Sunday, September 28, 2014

Misconceptions: Connecting the dots between politics and organized crime

I've posted my free eBook on Kindle just to test out how it works before I post my real book. It's called Misconceptions: Connecting the dots between politics and organized crime. It's just a short overview of what I want to cover in my real book.

I've already posted it for free in pdf format but although pdf is user friendly it doesn't look that great on a small screen like an iPhone. Kindle should fix that. You can download the Kindle app for your phone for free.

Kindle wouldn't let me post it for free so I set it at 99 cents. Again it's just a very short overview of where I want to go in my real book that is coming soon. The new book won't really have any new info about the Hells Angels in it. It will just bring together some of the stuff I have already posted about them building a case for criminal organization status.

My new book will reveal some of my past history and explain exactly what it was that I did in New York and why I have beef with crack dealers in general. It will continue to connect the dots between politics and organized crime confronting the real villains that are responsible for putting that misery onto the streets and are sucking the life out of communities like a parasite. It is what it is. Haters gonna hate but in the end, truth will prevail. Word.


  1. Why dont you just put you're real name on the book. Since everybody already knows who you are. Also, in this e book of yours are you going to talk about how you got fired from the post office?

    1. Great idea. It's actually a pretty funny story so it is. Save the Dream and Stop Moya Greene. I took one for the team and helped chase that snake out of Canada. Sadly she went straight to England to create anarchy in the UK:


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