Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Joseph Bruce Skreptak is a liar

Castanet is reporting that Kelowna Hells Angel Joseph Bruce Skreptak told the court that he did not know of, or see, any of the numerous weapons found during a vehicle stop in Salmon Arm in 2010. What a bullsh*t scam that is. Another patch member getting associates to take the fall for him. He was the patch member. The colours were his. No associate would have that many weapons in his possession without the patch member's permission. Uncle Joe is a liar. If this judge buys that bullsh*t story he needs to be fired. We all know what property Uncle Joe was looking at but he sure wasn't interested in buying it.

The Kelowna Hells Angels have been a complete blight on society. Two patch members and an associate from the Throttle Lockers were convicted in the senseless and brutal murder of Daine Philips. Two little brats got in a fight with two of Daine Philips sons. One of them got Norm Cocks from the Kelowna Hells Angels involved. Norm threatened one of Daine's sons and punched him in the head. Daine was pissed and chased Norm in his car. Norm got Rob Thomas, his father and a bunch of kids to deal with Daine.

Thomas yells out three times so you wanna f*ck with the Hell Angels?! Daine raised his hands in submission while Thomas cracks him in the leg with a baseball bat. Daine is unmoved. He then takes another swing with the bat and hits Daine in the head bringing him to the ground. That's when Norm, his father and the kids jump out and beat Daine to death when he was down with hammers. It was a senseless cowardly act. The Hells Angels pulled their support and both patch members were beaten several times while in prison.

Skreptak is a pos just like Rob Thomas and Norm Cox. Thomas was a petty thief from Ontario. The Kelowna Hells Angels ran a huge stolen car, motorcycle and boat ring. Johnny Newcome was convicted of revinning the stolen vehicles for the Hells Angels. Some of which ended up in possession of the Calgary and Nanaimo Hells Angels.

The Kelowna Hells Angels were implicated in Joey Verma's murder conviction of Britney Irving. Joey was a member of the Independent soldiers and was a Hells Angels associate. I thought he was a two bit drug dealer. I was wrong. In court it was shown he was a high level drug dealers even while in prison waiting trial for Britney's murder. That means he had the endorsement of the Kelowna Hells Angels. Not only that, he was recruiting for the Kingpin crew in prison and got a tattoo that said VP as in Vice President. Someone from the Kelwona Hells Angels promised him that position. Everything hit the fan when it all went public and he was convicted. That's when the people that put him up to it turned their back on him and let him crash.

Giles is a pos who said his friends are just avenues to make him money. That says it all. Put together the murders, the stolen property and the drug trafficking and it is clear the Kelowna Hells Angels are a complete blight on society.

Skreptak already got off for running a grow by claiming it wasn't his it was the people who rented his property. Even though Hells Angels support stickers were plastered all over the grow as a warning to others. We need to deal with the Peter Leask effect in our judicial system. If this judge lets Skreptak off in this case the judge needs to be charged. they say Peter Leask isn't allowed to do criminal cases any more he just does civil. That isn't good enough. Peter Leask should be in jail. this lack of accountability is a huge problem in Canada.

Update: Joseph Skreptak found guilty of weapon offences


  1. Even Hells Angels are susceptible to Early Onset Alzheimer's

  2. No doubt. However, in this case the judge would have to have Alzheimer's to believe that ridiculous story. Glen Hehn was caught loading 52 kilos of cocaine from HIS storage locker onto a truck. He said it wasn't his and he didn't know what was in the boxes he was caught carrying. Peter Leask let him off and said he would have had to have been F-ing crazy to have that much cocaine in his own locker. In reality we are F-ing crazy for having messed up judges like that sitting on the wrong side of the bench.

  3. 4 years to have this guy in front of a judge? Seems a bit excessive. Not that he should get a pass for that, it's pretty clear from the tool chest what he and his minions were willing to do to the folks running that grow....."hostile takeover".......

  4. As many lawyers have personally told me, the Court (entire Judiciary) is not about the truth! The Judges know that they live off LIES and enjoy believing in them, in their Court Room Proceedings..
    Lawyers, first, tell their clients that if they do not lie, where needed, they will lose.

  5. The funniest thing about that picture is the 6 "Canada legal" 10 rounds maximum capacity pistol magazines right above the illegal sawed off shotgun......

  6. Another shooting? Any details, as once again the BIG BOYS CLUB is withholding details?

  7. Shooting just came up on scan BC and surrey alert!
    Another subject of interest, I just had a forced download of 'Card Skimmers Wanted'' using @CTV as Tag!

    Love this one! Recognize them?
    They probably would not have to use a weapon as they are walking ones!

  9. Culturally, that is a big affirmative!

  10. You may not like Leask and his decisions but to call for his imprisonment because you don't like his decisions, is a tad over the top. With that type of thinking, you could have judges removed because they sentenced people to the max. its a dangerous road to go down.

    If leask is a lousy judge than demonstrate it and let the judicial body responsible for his work, deal with it. Judges are appointed in this country and as such can be "unappointed". Please don't go down the road of "electing' judges because that is a huge problem in the USA. Judges who need contributions for their election campaigns get them from all sorts of people and you get all sorts of decisions, not to mention a whole lot of very bad law, i.e try Alabama. Their Supreme Court are all Republicans and some are of the opinion republicans get a much easier road through the court system.

    Lousy Judges can be dealt with but it has to be clearly demonstrated.

    What happened in Kelowna demonstrated very clearly the H.A. simply isn't keeping a check on their members. For the H.A.s to become involved in a two bit dispute such as the one which led to the murder of this man, reflects very poorly on the organization. Like really, getting involved in a "kids fight". Obviously Kelowna was not ready for their own club nor were their members ready for the job. Its sort of like this: if Joseph didn;'t know; he ought not to be a full patch member. It isn't good to have stupid people in charge of a H.A.chapter. Its simply not good business.

    Now as to the "stolen" goods coming into the hands of other H.A. chapters, they get there because people purchase stolen goods. Send a few of those to jail or fine them and they might become more aware of who they purchase goods from. If the deal is too good its either just a really bad deal or its not legal. Again its another case of if there is a demand and people want to get by cheaply, they will all do illegal things.

    The H.A. is simply another multi national corporation. They just have a slightly different marketing strategy and some different methods of handling personnel issues. Oh, and you don't get to complain about the quality of the goods or return them for a refund.

    1. If a judge applied a sentence that was excessive and contrary to the existing case law, then that decision is appealed and no criminal charges are necessary. Yet if a judge lets someone off for murder or cocaine trafficking, they become culpable for that offense. It's like that guy in Aldergrove who makes the T-shirts that say Revolving door makes judges accomplices. He's absolutely right.

      The Kelowna Hells Angels disaster however, is far more then simply the Hells Angels not monitoring their members. The chapter president was involved in the stolen car ring and so were two other chapters - Calgary and Nanaimo. Lester Jones was the vice president and was convicted of cocaine trafficking. While he's in prison, David Giles, the next vice president is also charged with cocaine trafficking.

      Just like in Winnipeg. After the Dale Donovan the chapter president was convicted of cocaine trafficking, Dale Sweeney, the next president as also convicted of cocaine trafficking. That established a pattern that the courts are bound by law to recognize.

  11. some people can not afford appeals, so excessive sentences could be a problem. However, that was not my point. If we are to have a free judiciary, then we can not tell them how to sentence people.

    if there are judges who are "involved" in revolving door sentencing, then politicians/citiziens need to look at the over all picture and so does the voting public. Our laws permit a range of sentencing. If specific judges over a period of time continue to sentence career criminals to light sentences then perhaps there is more to the issue than meets the eye. I'm sure in cases of "light sentences" the Crown does not appeal because they simply do not have the resources. So who is to blame, the politicians who refuse to adequately fund the judicial system or the citizens who refuse to pay for an adequate system or politicians who fail to fairly tax corporations so they too may pay for what they benefit from, a civil society.

    It does boggle the mind, when some are sentenced to "vacations" from business as "guests of the Queen" for serious crimes. It does leave one wondering why and what influence does the lack of adequate prisons have to do with it. Then of course, if we sentence all to prison for lengthy terms, what is accomplished? The Americans have that system and 2 Million in jail.

    Some of this could be nipped in the bud by front loading our social services system. Prevention, etc. Now it won't deter all, but it may some. Many young people go through a phase of "risky behaviour". What if it were channelled in other directions? The thrill/adrenillan rush could be provided by other methods, but then it is doubtful politicians would ever get going in that direction. They only look to the next cycle of elections.

    it is a matter of poor human resource planning on the part of the Hell's Angels. They are obviously "promoting" dummies to positions of authority and leadership. To have one chapter have first the pres. and then the next pres convicted of crimes, tell me, they aren't that smart.

    But then patterns of behaviour and the courts recognizing that, well its my experience that is reserved for specific groups. Mining companies which continually pollute, well, just another fine. Companies which violate labour laws so they can make an extra buck, ditto.

    When we look south of the border and we see how rament white collar/banking crime is big business. they simply pays larger fines. No one goes to jail. It isn't much different here, Canada just doesn't like to deal with the issue. But "criminal" organizations, like bikers, well they are the bad boys. The Hell's Angels and others like them, are no different from other large corporations, except for their product, but their business practises, are rather shoddy.

    These "outlaw" biker distributorships of cocaine, are providing a product. As long as there is money to be made, there will be someone to take over the business. Perhaps we need to be looking at why the general public keeps wanting to purchase the "goods". For this much money to be made, you can bet its all sorts who purchase the product. My suggestion has always been, take the profit out of it by legalizing many of the drugs and then go after the producers of the chemical drugs.

    1. Is that Matthew Nathanson? I was wondering how long it would take them to send him in.

  12. Hi, I just checked back on your blog. who is Matthew Nathanson and where are they sending him? I don't get what you're talking about, but then I haven't been reading here that long. if you're inferring I'm Matthew Nathanson, not so much. You don't have to publish this response. feel free to get in touch, off of the blog.

    1. Matthew Nathanson is a lawyer for the Hells Angels. You have some good points but it all seems to point towards spinning for the HAs. What they do to the homeless and mentally ill for drug debts is disgusting. There are lots of support groups out there. This isn't one of them.

  13. Rest assured I am not a lawyer. I'm not Matthew Nathanson. I'm not a member of the H.A.

    What the HA and associates do to homeless and mentally ill people who have drug debts is disgusting. You are quite correct. What main stream society, politicians, and some police do to the mental ill and homeless is just as disgusting. If there were more support services for the homeless and mentally ill there just might be fewer drug debts and therefore less profit for the H.A. to make, not to mention collect.

    WE have yet as a society, to make the homeless and mentally ill, a priorty. If we did, we might save a whole lot of money and make a dent in what the H.A. takes in as profit.

    Now as to your comment regarding this blog not being a "support group" I'm not sure what that means. If you'd like me to not post my opinions on your blog, no problem. Its your blog, feel free not publish them. If you'd prefer I not write them, no problem This is a diversion, a form of "entertainment". Keeping the old brain functional. I read your blog in the past. Then moved on, eventually coming back and finding it interesting. I comment on other blogs. If you don't want me here, I fine with that. You just have to be clear about what it is you want. You can print your response here or send me an e-mail.

  14. You know Agent K, I just went back to read what you had written, 23 sept.14. Like I am so insulted. Comparing me to a lawyer. Really! That isn't a nice thing to do. Some of my nearest and dearest have suggested I'm a tad morally "thin" at times, but they've never compared me to a lawyer. Pond scum I'm good with, lawyer, not so much!

    1. Not all lawyers are bad. However the stereotype is somewhat problematic when you think all judges were at one time lawyers. I once had a local activist ask me at what point does a crooked lawyer become an honest judge?

  15. Usually about the time they want some "respectability" and membership at the "right" clubs and fewer working hours. Being a lawyer is so much more work than being a judge. Judges jobs also come with nice pensions, medical, dental, that sort of stuff. Hey, wait I know someone who went from being a lawyer to a judge and really hadn't committed any "crimes".

    I do like the joke though. I'll have to remember that one.


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