Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ukrainian president warns of Russian threat

This is another con that we really need to examine. Three recent headlines are of interest. First the new president of Western Ukraine expresses his thanks to Canada for their support in his hostile take over of Eastern Ukraine. Then he warns the world of the Russian threat to gain support for his cause right before they start more airstrikes on Eastern Ukraine. Russia puts out a video comparing it to England bombing Scotland if they voted yes to separate. They have a point.

We really need to calm down and take a deep breath so we can stand back and look at the conflict rationally and objectively without all the bullsh*t drama. Russia is not Communist any more. China is. They are trying to create Russia into another boogeyman while they bend over backwards for Communist China and let them remove our civil liberty here at home. It's as though this Russia and ISIS thing is a big smoke and mirror distraction from the real goal of destroying the Constitution and removing civil liberty at home.

We need to remember that no one in Eastern Ukraine voted for the new president of Western Ukraine. He does not represent Eastern Ukraine and we are helping him invade Eastern Ukraine and force upon them membership in the European Union of Banking Fraud against their will. .

I will agree that the rebels decision to boycott the last election and prevent anyone in the East from voting in it was a mistake. You never want to stop anyone from voting in an election. Ever. They took the Bobby Sands approach of declaring their sovereignty and refusing to recognize the authority and existence of the West. The problem with that is as soon as you boycott an election, the bad guys automatically win the election because no one is there to vote against them.

The last democratic election with foreign observers that involved both east and west was in 2010. Those election results clearly showed the demographics of the current conflict. The west doesn't want to be part of Russia again and the east doesn't want to be part of the European Union of Banking Fraud for just as good a reason. Death by Fascism or death by Communism - which will it be? How about neither.

Meanwhile CBC is reporting that Canadian fighter jets intercept Russian bombers in the Arctic. What the hell is up with that? If Russia invades Canada we will take up pitch forks and the guns you drop when we kill your invading soldiers. This has happened before and is likely more posturing but it clearly shows why Harper's conflicted jets are a bad investment. They don't work in the arctic. That means they aren't for self defense. They are for the Oil wars and for rewarding Harper's campaign contributors with a huge amount of tax dollars. This is why the Boeing super hornet is a much better investment. They can be used to protect Canada from the Russian threat. His conflicted jets can't. Boeing is Good - Lockheed Martin is Bad. Very bad.

They had to pay a court settlement for a tool fraud on the F-35. They had to pay $19.5 million to settle a securities fraud class-action lawsuit that mislead investors. The court ruled they can be sued for underbidding contracts knowing it's going to cost the government a lot more when they actually get the contract. Lockheed Martin Corporation's F-35 Fighter Jet Catches Fire.

This is why Canada needs a missile defense system like Israel's Iron Dome. Not missiles for nuking other countries. Missiles that shoot down nuclear missiles and invading bombers and jets.

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  1. harper and his herd are simply posturing for the next federal election. He wants votes from the Ukrainian community or rather their descendants. Putin is no wonder, but lets have a look at China. Russia aids/invades Ukraine and harper and his herd are all out of sorts. China invades Tibet, we hear nothing from harper and his herd. China wants to exert more control over Hong Kong, its o.k. with harper and his herd, because we haven't heard squat from them. China's increasing control over Hong Kong will posse a problem for Canada and other countries, especially when it comes to crime.

    As China makes in roads into Canada's political system, Canadian police will find they have an increasingly difficult job to do. The integrity of their security will be endangered and you can bet the counterfeiting trade will increase. The counterfeiting trade is a huge money maker for organized crime. So I think it not unreasonable to conclude, harper and his herd just welcomed another level of organized crime into Canada.

    When Russian jets move close to Canadian territory and "buzz' Canadian war ships, what else should we expect. Russia is simply doing what Canada is doing. Well maybe not, in Canada's case its "Harper has a big mouth, and carries a small stick". Russian, just carries a big stick. If you "tease" the Russian bear you will get bitten. It might not be in Canada's interest to continue with their excursions into European messes. I do recall the last little episode in Crimea didn't turn out so well for the world, hello WW I. When Europe comes out and asks for help, then fine, we ought to give it, but if they don't let them solve their own problems. The last time Canada got involved in someone else's mess, hello the middle east, it didn't turn out so well for anyone. They now have ISIS and we have a whole lot of Vets who were never provided with the support they were promised or entitled to.


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