Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pitt Meadows Shooting - Update

The Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Times is reporting that one man was stabbed and another shot shortly after 8 a.m. this morning in Pitt Meadows. Both were sent to hospital. One of the men was a Maple Ridge resident and “well-known” to the police. One local resident said “There’s always all these people hanging out at the 7-Eleven and a lot of drug dealing going on. Now a guy has been stabbed and another shot. You always hear about these kind of things happening in Surrey, not Maple Ridge.” Hey, Surrey's not that bad. Wherever you let them sell crack, it's the same problem. Arrest the crack dealers and you will prevent a tsunami of violent crime.

Update: Global is reporting that one of the victims, Louie Sparvier, 29 has died. Police claim two males were involved ina fight. During the fight, one shot was fired and one person was stabbed. Both males involved in the fight were injured and the stabbing victim is currently in critical condition. So it would appear that Sparvier stabbed a guy and the guy he stabbed shot him dead.

Tragically he also had a picture of the T-shirt Surrey: The Future dies here on his facebook. He was from Maple Ridge but claimed to live in Surrey. He also posted a picture of the slogan Support Crime F*ck Gang Task Force. Well in this case crime obviously didn't pay.

Joseph Skreptak found guilty of weapon offences

Joseph Skreptak and Cory Montemurro have each been found guilty of 8 weapons offences from that arrest near Salmon Arm a few years back. Skreptak has an additional marihuana possession. Tentative sentencing is Nov 17 but that could be pushed back since they ordered a pre sentence report for Montemurro and that could take 6-8 weeks. Until then they are out on bail.

Global is reporting Guilty on all counts. That’s the judge’s ruling. thanks God. Finally a judge with a brain. Kamloops Infonews is reporting that during the trial, Skreptak said he had no idea there were guns in the vehicle, nor did he know the items he put into his sock that night were bullets to a snub-nosed .38 revolver found later on the side of the road where they pulled over. Justice Geoff Barrow said the denial was “beyond common sense.” Indeed. He claimed he didn't know someone put a clip of bullets in his sock? Like I said, Joseph Skreptak is a liar. A bad one at that.

Monday, September 29, 2014

How much does CSEC know about your private life?

A new Youtube video from Open Media about CSEC's warantless surveillance. Taxpayers are on the hook for over $4.2 billion to pay for these invasive spying activities. Stop illegal spying. The CSEC spy palace is the most expensive Canadian government building ever constructed. This is not fiscal responsibility. This is not balancing the budget to reduce taxes. This is not supporting freedom. This is tax and spend pork barrel politics which violates the Charter of Rights. CSEC is a criminal organization whose mandate is to break the law.

Hells Angels swarm and bully Lethbridge

The Calgary Sun is reporting that Two Hells Angels members were arrested in Lethbridge Saturday night after over 60 members and affiliates from the club’s Calgary and Southland chapters descended on Lethbridge. This is the epotome of pathetic. Bullies playing the victim. These dirt bags need to be charged and tried for the murders the Vernon greeks committed for them when they were under their sponsorship. We need to support bar watch.

60 Hells Angels and associates ride into Lethbridge for one purpose: to bully the city. Then Bullwinkle cries and plays the victim. Arrest his ass for murder. You wanna talk about bullying? Beating the life out of Janice Shore and caving in her head for a drug debt is bullying. Pushing Ashley Machiskinic out of the window for a drug debt is bullying. Using a gun to threaten a kid at the American Backpackers Hostel telling him he has to leave town because he's selling pot in their area and everyone there has to buy pot from the Hells Angels at the Black door is bullying. Take a shower. Your bullsh*t stinks. And grow up. That stupid mask is ridiculous.

Surrey Residents Rally Against Crime

There was another rally against crime in Newton on Sunday. I missed it. It appears that existing frustration has understandably been escalated with the recent murder of a 17 year old girl in Newton by a high risk offender. I will completely agree that was a horrific crime. It's complicated because he wasn't a repeat offender. He committed one rape and served 22 years in prison. I attended another rally when the balcony rapist was released in Newton. That was a repeat offender. In this case, electronic monitoring should have been used. That is something we can implement.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that “Stop the Revolving Door of Justice,” read a giant banner behind the stage at the Newton Seniors Centre. “If you don’t feel safe in your neighbourhood, nothing else matters.” We all know who's sign that was. Vern was previously referring to the prolific offenders that commit an absurd amount of property theft to pay for their drug addiction and do less prison time the more offenses they commit. Our system is indeed broken.

Again in this case, as tragic as it is, the suspect was not a repeat offender. I am very cynical of all these dirty politicians jumping on the bandwagon spewing nonsense. Case in point, even Chrsity Clark has jumped on. Let's talk about electronic monitoring for high risk offenders and lets talk about the 30 strikes you're out proposal by the VPD. Let's not spew nonsense.

Global is reporting that "Organizers say the rally is also in response to the murder of hockey mom Julie Paskall who was killed last December." CBC is reporting that "Residents say sub-standard housing, flophouses and drug dealing are responsible for crime in their neighbourhood." That is the root of the problem. Bogus treatment centres that don't help addicts get off drugs. They scam the methadone program and sell them real drugs instead of getting them off drugs.

The Welcome Home Addition Recovery Academy doesn't prescribe methadone it helps people get off drugs and give them employment and life skills. We should be bending over backwards supporting this program instead of the other pharmaceutical scams and flop houses.

The solution is simple. We need to arrest the crack dealers in Newton and Whalley. Not the addicts, the dealers who prey on the addicts and violently abuse them. When we refuse to do that we become culpable for the resulting violent crime that creates.

In contrast, the Vancouver Province has been running a series of articles about all the mentally ill on the streets and how Transit police say arresting them is pointless. If someone commits a prolific amount of property crime, they need to be arrested. 3 months in jail with no drugs is not excessive. If someone has a mental illness and they are living on the street, we need to find housing for them that isn't in a drug house. Closing down Riverview and putting all the mentally ill on the street to be oppressed by the drug dealers isn't helping any one.

I really want to emphasize that these predatory drug dealers are oppressing the mentally ill. They give them crack for free then beat the life out of them for payment. Anyone who lives off of those avails is a POS. We need to arrest the crack dealers. That is something we can and should do.

I will also point out that this deranged misinterpretation of harm reduction is in reality harm promotion. One thing the City of Surrey did right under Dianne Watts was deny a permit for the creation of a drug house in Whalley. Extremists are complaining that the City opposes Harm reduction. No, the city opposed a drug house and the oppression of the mentally ill. These extremists are just plain evil. They are feeding the gang war and the predators that push addicts out of windows for drug debts.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Misconceptions: Connecting the dots between politics and organized crime

I've posted my free eBook on Kindle just to test out how it works before I post my real book. It's called Misconceptions: Connecting the dots between politics and organized crime. It's just a short overview of what I want to cover in my real book.

I've already posted it for free in pdf format but although pdf is user friendly it doesn't look that great on a small screen like an iPhone. Kindle should fix that. You can download the Kindle app for your phone for free.

Kindle wouldn't let me post it for free so I set it at 99 cents. Again it's just a very short overview of where I want to go in my real book that is coming soon. The new book won't really have any new info about the Hells Angels in it. It will just bring together some of the stuff I have already posted about them building a case for criminal organization status.

My new book will reveal some of my past history and explain exactly what it was that I did in New York and why I have beef with crack dealers in general. It will continue to connect the dots between politics and organized crime confronting the real villains that are responsible for putting that misery onto the streets and are sucking the life out of communities like a parasite. It is what it is. Haters gonna hate but in the end, truth will prevail. Word.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

In Defense of the Free Republic

OK one for the road. We need to pause for a standing eight count and ask ourselves what the hell are we doing? Look where this insanity is taking us. Just to be clear, I'm not going to approve comments that are filed with Muslim hate any more than I would approve comments that are filled with Jewish or Catholic hate. A free republic supports the freedom of religion. Adapting a single state religion is as bad as abolishing religion all together. A free republic does neither.

The first three episodes of Star Wars was a heartwarming story about how a handful of rebels overthrew an evil empire of dictatorship. The second three episodes showed how that free republic fell and became an evil empire. George Lucas was very insightful.

Nobody likes politics. Yet politicians start and end wars. Politicians grant and remove civil liberty. Politicians destroy or protect the environment. Politicians raise or lower taxes. That is why politics is so important. Everybody hates politics because it is filled with deception and lies. We have to be able to see through the lies to preserve and protect the free republic.

It is no secret that Stephen Harper is an enemy of the Charter of Rights. Yet the President of the United States swears an oath to defend the Constitutions. Obama's abandonment of the Constitution is indeed a huge concern. One of the main purposes of my blog and web site has been to expose the fact that the Hells Angels are a criminal organization. Their main order of business is drug trafficking and the use of violence to obtain a monopoly on that market.

The second purpose of my blog is to show that the CIA is also a criminal organization. Their recent infiltration into various government agencies in Operation Fast and Furious is tied to the Hells Angels drug trafficking network just like it was tied to Freeway Ricky in LA and is a huge threat to civil liberty. That is what we need to address. Protecting civil liberty and the free republic. That is what this is all about. It relates to the fall of the Nugan Hand bank in Australia

CBC is reporting that "Hong Kong activists kicked off a long-threatened mass civil disobedience protest Sunday to challenge Beijing over restrictions on voting reforms, escalating the battle for democracy in the former British colony after police arrested dozens of student demonstrators."

"The announcement by civil leaders came after a big crowd of tens of thousands turned out around midnight Saturday to support the student protesters who stormed into a courtyard of the government complex and scuffled with police wielding pepper spray. Police arrested at least 74 people, including some in their teens."

Holy Tiananmen square. Hong Kong is very problematic because they had a democracy under British Rule. Communist China taking that away from them isn't going to go over very well. Time Magazine report on the 25th Anniversary of the Tiananmen square massacre.

So far the Hong Kong police are just using tear gas and pepper spray on protesters instead of live ammunition. The question is, why are they using tear gas and pepper spray on protesters? That is not a democratic society. “We all saw the teargas. None of us expected they would use it. It’s beyond our imagination and toleration. We Hong Kongers have to strike for the common good. The government is becoming irrational.”

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Australian police murdered an innocent man

CNN is reporting that "as Australian lawmakers introduced tough new laws on foreign fighters on Wednesday, police were explaining why an officer shot dead an 18-year-old terror suspect outside a police station in Melbourne Tuesday night." They even used the term lone wolf but are embellishing that part as well.

"The teenager turned up at a police station in the suburb of Endeavour Hills for a pre-planned meeting around 8 p.m. local time, Victorian Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay told a press conference Wednesday." A preplanned meeting. Another report states "The 18-year-old, named in parliament as Abdul Numan Haider, was asked to attend a police station in the southern state of Victoria on Tuesday night because his behaviour was 'causing concern', police said."

That is not true. He was from Afghanistan. He has family in Syria and applied for a visa to visit them. His visa was denied, they seized his passport and forced him to report to the police station once a week. Long enough for them to create a fake file on him. He was not a terrorist. He was an innocent man. He did not stab the federal terrorist officers. That is a bold faced lie. Just like how back in the day in New York if a cop shot an unarmed kid he would plant a gun on the kid and claim self defense. That is what happened here. The timing of the murder is very suspicious.

"At a Muslim youth camp in Victoria early last year, Abdul Numan Haider attended every lecture, enthusiastically took part in sport and tried his best at camp quizzes. He had to be woken up for dawn prayer but he never complained. Haider’s cabin mate, Mohammed Ibrahim, spent nine days with him and remembers him as 'quiet, very gentle, very softly spoken'."

This case is no different than the US cop who shot Jordan Baker, a 26-year-old Houston Community College student and father because he was a black man wearing a hoodie then lied about the circumstances surrounding the shooting. In this case, the Australian terrorist police murdered an innocent man.

Is everyone from Afghanistan a terrorist? Is everyone from Syria a terrorist? Is everyone who attends a rally for the environment or climate change a terrorist? We need to ask why RCMP officers, including a member of the national anti-terrorist unit, showed up at a 71 year old grandmother's home in New Westminster 10 days after she took photos of oil storage tanks at Kinder Morgan's Burnaby Terminal. Is everyone who opposes the Gateway Pipeline a terrorist? After England suspended human rights and civil liberty for terrorists, they classified anyone who participated in a peaceful occupy demonstration as a terrorist thereby removing all of their civil liberty including their right to a fair trial. In Canada first they came for the Afghans and the Syrians and I did not speak up because I was not a terrorist. Then they came for the environmentalists and everyone who opposed the Northern Gateway pipeline. After that, there was no one left.

It's like that case in London England. In 2011 one of these federal task forces shot an unarmed suspect dead. They claimed the suspect was armed and was shooting at them. They even went into an elaborate story about how the suspect actually shot one officer in the chest which hit his police radio and saved his life. Only the ballistic report showed the bullet that hit the police radio was fired from a police gun. They lied and shot an unarmed suspect. Not only that they made up an elaborate story that turned out to be a bold faced lie.

Tragically, this set off another series of riots in London. Rioting is never a healthy or productive way to right a wrong. They had the law on their side. As soon as they started rioting and looting they lost that and in so doing lost their struggle for justice. Nothing was ever done. Yet it means we have to examine these absurd claims in the context of believability. History has shown that these task forces have made up elaborate lies in the past to cover their tracks.

Disclaimer: I can't tell you how I know they murdered an innocent man in Australia but I stand as a witness that they did. Just like with the Bob Roth case, this is one case I am willing to step out on a limb over. Only this one is personal. His family is a friend of the family. They are upright law biding citizens who happen to be Muslim. I also oppose anti Semitism. Heal the Hate.

"Earlier this week, Abbott warned Australians the balance between freedom and security 'may have to shift', as he outlined broad new powers to crack down on suspected militant activity." BUYER BEWARE!

Burnaby Shooting

CBC is reporting that there was a fatal shooting near Brentwood Mall in Burnaby last light around 10:30 PM. It's all over the news. Kim Bolan is reporting that the name of the victim is 20-year-old Aladdin Ramadan. CBC is reporting that Aaron James David Douglas has finally been arrested.

Kim Bolan is reporting that IHIT has announced the victim in the Burnaby shooting is 20-year-old Aladdin Ramadan and that friends of the victim told her that was working in the drug trade.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Obama vows to hand over Fast and Furious Documents - Not!

In a live televised address Obama vowed to hand over the Fast and Furious documents he is in contempt of court for hiding under executive privileged. Not. Instead, the smoke and mirrors side show continues as the Agencies' arms dealing and drug trafficking continues unbridled.

Meanwhile in Canada, Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay use the smoke and mirrors distraction to sell China Candu reactors helping them and North Korea have the ability to have and export nuclear weapons. That's how India got nuclear weapons. From Canadian nuclear reactor technology. The Toronto Star is reporting that SNC-Lavalin, China sign agreements for Candu nuclear reactor technology SNC-Lavalin? The fraud masters banned from doing business in Canada except for the sweetheart deal they got on the Evergreen line in the mismanaged Translink burning tax dollars at an unprecedented rate? Wonderful. Now Harper and MacKay are equipping every world terrorist with nuclear weapons. They should get an award for that.

Has there ever been a terrorist in the world's history that the CIA hasn't trained?

When will CSIS be charged in the Air India murder?

Breaking news: Eric Holder Resigns. This does not remove his and Obama's culpability in Brian Terry's murder or in the arms dealing and drug trafficking in Fast and Furious. Criminal charges need to be laid against more than just the scape goats. Can Obama grant himself a pardon if he is sentenced to prison? Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's sister states the timing of Holder's resignation is not a coincidence - The Crimes of Eric Holder.

Homicide in Clinton B.C.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that a suspicious death in Clinton has been ruled a homicide. Police say 61-year-old James Painter of Clinton was killed. CTV is reporting that the name of the victim shot at 14500-block of 83A Avenue last Saturday in Surrey is Birinder Khangura, 29. Suspects vehicle was torched. At least they didn't set themselves on fire this time.

CBS is reporting that last Saturday Hells Angels and Mongols were shooting at each other on the freeway in LA.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Interview with Michael Green from TBM Fresh Start

I'm very interested in TBM Fresh start. This is an online interview I did with Michael Green, the International Spokesman for TBM Scandinavia. This is something we should do in Canada.

1) So just what is TBM Fresh Start? A group of former gang members helping people leave the gang life?

TBM (Tidligere Bandemedlemmer) is former gang members in English. It's an organization established by 27 former gang members back in 2009. The organizations' purpose is to help bikers and gang members get out of their gangs if they are in need of help to leave their gang.

2) How long have you been running? How many members do you have? What countries are you in?

TBM has been running for 5 years now. The organization is now represented in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and has approx. 600 members in Scandinavian. TBM also works with former gang members in Germany and Great Britain in our Network and for the time being are we working on making a Group in the U.S.A. and Canada as well. We are talking with former gang members from L.A., who are very interested in starting up TBM U.S.A. and are also talking with some former bikers from Canada in Ontario who have shown interest in starting up TBM for Canada.

3) What do you guys do?

Work hard every day to help gang members :-)

4) Has anyone tried to join just to get information about former gang members to harm them?

Some have tried to join TBM, but we have a strong security system. If you want to join TBM you then have to sign a registration form with all your personal information. Name, address, social security number, history, etc. Then through our Network and contacts we check out the person to see if the person is for real and his story matches the info he has send us.

No members in TBM are in contact with each other and only those who work in TBM know the names of all the members and where they are located. This is also because of the security for each of the organization's members. Some of TBM members knows each other because they have been in the same gangs before, but our policy is to protect all members from each other - because you never know if a member maybe one day should fall back and enter a new gang.

The people WHO Work in TBM are talking together every day and inform each other about new members and What they need help with. If they are in need to be moved to another country, etc.

5) Has any of your members been harmed for leaving the gang?

Many of the members in TBM have been harmed before they joined the organization. Some have tried to stabb them others have been or shot at (killed). Normally we are picking them up when they are on the "run". We are picking them up in Woods, parking zones and Places where they have hid.

6) What gang(s) were you a member of? What do they think about your involvement with TBM Fresh start?

In TBM we prefer not to talk about our past because we focus on present time, but you can write, that I was around the game for more than 15 years with the mc-gangs.

7) What's it like leaving a gang in Scandinavia? Is it the same as everywhere else since it's mostly the same gangs. Is it hard for someone to leave a gang? Does the gang want to kill them because they know too much?

For some people its more "easier" to leave their gangs, but for some it can be rough (you can see that on some of the Things we post in our closed Group on Facebook). Its hard to say why some are been attacked so hard and why some aren't, but it can be many reasons - Money, information, etc.

8) Here in Canada the gangs talk a lot about loyalty and brotherhood but really don't do either. Here it's all about making money through drug trafficking. Is it similar over there? Its almost the same in Scandinavia - its all about the bloody Money.

9) What advice do you have for someone who is thinking about leaving the gang life? Join TBM if you want a Fresh start and new friends and social Network and true friendship/Brotherhood :-)

10) How does someone join? Does it cost money?

Its free to join TBM. There are no member fees.

Police State or Clown Sate - Which will it be?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Canada in a bad state. Two articles in today's paper are of interest. One is an article about China's involvement with torture. Not a word from Stephen Harper about it. Recently we had a long tirade from Harper about Russia's past history with Communism itemizing some of the brutal atrocities Stalin committed. Yet Russia isn't Communist any more and China is. Not a word about Chairman Mao or all the current atrocities China is involved with. Just a federal government bullying Vancouver City Hall to censor those important protests.

The other article is an absurd tirade about the latest ridiculous ISIS video threatening Canadians in their homes. One threat is real, the other is not. One threat is being obsessed over, the other one is being censored and hidden. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt. Let's pretend this latest absurd video wasn't made by MI6 and the CIA. Let's pretend it's real. OK so who made it? It sure didn't come from Mecca. It sure doesn't represent Islam. It didn't come from Syria. Both sides of that conflict are blaming the other. The last video pretending to be from Syria had someone speaking with a British accent. If they're speaking with a British accent, they aren't from Syria now are they.

So the video isn't from the government of Syria, nor is it from the rebels opposing him. If it is real, which I most certainly do not believe it is, then it's coming from a handful of whacked out nutbars spewing absolute nonsense. How real is that threat? Not very. When North Korea threatens to nuke the United States, that threat is real. The only thing holding back that lunatic from carrying out that threat is the fact that he doesn't have the technology to carry it out. So why on earth are we helping them become capable of such an outrageous threat by giving aid and censorship to Communist China? China was responsible both the Korean and the Vietnam wars.

I have nothing against doing business with China. I have nothing against doing business with Cuba either. I'm against giving China our oil rights which means we are helping the military expansion of a Communist dictatorship every time we fill up with gas at the pump. They profit from our resources instead of us. I'm against this new trade agreement with China that has absolutely nothing to do with free trade. It removes our sovereignty and crushes our democratic system.

Again this ridiculous video and Harper's absurd tirade that goes along with it just doesn't make sense. It's dripping with so many contradictions it's impossible for me to conceive that' it's purpose is anything but a smoke and mirrors distraction from the complete loss of our civil liberty by letting Communist corporations take over Canada.

Again, let's pretend the video is real. OK so it's not coming from the government of Syria or the Rebels opposing them. It's not coming from Mecca and does not represent Islam. If it is real and I do not believe it is, it's coming from some obscure whacked out hillbilly in the middle of nowhere that has absolutely no means of carrying out it's ridiculous threats. Unless of course the intelligence community helps them do so again.

So here's the deal. If the purpose of this video is to gain support for their cause it does the exact opposite. No one in their right mind would support that. The only people that want us living in a state of fear is CSIS and the CIA who are passionately trying to destroy the Constitution and remove civil liberty as they lose $ 1.5 billion in taxes from their ridiculous budget every year in Canada alone. That is extortion and fraud.

Burnaby NewsLeader is reporting that New Westminster grandmother Lesslie Askin, 71, found RCMP officers, including a member of the national anti-terrorist unit, on her doorstep last month, 10 days after she took photos of oil storage tanks at Kinder Morgan's Burnaby Terminal.

Sadly, what's our alternative? Justine Trudeau has been a complete disappointment. I thought he was the one. I thought he was the one to protect the Charter of Rights from the brink of destruction. I was sadly mistaken. The NDP, the Green party and the Bloq support the Charter of Rights. Justine Trudeau does not. To make matters worse, while he throws away the Charter of Rights his father gave us, he wants to legalize pot and turn Canada into a Clown sate.

So which will it be? Stephen Harper's Police state or Justine Trudeau's Clown sate?

How about neither!

Today we read about how a Chinese "dissident" just received life in prison for expressing his political beliefs expressing a desire to separate from China. That's way worse then Cuba. So what is up with the Helms Burton law? Why boycott Cuba then bend over for China? It just doesn't make sense. Dare I mention Tibet and the Dali Lama. Monks are setting themselves on fire in protest because no one cares about their grievance with Communist China.

Neighbour shot in the face during Surrey home invasion

The Vancouver Province is reporting that a 21-year-old innocent bystander was shot by masked men in a Newton neighbourhood early this morning while checking in on a friend. According to police, approximately five masked men forced entry into a home near 146th Street and 76B Avenue at approximately 1 a.m. The suspects tied up the home’s occupant and started demanding cash. As the group of men were leaving the Surrey home, a neighbour confronted them and according to RCMP, was shot. Earlier this month a 64 year old man was shot in North Vancouver in what police described as a targeted shooting.

John Dodson on Fast and Furious

John Dodson was the whistle blower on Operation on Fast and Furious. He wrote a book about it called The Unarmed Truth. Obama tried to ban him from writing the book. The book starts off incriminating Washington. He talks about how he was complaining about the operation from day one and how those complaints fell on deaf ears. The ATF was selling guns to straw buyers they knew were selling to the Mexican cartel. He states it was an operation the brass in Washington took an unusual interest in. (page 2) Washington was involved from Day one. "A few of us pleaded with our supervisors to allow us to arrest these buyers. Time and again, we were told - I was told - to stand down." (Page 3) Yet he admits the problem is even bigger than Obama and Eric Holder.

Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Justice (DOJ) on behalf of Dodson. They also filed a lawsuit against the DOJ for records regarding President Obama’s claim of executive privilege after Holder’s refusal to produce records for the House Oversight Committee. However, the eye witness testimony is found in John Dodson's book.

Unfortunately it is incomplete because not a word is mentioned about the drug trafficking in Fast and Furious only the arms dealing through straw buyers. The fall of the Nugan Hand bank in Australia was tied to the CIA's drug trafficking in Vietnam which was confirmed by Bo Gritz and Terry Reed. Air America was the airline the CIA used to ship the drugs. This is relevant to us today because right before the invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban had almost completely eliminated the production of heroin there. After the allied invasion that trend was reversed and has steadily increased to record levels. The US military are even protecting the opium crops claiming if they don't the Taliban will which is another bold faced lie.

I've been emphasizing Pitbull's MIB 3 theme to understand the future we have to go back in time and have applied that to Operation Fast and Furious. To understand Fast and Furious we have to understand Mena Arkansas and Iran contra. Judge Bonner went on 60 minutes showing how the CIA did the same thing in Florida when he was in charge of the DEA. The CIA passionately denied it consistently until the allegations were proven beyond dispute. Then they said OK we did do it but it was an accident and it was the only time. Wrong on both counts. It was no accident. They made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to track the ton of cocaine they brought into Florida. Just like they made absolutely no attempt to track the guns they sold to the Mexican cartel or any attempt whatsoever to track the cocaine they brought into the United States as payment. This is indeed a pattern that was established in Vietnam and repeated consistently throughout Iran contra.

This does not mean that Democracy is bad and Communism is good. It means the exact opposite. It means Democracy can be destroyed from both sides of the fence. The official version is that the CIA did all these bad things because the end justifies the means. They were trying to protect us from the atrocities of Communism. I will show that premise was and is a bold faced lie.

Take Cuba for example. The CIA teamed up with the Mafia and the corrupt Batista government. The people rebelled and went from one extreme to the other. They jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire by adopting Communism. Just like in France after the outrageous conduct of Sarkozy, they turned around and elected a Socialist. From one extreme to the other. How about no extreme? Draw a line in the sand and call it democracy. The further you get from that line to the right or the left the further you get away from democracy and the closer you get to dictatorship. The exact opposite of a free republic which is what the US flag and Constitution represents.

Yet the subtle falsehood is just as real. This capitalistic extreme of making a profit at all costs has taken us down the road of Corporate Communism which ends in the exact same place they claim they are trying to save us from. Democracy fosters a free market. Corporate monopolies destroy the free market. The big banks and oil companies funded the Communist revolution in Russia. The elite 1% of capitalism takes over the Socialist dream and turns those noble ideals of social justice into just another bunch of greedy gluttons exploiting the 99% with a hammer and sicle.

So their claim of doing bad things to save us from Communism is a lie. That is exactly where they are taking us. Looking at Huntsviklle, the vortex of corruption is proof of that. Since when is everyone scamming the government and ripping it off so you can line your own pockets in anyone's interest but their own? It's not. It's just another lie to justify them getting rich at taxpayers expense. Some believe the lie in the beginning but it doesn't take long to see through the lie. By then it's too late, they're in over their heads. Just like with the Hells Angels.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Record MDMA bust in Kelowna

The Kelowna Capital News is reporting that the police claim a recent bust of three properties in Kelowna and Westbridge is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, MDMA (methylenedioxy-methylamphetamine) bust ever in British Columbia. The amount of raw materials in this operation could provide up to 200,000 pills, making the 3.5 kilograms of product worth over $1 million.

The processing lab was on Christian Valley Road, just outside Beaverdell on the way to Rock Creek, in a settlement known as Westbridge. On Wednesday, Nov. 21, RCMP executed a search warrant on Christian Valley Road property, finding a number of individuals cooking MDMA in an exothermic reaction lab.

The Kelowna bust followed with police searching a storage locker and a private residence in the Mission on Chute Lake Road. The home is the residence of 32-year-old Ryan Patrick Novy and is said to be the office hub of the operation and a storage locker containing the chemical precursors to MDMA.

Novy is among four people subsequently arrested in the case and is now facing four charges related to the case including possession for the purposes of trafficking and production of a controlled substance. Alesya Efimenko, 29, William Charles Forrest, 24, and Bradley Fraser Garth, 39 are charged with possession for the purposes of trafficking and production of a controlled substance. The case returns to court Jan. 31 and more arrests are expected to follow.

The lab alone was said to have 500 gallons of toxic waste and the Chute Lake property.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Donald (Pup) Stockford makes parole

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Former Hells Angel Donald (Pup) Stockford of Ancaster has been granted statutory release from a Quebec prison after serving 10 years for conspiracy to commit murder, drug trafficking and gangsterism.

In June 2004, Stadnick, 56, and Stockford, 47, both of Hamilton, Ont., were convicted of five charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, drug trafficking and gangsterism. They were each sentenced to 20 years in prison for their role in Quebec's bloody biker war. OK so I'm not a brain surgeon but statutory release is after two thirds of your sentence is complete not half. 10 years isn't two thirds of a 20 year sentence.

Stockford was a founding member of the Nomads along with Mom Boucher. In an October, 2000 news report he was described as the Vice-President of the chapter in charge of the Rockers who sold drugs for the Hells Angels. He was part of a group that would negotiate the price of cocaine with the Italian Mafia. Both Stockford and Stadnick were the only Anglophones in Quebec. They were instrumental in the Hells Angels coming to Ontario. Stockford needed a Hells Angels prospect to translate for him so he could explain how to cut down the pcp he had sold them. Tell me again how the Hells Angels are not a criminal organization and that their primary business isn't drug trafficking. The case law is making that impossible to believe.

The Quebec Hells Angels also managed to infiltrate Quebec’s auto insurance system, where at least one office worker searched addresses and licence plates, for $200 apiece. One of those they obtained was for journalist Michel Auger, who was shot eight times but not killed. “The reason why Stockford had the binder of photos at his residence, was because he was a participant in the conspiracy to murder them,” Zigman said as he pronounced the men guilty.

Court also heard that Stadnick and Stockford helped run a sophisticated banking system to launder drug trafficking proceeds. Police estimated its drug sales between March 1999 and December 2000 totalled $111,503,361. "The Angels warred for control of Montreal’s downtown drug trade, from the ritzy restaurants of Old Montreal to the east-end gay district."

Jerry Langton's book Fallen Angel: The Unlikely rise of Walter Stadnick states that Stadnick and Stockford were friends who grew up in Hamilton with no French skills and a pronounced size disadvantage somehow managed to join the Quebec Nomads. Stadnick was 5' 4" tall.

Another Day in Surrey - Update

Last night at 10:41 PM Scan BC reported that #Surrey #RCMP responding to a fight involving 30+ people at 134 St & 83a Ave. Reports of several people with knives and swords. Bunch of lunatics. Ten blocks over at 12:26 AM Scan BC reported that #Surrey #RCMP are on scene with a person shot at 14500 83a Ave. Report that suspects possibly fled in a white dodge minivan.

Unrelated but near there is the Town and Country Motel and Trailer Park at 8293 King George Blvd. Turns out that place is a complete dive full of crack and drug related crime. There are lots of trailer parks and motels in the area but this one is a complete dive. Doing something about the crack there would reduce a lot of trickle down crime it creates.

Turns out the shooting on the 14500 block of 83A Avenue was a fatality. There were also two separate shootings in Chilliwack. Aaron James David Douglas, 33, the suspect wanted in the murder of two men and the attempted murder of a woman in an Aug. 7 shooting incident in Chilliwack is still at large.

Update: CBC is reporting that Aaron James David Douglas has finally been arrested.

Ukrainian president warns of Russian threat

This is another con that we really need to examine. Three recent headlines are of interest. First the new president of Western Ukraine expresses his thanks to Canada for their support in his hostile take over of Eastern Ukraine. Then he warns the world of the Russian threat to gain support for his cause right before they start more airstrikes on Eastern Ukraine. Russia puts out a video comparing it to England bombing Scotland if they voted yes to separate. They have a point.

We really need to calm down and take a deep breath so we can stand back and look at the conflict rationally and objectively without all the bullsh*t drama. Russia is not Communist any more. China is. They are trying to create Russia into another boogeyman while they bend over backwards for Communist China and let them remove our civil liberty here at home. It's as though this Russia and ISIS thing is a big smoke and mirror distraction from the real goal of destroying the Constitution and removing civil liberty at home.

We need to remember that no one in Eastern Ukraine voted for the new president of Western Ukraine. He does not represent Eastern Ukraine and we are helping him invade Eastern Ukraine and force upon them membership in the European Union of Banking Fraud against their will. .

I will agree that the rebels decision to boycott the last election and prevent anyone in the East from voting in it was a mistake. You never want to stop anyone from voting in an election. Ever. They took the Bobby Sands approach of declaring their sovereignty and refusing to recognize the authority and existence of the West. The problem with that is as soon as you boycott an election, the bad guys automatically win the election because no one is there to vote against them.

The last democratic election with foreign observers that involved both east and west was in 2010. Those election results clearly showed the demographics of the current conflict. The west doesn't want to be part of Russia again and the east doesn't want to be part of the European Union of Banking Fraud for just as good a reason. Death by Fascism or death by Communism - which will it be? How about neither.

Meanwhile CBC is reporting that Canadian fighter jets intercept Russian bombers in the Arctic. What the hell is up with that? If Russia invades Canada we will take up pitch forks and the guns you drop when we kill your invading soldiers. This has happened before and is likely more posturing but it clearly shows why Harper's conflicted jets are a bad investment. They don't work in the arctic. That means they aren't for self defense. They are for the Oil wars and for rewarding Harper's campaign contributors with a huge amount of tax dollars. This is why the Boeing super hornet is a much better investment. They can be used to protect Canada from the Russian threat. His conflicted jets can't. Boeing is Good - Lockheed Martin is Bad. Very bad.

They had to pay a court settlement for a tool fraud on the F-35. They had to pay $19.5 million to settle a securities fraud class-action lawsuit that mislead investors. The court ruled they can be sued for underbidding contracts knowing it's going to cost the government a lot more when they actually get the contract. Lockheed Martin Corporation's F-35 Fighter Jet Catches Fire.

This is why Canada needs a missile defense system like Israel's Iron Dome. Not missiles for nuking other countries. Missiles that shoot down nuclear missiles and invading bombers and jets.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Australia tastes it's first false flag

Sadly, this isn't a new beer. The plague of perpetual fraud has finally hit Auz. My condolences to the brave soldiers down under. It reminds me of the Surrey Pressure cooker fraud and the Air India bombing. The Surrey pressure cooker bomb plot wasn't just a fraud, it was a bold faced lie. For the record, CSIS did Air India. That's not coming from Alex Jones. That's coming from CBC and the RCMP. CSIS had a handler that helped plan the attack and provided the explosives.

Sadly this kind of dark publicity stunt will likely be very effective since the Australians are fiercely patriotic and inherently good. No one supports terrorists. Unless of course you work for the intelligence community. My message to Australia is simple. Remember Senator Palpatine, remember Adolf Hitler and remember the collapse of the Nugan Hand bank. The fraud of the CIA crashed the BCCI and the Nugan Hand bank in Australia. CBS ran a documentary on it. It involved Oliver North and Iran Contra. Remember that because it means the intelligence agencies' fraud are connected one with another.

Speaking of CIA fraud, I just picked up a copy of whistle blower John Dodson's book on Fast and Furious called The Unarmed Truth. Senator Chuck Grassley said "If it wasn't for John Dodson, Americans would never have known the truth about Operation Fast and Furious." If the intelligence community can lie about Fast and Furious, what else are they willing to lie about?

One blog reader pointed out that the fourth person in the top picture of Michael Hand from the Nugan Hand bank in Australia that crashed is General Jack Singlaub seated directly to Oliver North's right. Singlaub was a founding member of the CIA. CBS report. Fast and Furious deja vu.

The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money and the CIA

"The Crimes of Patriots will reveal how an obscure Australian bank, Nugan Hand Ltd., came to occupy the central position in a vast network of drug transactions, fraud, secret arms deals, and covert intelligence operations." Download The Crimes of Patriots.

"For some time I have been disturbed by the way [the] CIA has been diverted from its original assignment... I never had any thought when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations... there are now some searching questions that need to be answered. I, therefore, would like to see the CIA be restored to its original assignment as the intelligence arm of the President, and whatever else it can properly perform in that special field, and that its operational duties be terminated or properly used elsewhere.

We have grown up as a nation, respected for our free institutions and for our ability to maintain a free and open society. There is something about the way the CIA has been functioning that is casting a shadow over our historical position, and I feel that we need to correct it." HARRY S. TRUMAN, December 22, 1963

"McCoy's unique perspective allowed him to see before others did that the combination in Nugan Hand of U.S. military-intelligence men and drug-related crime was no anomaly. Rather, he knew, it was part of a pattern. And only by understanding this pattern could an investigator put himself on a footing to probe the Nugan Hand mystery intelligently." Page 43

"Back in 1972, McCoy (with two assistants) had written a silent bombshell of a book, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia (Harper & Row)... The gist of what McCoy reported in his Politics of Heroin book is now beyond dispute. Considering that, and in view of the thoroughness of his documentation (often interviews with eyewitnesses), the whole book deserves the acceptance and honor it was not originally accorded. As Nellis, the Congressional investigator, says, "I think he [McCoy] knows more about heroin production in Southeast Asia than any man living. His book is an outstanding example of intelligence in this area."

"McCoy's thesis was that CIA operations against China in the early Communist years, and against Communist movements in Indochina later on, were responsible for creating the largest single source of heroin for the U.S. market. This was the famous "Golden Triangle." And according to McCoy, it flourished probably not by the original design of the CIA, but ultimately with the full knowledge and cooperation of the CIA." Page 44

"To understand the future, we have to go back in time." Pitbull - Fast and Furious deja vu.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Communist China dictating Canadian policy in Vancouver

The Vancouver Province ran a series of profound articles showing how Communist China is dictating Canadian policy in Vancouver by removing civil liberty and free speech. Cameron Ward, champion of justice, is front and centre declaring that "Banning practitioners of a Chinese religious sect from protesting outside the Chinese consulate in Vancouver is “dictatorial” and is reminiscent of repressive regimes like China." He is absolutely correct. We have a charter right to Free speech in Canada. We know Stephen Harper doesn't like that right but it exists nonetheless and is the highest law of the land.

The devil representing the city said the Falun Gong protest was peaceful, but “this is not to say the next one will be like that — the city has to factor in all possible scenarios.” That is ridiculous. By his own admission it is a peaceful protest. There is absolutely no grounds whatsoever to argue what might happen IF it turns violent when it hasn't for years. They are sitting outside in the snow meditating for God's sake.

There are two important points to examine. The first is the flaming concern that a Communist country could possibly influence policy in a free republic. The second is the actual concerns the protest is expressing. aside from the obvious question as to why on earth our tax dollars are being spent on a court case no one wants that violates the Charter of Rights, again.

In 2005 the Epoch times reported the Canadian government put pressure on the city of Vancouver to restrict the protest. Last Sunday Laile Yuile reported in the Vancouver 24 Hours Who is Harper working for? She was referring to the insane trade agreement Harper signed with China that removes Canadian sovereignty and lets Chinese companies sue Canadian governments for restricting their ability to make a profit. Does free speech restrict a company's ability to make a profit?

The silent protest consisted of mostly elderly women meditating in front of banners proclaiming the brutal persecution and bloody torture in China. That is a valid concern the Epoch Times has reported on. What on earth are we doing supporting that and censoring objections to that? The sign says China sells organs. That is another huge concern we cannot be complacent in.

This is the Neo Con. While Harper and Obama spend tax dollars to create false boogeymen, they let the real boogeyman remove our sovereignty and our civil liberty here at home. Here's the irony. Harper hated Pierre Elliot Trudeau calling him a Commie because he liked Russian literature. Yet Trudeau Sr gave us the Charter of Rights protecting civil liberty while Harper (and Trudeau Jr) has done everything in his power to destroy civil liberty. Harper pretends to be right wing and support freedom when he turns around and does the exact opposite.

Of course, Dianne Watts, the biggest court jester of them all enters the stage to promote her tax and spend insanity in support of Stephen Harper's' Neo Con. Dianne Watts just announced she is running for the Federal nomination of Harper's Neo Con ticket. How fitting. Dianne Watts said one thing and did another. Harper would love her. She said she was going to attack crime in Surrey and she did the exact opposite. Last year was the highest number of homicides in Surrey's history. The drug related crime in Newton and Whalley is unprecedented. She was obsessed with grow ops but did nothing to stop the crack dealers. She claimed to be right wing but left us with the worst budget and biggest deficit in the city's history. What a sad state of affairs.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Joseph Bruce Skreptak is a liar

Castanet is reporting that Kelowna Hells Angel Joseph Bruce Skreptak told the court that he did not know of, or see, any of the numerous weapons found during a vehicle stop in Salmon Arm in 2010. What a bullsh*t scam that is. Another patch member getting associates to take the fall for him. He was the patch member. The colours were his. No associate would have that many weapons in his possession without the patch member's permission. Uncle Joe is a liar. If this judge buys that bullsh*t story he needs to be fired. We all know what property Uncle Joe was looking at but he sure wasn't interested in buying it.

The Kelowna Hells Angels have been a complete blight on society. Two patch members and an associate from the Throttle Lockers were convicted in the senseless and brutal murder of Daine Philips. Two little brats got in a fight with two of Daine Philips sons. One of them got Norm Cocks from the Kelowna Hells Angels involved. Norm threatened one of Daine's sons and punched him in the head. Daine was pissed and chased Norm in his car. Norm got Rob Thomas, his father and a bunch of kids to deal with Daine.

Thomas yells out three times so you wanna f*ck with the Hell Angels?! Daine raised his hands in submission while Thomas cracks him in the leg with a baseball bat. Daine is unmoved. He then takes another swing with the bat and hits Daine in the head bringing him to the ground. That's when Norm, his father and the kids jump out and beat Daine to death when he was down with hammers. It was a senseless cowardly act. The Hells Angels pulled their support and both patch members were beaten several times while in prison.

Skreptak is a pos just like Rob Thomas and Norm Cox. Thomas was a petty thief from Ontario. The Kelowna Hells Angels ran a huge stolen car, motorcycle and boat ring. Johnny Newcome was convicted of revinning the stolen vehicles for the Hells Angels. Some of which ended up in possession of the Calgary and Nanaimo Hells Angels.

The Kelowna Hells Angels were implicated in Joey Verma's murder conviction of Britney Irving. Joey was a member of the Independent soldiers and was a Hells Angels associate. I thought he was a two bit drug dealer. I was wrong. In court it was shown he was a high level drug dealers even while in prison waiting trial for Britney's murder. That means he had the endorsement of the Kelowna Hells Angels. Not only that, he was recruiting for the Kingpin crew in prison and got a tattoo that said VP as in Vice President. Someone from the Kelwona Hells Angels promised him that position. Everything hit the fan when it all went public and he was convicted. That's when the people that put him up to it turned their back on him and let him crash.

Giles is a pos who said his friends are just avenues to make him money. That says it all. Put together the murders, the stolen property and the drug trafficking and it is clear the Kelowna Hells Angels are a complete blight on society.

Skreptak already got off for running a grow by claiming it wasn't his it was the people who rented his property. Even though Hells Angels support stickers were plastered all over the grow as a warning to others. We need to deal with the Peter Leask effect in our judicial system. If this judge lets Skreptak off in this case the judge needs to be charged. they say Peter Leask isn't allowed to do criminal cases any more he just does civil. That isn't good enough. Peter Leask should be in jail. this lack of accountability is a huge problem in Canada.

Update: Joseph Skreptak found guilty of weapon offences

Scotland's Referendum on Independence

Well this is somewhat historic. Tomorrow Scotland is having a referendum on independence. The Vancouver Province ran an article about a husband and wife visiting BC that were voting opposite ways. This is one issue I am neutral on. It's up to the people living in Scotland to make that decision for themselves.

Obviously there is past history between England and Scotland. After seeing the movie Braveheart my daughter didn't like to admit we were part British. I tried to explain to her that there have been good kings and bad kings in England's history. Every country has had good and bad leaders.

I used to joke and say the only way England was able to keep Scotland in the UK was by putting a Scot on the throne. The present royal lineage goes back to Scotland: Fergus mor Mac Earca. Get this, his brother was Irish. He gave Fergus the Stone of Scone as a wedding gift. According to the Annals of Ulster. Legend claimed Jeremiah brought it to Ireland with one of the daughters of king Zedekiah when he escaped into Egypt during the Babylonian captivity. For years it sat in Westminster Abby but was finally returned to Scotland in 1996 and now rests at Edinburgh castle.

This whole referendum is somewhat interesting. Does this mean Wales will get a similar vote? What about the Falklands? Australia has talked about holding a referendum on whether or not they should remain part of the commonwealth. Personally, it's not a big deal to me although I am uncomfortable swearing an oath to the Queen. No offense.

It's just the idea of swearing an oath to a man makes me uncomfortable. The Americans pledge allegiance to the flag and the free republic it represents. They don't pledge allegiance to their president. They pledge their allegiance to an ideal. That sits better with me personally. Point granted a good king is better than a dirty politician who says one thing and does another.

Either way Scotland, arise and shine. May liberty prevail.

Live updates: Scotland's referendum results

A New Zealand paper is posting live results and claims 5 of 32 council areas declared resulting in Yes 45% No 55% so far yet the Guardian is reporting as though it's all over alredy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TBM Fresh Starts sports new logo

We've talked about and linked to TBM Fresh Start before. It's an organization that supports people who have left the gang life in Scandinavia. I refer to Michael Green, the founder and international spokesperson as Pitbull because he's fly like that and he's hard core. He's a former HA. The group consists of former Hells Angels, Bandidos, Mongols, Outlaws, Devils Choice, Bloods, Black Cobras, etc. They have 600 members. They actually all get along without trying to kill each other.

Most recently they have been contacted by gang members in LA who want to start a group in the States. I'll have to do an online interview with them like I did with Kerry Krysko. Obviously starting a group like that in Canada would be very helpful with our toxic mess here. I'm just curious how they deal with trolls who try to join just to get information about former gang members. They are doing an amazing job. The new logo is awesome.

They have a new spokesperson for Norway who has joined their ranks. The former National Sergeant at Arms for the Bandidos. He looks pretty solid too. Think about it, these guys are freaking Vikings. They aren't playing around. I had a very good friend from Norway when I lived in Ireland. He used to say he was born with skis on his feet. Sounds like an awesome place. The spokesperson for Sweden is a former Hells Angel.

The whole purpose of my blog is basically what these guys are doing. I'm not doing this blog to see people get locked in jail for 30 or 300 years. It's to show people the dead end gang life leads to and help encourage them to find a better way. Leave the life and find a new one. A better one. One that you and your kids can be proud of. "No matter what your past, you have a spotless future."

When those bitch ass trolls were in my grill posting my daughter's picture online and making threats they actually criticized my post about redemption referring to a line in a Tupac song which asked Is there a Heaven for a G? Of course there is.

We live in a very cause and effect world. Call it karma if you will. After this life we will be with people who had the same morals as we did. If we spent our life lying, cheating and stealing, that is who we will be with. I had said then that I'd be honoured to spend eternity with guys like TBM because they were real. They had lived the life, saw what it was really about and left it behind. They are hardcore and trustworthy. What more could you ask for? Rock the world soldiers. See you on the other side.

Body found in New Westminster and Surrey - Update

News 1130 is confirming a Scan BC report that a body has been found in a home near Moody Park in New Westminster. Kim Bolan is reporting that the name of the victim is Jason Collett who was a crane operator that volunteered at the Last Door Recovery Society in New Westminster.

CTV is reporting that a young person was found dead in Surrey Tuesday evening. A 17 year old girl. Tragic. IHIT thinks she was murdered but doesn't think it was targeted. That is messed up.

Update: Kim Bolan is reporting that charges have been laid in both murders already. Steven Rogers, 25, was arrested Wednesday and has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Jason Collett at an addiction recovery facility where he volunteered.

Convicted rapist Raymond Lee Caissie, 43, been charged with second-degree murder in the random slaying of Surrey teenager Serena Vermeersch. That's horrible. Caissie was 19 when he sexually assaulted a woman in Abbotsford in 1991, a crime that landed him 22 years in prison.

The Summit of Golden Ears

I made it to the summit of Golden Ears Sunday. It was awesome. Golden Ears is like the Lions of Maple Ridge. Two peaks side by side, next to Alouette mountain. It's normally an overnight hike but if you book it and start first thing in the morning you can make it in a day. Be mindful that the sun sets earlier now that fall is approaching. I had a later start and really had to book it to get back just as it was getting dark. A few other groups ended up coming back in the dark.

Alder flats was nice but rather anticlimactic. At 10 K you hit alpine and get an amazing view of the other side of Pitt Lake. I've seen photos of Pitt Lake from airplanes and was wondering where you can see it from hiking. This is the place. From the Summit you can see the entire lake.

Pitt Lake is tidal. When the tide in the ocean is out, the Fraser river water level drops and it exposes the sand bars at the front of the lake. This is one of the best hikes in the Lower mainland. Similar to the lions but in my opinion better because you can water up right before the summit.

Sadly another hiker fell to his death on Sky Pilot Saturday. Sky Pilot is a new peak that has become more accessible since they built the new gondola at the Chief in Squamish. It's the second time this year. I'm not sure if they're climbing glaciers without crampons or what. The Vancouver Province posted a video of the climb and it looks like hard core rock climbing to the summit and the guy isn't roped up. That is not very wise or safe.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Two Canadians charged in Australian drug bust

MSN News is reporting that two Canadian-Vietnamese dual citizens have been charged with smuggling heroin and methamphetamine into Sydney Australia. 88 kilograms of heroin and 21 kilograms of methamphetamine were seized that were hidden in frozen fish fillets. The names of the suspects have not yet been released.

The Vietnamese are likely one of the only groups that don't work for the Hells Angels in BC. The Hells Angels in Victoria tried to tax the Vietnamese grows. They said no and Edward "Zeke" Mickle went missing. Rumours describe his brutal murder. So every year the Hells Angels have an annual run cerebrating their criminal organization status remembering that Zeke was murdered for trying to tax a rival drug dealer.