Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Body found in New Westminster and Surrey - Update

News 1130 is confirming a Scan BC report that a body has been found in a home near Moody Park in New Westminster. Kim Bolan is reporting that the name of the victim is Jason Collett who was a crane operator that volunteered at the Last Door Recovery Society in New Westminster.

CTV is reporting that a young person was found dead in Surrey Tuesday evening. A 17 year old girl. Tragic. IHIT thinks she was murdered but doesn't think it was targeted. That is messed up.

Update: Kim Bolan is reporting that charges have been laid in both murders already. Steven Rogers, 25, was arrested Wednesday and has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Jason Collett at an addiction recovery facility where he volunteered.

Convicted rapist Raymond Lee Caissie, 43, been charged with second-degree murder in the random slaying of Surrey teenager Serena Vermeersch. That's horrible. Caissie was 19 when he sexually assaulted a woman in Abbotsford in 1991, a crime that landed him 22 years in prison.


  1. http://bc.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=50&contentId=38380
    This area is bad for DRUG TRAFFICKING suppliers!

  2. The eyes should be looking for the Silver Grey 3/4 ton pick up - strongly believe it is local or just east of this location.
    Surrey Works yard area.

  3. Perhaps a few more police officers on the ground, might help. That boots on the ground shit for other countries, not such a good deal for our tax dollars. How about a few more police boots in our communities.

    Convicted criminals usually get out of jail sooner or later. Some are never going to make "good citizens". Sex crime types usually don't. However, this being a democracy, even they have rights. What there ought to have been is better monitoring of the individual and that costs money. The news has reported it was Surrey's responsibility to monitor Caissie but we all know how under funded and staffed the Surrey RCMP are. If Surrey council ever decided to have their own police force and adequately fund and staff it, who knows the crime rate just might go down.


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