Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Doug McCallum launches Safe Surrey Coalition

In contrast to Dianne Watts and Christy Clark's crime denial program, Thor has just launched his Safe Surrey Coalition announcing a slate of counselors running with him. They are from both political backgrounds so it looks like he's trying to put together a non partisan coalition.

Looks like we have three options for mayor: Linda Hepner from Surrey's Worst, Barinder Rasode, kicked out of Surrey's worst for admitting they haven't done enough on crime in Newton and former mayor Dough McCallum who got things done before the Dianne Watts deception.

I cannot support Linda Hepner. That would be a step backwards. We have seen through the Diane Watts deception. Drug related crime in Whalley and Newton continues unchecked. The residents complain, nothing happens and people get killed. Over and over again.

I cannot support Barinder Rasode. She railroaded the Sikh community on the Gateway casino proposal. Her close ties with Bob Cheema destroys any credibility she hoped to have. Doug McCallum has my vote.

I care about crime in Surrey. I care about what happened to Janice Shore outside the Front Room. When Doug McCallum was mayor he closed crack houses in Surrey and evicted them onto the street. I saw it. He's the only one wiling to take it to the next level and confront the crack dealers in Newton and outside the Front Room so business can boom once again in Surrey.

He wants to spend money on more police on the street. Where does he plan on getting it from? Not from Surrey's Worst tax and spend model. He spoke out against the new ivory tower city hall. If he goes back to the old city hall he will have plenty of money for more police without raising taxes. If he refrains from extravagant trips that Linda Hepner and Barinder Rasode kept taking he will save more money and balance the worst budget in the city's history. Not to mention the most homicides in one fiscal year ever when crime elsewhere in BC is supposed to be declining.

My only concern is his attendance at Rich Coleman's barbeque. I understand the idea behind being nonpartisan but Rich Coleman is an anti Christ. He demanded Watts railroad the Gateway casino project despite the local opposition to it. He got rid of the RCMP task force that investigated money laundering at casinos. He is as dirty as they come.

My opposition to the Gateway casino isn't just because of the social ramifications of gambling and the money laundering that goes on in them. Gateway casino specifically went through a huge debt restructure. They lost $1.5 billion. Gateway casino is a bad investment. I'd like to know Doug McCallum's position on that casino before he gets elected. We know Hepner and Rasode support it. That takes them off the list right away. Some say none of the above. I can't support that. That's like not voting in an election. That's how people like Hitler get elected. It's just not responsible.

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