Thursday, September 11, 2014

Reexamining 9/11

Since 9/11 is still being used as a pretext for war and to rationalize doing away with civil liberty we clearly need to reexamine just what really did happen on that horrific day. The third tower fell when no planes hit it. Three towers fell on September 11th not two. No planes hit the third tower. It collapsed into it's own blueprint at freefall speed just like a controlled demolition. The official version claimed that building collapsed at freefall speed due to heat and fire. That is not possible. The only way that can happen is if the load bearing beams are blown out like a controlled demolition. That is what experts in the field are saying.

The Twin towers also fell at freefall speed into it's own blueprint just like a controlled demolition. There was no resistance. It wasn't a matter of the floor where the plane hit collapsed and put pressure on the floor beneath it which put pressure on the floor beneath it and so on. That would have taken time. This was freefall like dropping an apple off the top of a building. The only way that can happen is if the load bearing beams are blown out.

Consequently, George Bush changed his tune. He later admitted operatives placed explosives in the building that went off after the plane hit it. Indeed they did. The load bearing beams were blown out. That would explain the thermite residue, the molten cars found at the base of the towers and the molten metal found in the ruble long after the building's colapse.

No conspiracy theorist made up Operation Northwoods. That declassified operation was real. It was proposed by the director of the CIA and signed by the joint chiefs of Staff. If Kennedy hadn't vetoed it, they would have implemented that sinister plot. Operation Northwoods needs to be examined and discussed because they implemented it on the USS Liberty. That was treason.

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  1. I've never heard that of Bush. When was this?

    1. I posted a link to a youtube video with the clip in it. It comes after the CBC report. I have no idea the actual date. He said operatives went in and planted explosives in the building which prevented people from escaping. He wasn't referring to explosives on the load bearing beams but it's pretty obvious someone did. He used the term operatives which I thought was strange.

      Day one we saw news clips of firemen calling home with explosions going off in the background. Those were random. To make a tower fall in that manner you have to strategically place explosives on the load bearing beams before hand. If you don't blow them all out at the same time the build will tip over and won't collapse into it's own blueprint.


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