Monday, September 29, 2014

How much does CSEC know about your private life?

A new Youtube video from Open Media about CSEC's warantless surveillance. Taxpayers are on the hook for over $4.2 billion to pay for these invasive spying activities. Stop illegal spying. The CSEC spy palace is the most expensive Canadian government building ever constructed. This is not fiscal responsibility. This is not balancing the budget to reduce taxes. This is not supporting freedom. This is tax and spend pork barrel politics which violates the Charter of Rights. CSEC is a criminal organization whose mandate is to break the law.


  1. some times that is the "side effect" of all those calls for "law and order". its simply how some politicians think the job is best done. Of course along the way a lot of freedoms are trampled on and the Constitution violated, but in some minds, that is o.k. the bad guys just need to get caught. Of course when those calling for change become the "bad guys" in some one else's eye, the perspective does change.

    People just didn't give the whole thing a lot of thought when they elected these "Conservative" types. This is what you get. Some times you have to be very careful about what you wish for, because sometimes you get what someone else thinks you want or you deserve.

    Next time you go into the ballot booth, if we still have one which isn't being "looked" into, remember all of this when you vote. Consider your Constitution. Consider your rights and freedom and most importantly think about the other person's "rights and freedoms". In a valiant attempt to ensure your rights and freedoms are protected you might be trampling all over some one else's.

    These lovely make work projects by the Cons in Ottawa will of course make someone money. It will "give" jobs to some. so you wanted jobs, now you have them. Not the type you wanted. Well next time be more specific with the politicians about what kind of jobs you want.

    This new "spy" stuff the Cons are building will work very well for them while they ensure Canadian citizens don't impede Chinese corporations profit making ventures in Canada for the next 31 yrs. Think about how well this will work for some, when the contracts to operate these new systems are given to some nice company from China.



    Michael Heroux said


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