not be the most favourably looked upon group.

    I sometimes wonder if the Crown prosecutors had a special division with investigators who reported to them and not to the police departments, if it would make a difference.

    1. Perhaps. There's always Crimestoppers. However, I have heard claims that people have reported HA criminal activity to Crimestoppers and they did nothing with it.


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