Thursday, September 18, 2014

Communist China dictating Canadian policy in Vancouver

The Vancouver Province ran a series of profound articles showing how Communist China is dictating Canadian policy in Vancouver by removing civil liberty and free speech. Cameron Ward, champion of justice, is front and centre declaring that "Banning practitioners of a Chinese religious sect from protesting outside the Chinese consulate in Vancouver is “dictatorial” and is reminiscent of repressive regimes like China." He is absolutely correct. We have a charter right to Free speech in Canada. We know Stephen Harper doesn't like that right but it exists nonetheless and is the highest law of the land.

The devil representing the city said the Falun Gong protest was peaceful, but “this is not to say the next one will be like that — the city has to factor in all possible scenarios.” That is ridiculous. By his own admission it is a peaceful protest. There is absolutely no grounds whatsoever to argue what might happen IF it turns violent when it hasn't for years. They are sitting outside in the snow meditating for God's sake.

There are two important points to examine. The first is the flaming concern that a Communist country could possibly influence policy in a free republic. The second is the actual concerns the protest is expressing. aside from the obvious question as to why on earth our tax dollars are being spent on a court case no one wants that violates the Charter of Rights, again.

In 2005 the Epoch times reported the Canadian government put pressure on the city of Vancouver to restrict the protest. Last Sunday Laile Yuile reported in the Vancouver 24 Hours Who is Harper working for? She was referring to the insane trade agreement Harper signed with China that removes Canadian sovereignty and lets Chinese companies sue Canadian governments for restricting their ability to make a profit. Does free speech restrict a company's ability to make a profit?

The silent protest consisted of mostly elderly women meditating in front of banners proclaiming the brutal persecution and bloody torture in China. That is a valid concern the Epoch Times has reported on. What on earth are we doing supporting that and censoring objections to that? The sign says China sells organs. That is another huge concern we cannot be complacent in.

This is the Neo Con. While Harper and Obama spend tax dollars to create false boogeymen, they let the real boogeyman remove our sovereignty and our civil liberty here at home. Here's the irony. Harper hated Pierre Elliot Trudeau calling him a Commie because he liked Russian literature. Yet Trudeau Sr gave us the Charter of Rights protecting civil liberty while Harper (and Trudeau Jr) has done everything in his power to destroy civil liberty. Harper pretends to be right wing and support freedom when he turns around and does the exact opposite.

Of course, Dianne Watts, the biggest court jester of them all enters the stage to promote her tax and spend insanity in support of Stephen Harper's' Neo Con. Dianne Watts just announced she is running for the Federal nomination of Harper's Neo Con ticket. How fitting. Dianne Watts said one thing and did another. Harper would love her. She said she was going to attack crime in Surrey and she did the exact opposite. Last year was the highest number of homicides in Surrey's history. The drug related crime in Newton and Whalley is unprecedented. She was obsessed with grow ops but did nothing to stop the crack dealers. She claimed to be right wing but left us with the worst budget and biggest deficit in the city's history. What a sad state of affairs.


  1. Yeah, because the Falun Gong protestor(s) who sat under that bare shelter in front of the Chinese Embassy gate FOR YEARS beofre the City of Vancouve finally chased them off were always getting violent........ :sacrcasmrolleyes:

    You just know the scale of espionage operations economic and otherwise that are being run out of that embassy are huge. There's plenty of info out there about how extensive Chinese Intell ops are in North America. Those guys have to be laughing themselves silly at CSIS incompetence in ever proving this......of course, I'm sure there's more than a few Chinese sources/moles inside half of the Chinese (pardon me, Canadians who happened to grow up speaking Chinese) linguists that work for them......who were all thoroughly vetted of course.

    Canada is thoroughly under the thumb of Chinese influence, has been for years. Chinese mil/intell reads Sun Tzu and applys it in all that they do, we read it and then pay no further attention to it.

  2. A much more serious problem is the possibility of a Jihad between the East Indians and Triad Criminal Gangs!
    Though this is part of the current small time street gang wars, their laws laws come in conflict as well!
    BC already has serious problems with Chinese , both Mainland and Hong Kong, using Canada as a money laundering country and smuggling!
    These problems are about to get worse!
    Note, the Industry knock off products that are an economic crisis to the World, is sourcing through Canada and Judiciary must now protect this interest!

    1. Hardly. A "Jihad" between two criminal organizations? The Triads would clean house. The problem is not the Chinese it is the Communist government that is oppressing them. The Epoch Times is a Chinese newspaper. The people protesting China's torture outside the Vancouver Consulate are Chinese. China's ownership of our oil and this fake trade agreement is a far bigger threat to our sovereignty and civil liberty than a few criminals.

  3. Explanation of the Chinese espionage threat, political, military, and economic.

    1. Yeah I have a hard time buying that. If China or Russia sent spies to Canada, nobody would care. We have nothing to hide. They want to learn about our education system or our medical system - feel free. If they want to learn about our farming techniques - all they have to do is ask. The only thing that would be a concern is military information. If we built a missile defense system then the details of that system should be kept private.

      That whole bullsh*t scam about Harper banning a couple reporters from China claiming they were spying on his in ridiculous. There is no possible intelligence they could gather from Harper because he is a freaking idiot. I think that's the case where the reporters just asked him questions he didn't want to answer. Complaining about spies from China after he just gave them our oil rights and our sovereignty is bizarre. It's just more smoke and mirrors.

  4. what was even more entertaining was parents, living in Canada, went to the Chinese consulate to complain about the teachers' strike. Oh, and yes the Consul did have a chat with the b.c. liebeals about it.

    The trade agreement with China is something Canada will now be stuck with for a min. of 15 yrs and will have to give one year notice to get out of. If there is a "conflict' a court will hear it, but we won't get to watch it. Its secret. this trade agreement is a violation of our rights and freedoms because we can not pass any laws which would impede a corporation from China making a profit. So there goes the neighbourhood.

    I do wonder if that includes Chinese organized crime. However, given the government of China operates companies in Canada and the Red Army of China operates companies in Canada, this is going to be a whole lot of fun. I can hardly wait for a municipal organization to pass a law which prohibits a Chinese company from polluting our drinking water. Over on Vancouver Island there are 17 mining applications for coal. How very wonderful. Some of them will impact on our drinking water. Don't bet on our government doing anything to stop the pollution once it starts.

    Counterfieting in China is huge. Its just not counterfeiting dresses and expensive purses, but breaks for cars and trucks, medicine, electronics, C.D.s In China these maybe passed off as legitimate companies, here not so much. Organized crime makes a lot of money out of counterfeit goods. Guess harper and his herd just gave away the candy store.

    Diane Watts will now bring her brand of "policing" to the national stage. it will work for organized crime, no problem. She talked a lot, smiled a lot, but did nothing for the citizens of Surrey, except keep taxes low. They voted her into office more than once so they must have liked what she did. Now they get a chance to repeat it. You vote for a politician you live with it or in some cases others get to die with it.


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