Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Day in Surrey - Update

Last night at 10:41 PM Scan BC reported that #Surrey #RCMP responding to a fight involving 30+ people at 134 St & 83a Ave. Reports of several people with knives and swords. Bunch of lunatics. Ten blocks over at 12:26 AM Scan BC reported that #Surrey #RCMP are on scene with a person shot at 14500 83a Ave. Report that suspects possibly fled in a white dodge minivan.

Unrelated but near there is the Town and Country Motel and Trailer Park at 8293 King George Blvd. Turns out that place is a complete dive full of crack and drug related crime. There are lots of trailer parks and motels in the area but this one is a complete dive. Doing something about the crack there would reduce a lot of trickle down crime it creates.

Turns out the shooting on the 14500 block of 83A Avenue was a fatality. There were also two separate shootings in Chilliwack. Aaron James David Douglas, 33, the suspect wanted in the murder of two men and the attempted murder of a woman in an Aug. 7 shooting incident in Chilliwack is still at large.

Update: CBC is reporting that Aaron James David Douglas has finally been arrested.

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  1. The politicians in Surrey have repeatedly refused to adequately fund policing. The continued use of the RCMP certainly doesn't appear to have worked for the City. The citizens of Surrey have continually returned these politicians to office. Therefore it must be working for them, as some level.

    Perhaps it is because they think they will not be a victim of crime and its not happening in their neighbourhood. Unfortunately, if it goes on unchecked, it will come to their neighbourhood and they could be a victim.


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