Monday, September 15, 2014

Two Canadians charged in Australian drug bust

MSN News is reporting that two Canadian-Vietnamese dual citizens have been charged with smuggling heroin and methamphetamine into Sydney Australia. 88 kilograms of heroin and 21 kilograms of methamphetamine were seized that were hidden in frozen fish fillets. The names of the suspects have not yet been released.

The Vietnamese are likely one of the only groups that don't work for the Hells Angels in BC. The Hells Angels in Victoria tried to tax the Vietnamese grows. They said no and Edward "Zeke" Mickle went missing. Rumours describe his brutal murder. So every year the Hells Angels have an annual run cerebrating their criminal organization status remembering that Zeke was murdered for trying to tax a rival drug dealer.


  1. So, apparently we have the Vietnamese to thank for providing an example of how the Hell's Angels may be effectively resisted? Apparently so.....

    Kim just posted this! US Mafia!


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