Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rob Ford crack video is in the hands of the court

Looks like Rob Ford is the great pumpkin head this Halloween. MSN News is reporting that “Allegations of a ‘crack cocaine’ video that have for months swirled around the mayor of Canada's largest city came to a head Thursday with a stunning police revelation that they have uncovered the video.”

That’s right folks. The video that pumpkin head said didn’t exist does and is now being entered as evidence in Alexander Lisi's extortion trial. Happy Halloween cracker. Ya got to remember, two credible journalists said they watched the video,. They didn’t just make that up.

The Globe and Mail claims the Ford family has a history with drug dealing. Rob Ford's brother in law has been charged with breaking into his home and uttering threats. This is the same drug dealer that in 2012 Rob Ford asked the judge not to send to jail. Gee I wonder what he had on Ford. As one blog reader who sent in the links said, no one could even make this sh*t up. Sounds like the Ford dealer shirts from Surrey Shirts will make great stocking suffers this Christmas.

CTV is reporting yet another drunken episode involving Rob Ford that was described in an internal e-mail on saint Patrick's Day 2012. This is a consistent behavioral pattern with Rob Ford which simply proves the majority of Canadians are insane and have no moral conscience for reelecting the bum.

Another body found in Surrey

Well Halloween stops no one. 1130 News is reporting that a woman’s body was found at Hi-Knoll park near 192nd Street and 56th Avenue in the Colebrook road area. Witnesses claim they heard three shots fired. IHIT have taken over the case as the police claim foul play is expected. Colebrook Road is closed between 192 Street and 200 Street. Surrey’s 20th murder of the year.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Opposition supports Marc Emery’s prison transfer

Marc Emery supporters have the backing of the opposition parties in their quest to have Marc Emery’s prison transfer to a Canadian prison granted. The Vancouver Province is reporting that NDP deputy leader Libby Davies, Liberal public safety critic Wayne Easter and Green MP Elizabeth May all spoke out in support of the prison transfer which the US has already approved. It is the Harper government that is holding it back.

This is how the Harper government is aiding and abetting the destruction of the Canadian Justice system. Their response to the request was "Individuals who have been convicted of serious crimes should face the full force of the law. And unlike the opposition parties whose primary focus is the drug trade, our government will continue putting the rights of victims first."

There ya have it folks. Living proof the Harper government lies and smokes crack. Individuals who have been convicted of serious crimes should face the full force of the law. Selling pot is not a serious offense. Wiretapping is. They’re not even pressing charges in the Jamie Keyhoe murder. There is no justice for the victims there.

We see two extreme here. One side wants to legalize pot. The other side wants mandatory minimum sentences for pot. Why go from one extreme to the other? We have a serious gang problem in BC. The problem is the crack that the Hells Angels are bringing back to Canada. If they just sold pot there wouldn’t be a problem. Violent crime would be dramatically reduced. It’s crack and crystal meth that we need to address. Obsessing over pot is preventing us from being able to address the serious crime like crack and crystal meth as well as murder and rape. Stephen Harper is insane.

I don’t support the legalization of all drugs. I don’t support needle exchanges and prescribing addicts heroin. Yet there is a huge difference between pot and crack. Failing to recognize that is insanity.

This kind of arrogant pettiness is fueling the campaign for the legalization of pot. Even Justin (Beiber) Trudeau has jumped on that band wagon. I don’t support the legalization of pot. I support the decriminalization of pot. But if Harper refuses to distinguish between crack and pot then that will force me to support the legalization of pot so we have the resources to address crack and crystal meth.

Notwithstanding the simple reality of that concern, Libby Davies is right. This is about granting a prison transfer of a Canadian who did not commit a serous offense and committed that minor offense while he was in Canada. Being an asshole about it is very un Christian. Not only that but sending Marc Emery to prison for selling seeds while they let the Hells Angels sell pot openly at the Black Door and sell crack openly at the Front Room is not equal protection of the law. It is disproportionate. It’s like arresting people for speeding while they let everyone else commit rape. That has to stop.

You know what else is worse than smoking pot? Adultery. Like how Vikileaks Toews had an affair on his wife and fathered a child with a younger woman. That’s worse than what Marc Emery did. At least Marc has a good relationship with his wife and is faithful to her. Fraud is worse too.

In fact lying about not spending 69 billion tax dollars on a bank bailout they didn't need then raising the age of retirement for Canadians to pay for it was a criminals act all in itself. So was spending billions of tax dollars on a fleet of over priced jets that don't even work in the arctic to a company one of his candidates lobbied for. Stephen Harper should be in jail not Marc Emery.

It's sad how never an honest word was every heard when Stephen Harper ruled the world. For some reason I can't explain, I know Saint Peter won't be calling his name. Don Francisco had it right.

Obama approved wire tap of German Chancellor’s phone

The Vancouver Province reported that "U.S. President Barack Obama was dragged into the trans-Atlantic spying row Sunday after it was claimed he personally authorized the monitoring of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's telephone three years ago."

Of course the NSA denied it when the story broke. Then the Intelligence chief went on record defending the wire tap. Since the world is protesting over it, the US claims it will consider stop wiretapping allies. Well how can they stop doing it if they never started? The only way we can expect the intelligence community to stop lying is if they stop talking. This is why any media outlet that reprints a press release from an intelligence agency without questioning it first is being completely irresponsible.

The point is, this isn’t Hitler during the war. This is an ally. If it wasn’t for Edward Snowden, we would even know about this. God bless Edward Snowden. It’s not just Germany. It’s France and all of their allies. They think they are above the law.

The German response is "If the Americans intercepted cell phones in Germany, they broke German law on German soil." He noted that wiretapping was a crime in Germany and "those responsible must be held accountable". Well three cheers. Obama and the NSA broke the law in Germany. So let’s put them in a German prison and deny their transfer back to the US until they approve Marc Emery’s prison transfer back to Canada for a much less serious crime.

The Washington Post is now reporting that the NSA hacked into Google and Yahoo databases as well. It’s time for Obama and the NSA go to jail and Edward Snowden be set free.

In England Murdoch even tapped Princes William and Harry with the help of you know who.

Congress should grant Edward Snowden amnesty

Snowden wants to testify before congressional hearing

Monday, October 28, 2013

Kelowna Hells Angels stolen car ring off to Supreme court

Speaking of rats stealing sh*t, Castanet is reporting that the stolen car, bike and boat ring tied to Cycle Logic and the Kelowna Hells Angels is going to Supreme court. RCMP say the business had connections to the Nanaimo and Calgary chapters of the Hells Angels as well.

The operation involved modifying the Vehicle Identification Numbers on stolen vehicles, boats, trailers, ATV's and machinery. Two members of the Calgary Hells Angels were arrested and charged with possession of stolen property over $5,000. Last summer police found two cars that were revinned and registered in Alberta. The bust led to the recovery of close to 50 vehicles that had been cloned or re-vinned.

Global is reporting that it looks like Johny Newcome is gonna cop a plea. Odds are he's gonna take the fall for the whole rats nest.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Prison Transfers and Conditions

I understand that Clay Roueche has applied for a prison transfer back to Canada. I think there is no question that request should be granted. I was surprised to hear how his lawyers never objected to how he was initially shafted. He was on his way to a wedding in Mexico and they rerouted his plane to land in the US so they could arrest him there. That was dirty. They should have extradited him like Marc Emery. Trevor Jones is one person they should extradite along with his brother Randy. If Trevor was involved so was Randy. Randy is the patch member not Trevor.

Marc Emery should get a prison transfer back to Canada as well. He was in Canada when he committed his “offense.” Running an Internet business supplied customers in the States but he was not physically there they had to extradite him. Natural justice would require him to be permitted to serve the rest of his sentence in Canada.

Sadly, Marc Emery has been transferred from the West Coast to a prison in Georgia. In a Nov. 17 letter to his wife Jodie Emery posted on his prison blog, the longtime marijuana activist said he was supposed to be sent to a federal institution in California “but the [Bureau of Prisons] has changed it to send me as far away from you as possible.” That’s just not right.

We were told that Marc was finally approved for a prison transfer to Canada last July. He’s still waiting. The approval was just a PR scam. The mistreatment of prisoners is like beating your wife. It shows a lack of self respect.

Guantanamo Bay is wrong. Torturing prisoners is wrong. It was wrong when Hitler did it, it is wrong when we do it. Which brings us to prison conditions in Canada. Harper is a pretty confused individual. Either that or he’s a malicious liar that says one thing and does another.

I know a local activist that said he met Harper at the airport during the last election. My first thought was did you punch him in the head for me? Instead he said he shook his hand and thanked him for giving us more money for prisons. I just about choked. More money for prisons? Did you know he cut funding for the RCMP and the Gang Task Force after he was elected? Since getting his coveted majority government he also cut funding for prisons. He even closed the largest prison in Ontario with no plan to build another.

Recently prisoners went on “strike” because Harper dramatically reduced their insignificant rate of pay if they choose to work while incarcerated. That is just plain wrong. When you remove incentive what are you left with? Communism. A system built on incentive is a good thing. Privatizing the prisons and mistreating prisoners is not.

Evidently Marc Emery supporters are taking his cause to Ottawa and his wife Jodie will be holding a press conference Tuesday. They are wanting him to be transferred back to Canada like both parties said they would. This is a reasonable request that I totally support. All drugs are not the same. There is a huge difference between pot and crack. Marc was just selling seeds and supports the legalization of pot like in Washington and Colorado. Intentionally screwing with him by sending him to the other side of the US and denying his prison transfer after they publicly said they approved it is petty and cheap.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Remembering Janice Shore

As we highlight the Surrey Winter Fest we need to take time to remember the patron saint of Whalley, Janice Shore. We need to remember what Janice was like as well as how and why she was brutally murdered. Let's not forget, whoever killed her is just another woman beater.

Janice was homeless. It has been said that she had mental health issues and struggled with addiction. However she was a user not a dealer so if she was murdered for a drug debt, then it couldn’t have been a large one. Janice was a human being. A wonderful one at that. She was polite and soft spoken. Her brother referred to her as sunshine and you can clearly see it in her face.

She was an easy mark for the predatory drug dealers outside the front room where she was last seen before she was murdered. I have a new revelation about who’s supplying drugs at the front room but before I post that I want us to remember the horrifically brutal manner in which she was murdered so we can clearly see who the real rats are in this picture.

The fact that she was brutally beaten beyond recognition is not under dispute. She was beaten into a coma from which she never regained consciousness. I visited her in the hospital. On one side of her head her jaw was completely caved in. On the other side of her head her temple was completely caved in. I wondered at the time and thought that it must have been blunt force trauma that caused those injuries. Recently I saw a guy at the Front Room with a hammer then the light went on. A hammer could have caused those injuries.

That part of the story is not disputable. Whoever did that is the dirties kind of rat known to man. Reporting that person to the police is not being a rat. Failing to do so is. However, the story gets even worse.

The Surrey Leader initially reported that they spoke with the person who first discovered the body. He said that although he knew Janice he did not recognize her because of her dramatic injuries. He said that he found her chained to a tree with her underwear pulled around her ankles. It had the dramatic appearance of a brutal sexual assault.

I know the mayor doesn’t like to admit Surrey has crime any more. I know the mayor is very concerned about her political future and spends a great deal of time and money trying to convince the media she is the best thing since sliced bread. I used to think so. Until I saw her for the bully she really is.

Bill Fordy is also deeply concerned with his political aspirations just like Peter Fassbender. The police were pretty adamant that Janice was not found bound to a tree when they found her and went to great efforts to down play that claim as well as the sexual assault claim. They said they had no evidence to support those claims. Yet that is not entirely true. They had the witness’ testimony who found the body. In a court of law, a witness gives testimony and that becomes evidence. I submit that the police do have some evidence that would suggest she was raped and bound to the tree. It is quite feasible the person who found her untied her before the police arrived.

Either way, these claims do not diminish the horrific nature of the assault. The other claim which I don’t think the police dispute is that the assailant scratched her eyes out. I can’t remember seeing her eyes in the hospital. They were closed because she was unconscious. If that is true, if her eyes really were poked out, we need to remember that as we look for suspects and search our souls trying to define what a rat really is if we consider protecting them.

If you know anything about Janice Shore’s murder contact IHIT at 1 - 877 - 551 - 4448 or contact me. We need to deal with this. We need to prevent it from happening again and we need to stop the predators giving the homeless free drugs then beating the life out of them for payment.

Drone hunting comes to Maple Ridge

With all the insane revelations about the NSA spying on civilians and their use of drones to spy on law biding citizens the Vancouver Province is reporting that a private securities firm in Maple Ridge is ready to launch spy drones in BC. Get ready for a turkey shoot. It's time to take up arms.

In a small town in Colorado they are offering hunting licenses for shooting down spy drones on American soil. We should do the same thing here. Gentlemen may cry peace peace but there is no peace. The constitution has been violated and the war has already begun.

Online Voting

The Vancouver Province is reporting that British Columbia's elections agency states "Internet voting requires more fine tuning - especially when it comes to eliminating security risks - before it can be widely used in provincial and municipal elections.” No kidding. There is absolutely no security involved with online voting. Online voting is a scam that will kill democracy faster than you can say Clinton Curtis' confessional testimony.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Surrey Shooting results in fatality

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that Surrey just had it’s 19th homicide this morning. News 1130 is reporting that it happened around 156 Street and 86B Avenue. Some people in the neighbourhood report hearing four shots just after 5 a.m. Sergeant Jennifer Pound says the victim was in his mid-30s and other people were home at the time of the shooting. The man has no criminal record and police have not been to the house before.

Kim Bolan is reporting a shooting in Vancouver Friday night at 17th and Fraser just after 8 p.m. The 29-year-old victim is known to police and remains in hospital in serious condition. CBC is also referring to it as a targeted shooting.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kelowna Bath Salts

This morning the Vancouver Province reported that the police had made a large seizure of bath salts in the Okanagan with more details forthcoming. Now News 1130 is reporting that two women from West Kelowna were arrested after 16 kilograms of methylone in three packages were seized at the Vancouver International Mail Centre.

The drugs, destined for West Kelowna, were intercepted on Aug. 23 and 26. The two women were arrested on Sept. 19. So we're just hearing about it now. Better late than never. Bath salts is really serious. It’s even worse than crack or crystal meth if you can believe it. These aren’t bath fizzers. It’s a bizarre drug that has insane side effects.

It’s also knows as the Zombie drug. One of the claims is that a man who was eating the flesh of a homeless person in Florida while on bath salts. My daughters conspiracy theory is that “they” are going to put bath salts in our drinking water to trigger the zombie apocalypse. A rather amusing theory but I still don’t understand where everyone gets this zombie apocalypse from. It sure isn’t biblical. Nevertheless, bath salts are nasty and dealing them is insane.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Drug dealer beat his girlfriend

The Vancouver Province is reporting that “A drug dealer has been convicted of assaulting his Fort St. John girlfriend with a sawed-off shotgun, unlawfully confining her, pointing the weapon at her and threatening to kill her.”

Trevor Michael Doyle, 24, has a long list of outrageous assaults on his girlfriend. He punched her and battered her with the shotgun until her arms were black and blue. Her eyes were swollen and she could barely see. Seven days later he beat her again and hit her in the head and stomach with the but of the shotgun. The day after that he dropped her off at the hospital where it was confirmed she had two broken arms.

This once again shows the other side of gang life. The one the gangsters deny exists. When the honeymoon period is over and things go bad. Very bad. Like the case in Victoria, when a man beats a woman he is no longer a man. He's a coward with no self respect.

Scripturally we are taught that he who loves his wife loves himself. When a man beats his wife or girlfriend he is showing that he has a poor self image. Assaulting his girlfriend is self defeating. You can’t build a self image by tearing someone else’s down.

These cases give rise to Kerry Krysko’s book about her abusive relationship with a Hells Angel called Kerri On which has become a best seller. Now she has teamed up with Kathleen Patel.

Let's not forget that Don Lyons as well as Donnie McWhirter‏ both from the Hells Angels puppet club in Kelowna called the Independent Soldiers have both been charged with beating their ex girlfriends. Blaze copped a plea and plead guilty to a lesser charge of common assault. This problem is huge and it's not going to go away until we deal with it.

Laura Szendrei murderer sentenced as an adult to life in prison - seven years is not life

The Surrey Leader is reporting that the person who murdered 15-year-old Laura Szendrei was sentenced to life in prison, serving his time as an adult. This is good but flawed. He committed the outrageous murder one week shy of his 18th birthday.

Thanks to the advocacy of Chuck and Dona Cadman, young offenders who commit violent crime can be tried as an adult. Murder is a serous crime and it was proper for this person to be tried as an adult. Since he’s over 18 now it is proper for him to serve his sentence as an adult.

However, life in prison means life in prison. It doesn’t mean seven years in prison. Seven years for a brutal murder is outrageous. The new legislation states that a young offender who is tried as an adult and convicted can be named. That is the next step that needs to be taken.

Another step that needs to be taken is to fire Robert Ley. Ley is a “forensic psychologist” that should have nothing to do with the courts. He is a nutbar. Dr. Paul Janke on the other hand, should receive a promotion. Dr. Paul Janke understands natural justice. Robert Ley does not.

US caught spying on France

Oops there goes another allies’ rights. Obama is back peddling after the US was caught spying on France. A French newspaper said the NSA swept up 70.3 million French phone records in a 30-day period. France has summoned the U.S. ambassador, Charles Rivkin, to explain and called the practice "totally unacceptable."

The U.S. is reviewing its intelligence gathering to strike a "balance between the legitimate security concerns that our citizens have and the privacy concerns that we and our allies have as well about some of these alleged intelligence activities." Which really means nothing. It’s a rationalization for violating the US Constitution and spying on anyone they want whenever they want. More revelations thanks to the American whistleblower and constitutional hero, Edward Snowden

Let’s not forget how the US Intelligence agency sold the RCMP the Promis software for keeping track of it’s files. It had a Trojan horse in it that gave the agency access to all the RCMP files. Isn’t it ironic that they didn’t even change the name of the tracking program for the new software that tracks all our medical records in BC. This gives the NSA direct access to all our medical records. Civil liberty is under fire.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Quebec Federation of Labour tied to the Hells Angels

CBC is reporting that links made at the Quebec corruption inquiry tying the Quebec Federation of Labour (FTQ) to the Hells Angels have some federation members trying to unseat President Michel Arsenault.

Duffy blames Harper cover up

Donald Bayne, Sen. Mike Duffy's lawyer, held a press conference today claiming his client who is embroiled in a spending scandal was part of a cover up by the Prime Minister. The toxic mess continues to brew.

RCMP allege former senator Mac Harb committed fraud. Abolishing the senate is not the answer. Making senators elected is.

Another Canadian drug ring busted in Australia

Eight Canadians and two Australians have been arrested after an 18 month investigation which resulted in the seizure of 650 kilograms of pseudoephedrine that had been hidden in vanilla powder jars last month in Melbourne. They said the chemical came from India and is used to produce crystal meth.

Three of the Canadians - Catherine McNaughton, 30, Edmond Proko, 46, and James Kelsey, 27 - appeared in a Melbourne court today charged with drug trafficking. They're due back in court in January. Crystal meth is not speed. It's made with Drano and is incredibly toxic. Melbourne has a problem with Hells Angles violence right now. In the United States the Hells Angels were convicted of large crystal meth rings on the east coast.

The Vancouver Province is reporting that the CFSEU claims key figures in B.C.'s gang scene were involved in moving cocaine and crystal meth between Canada and Australia. More than $35 million worth of cocaine and meth was seized in Australia during the investigation.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Whalley business owners fed up with property crime

Global is reporting that "Business owners in a notorious Surrey neighborhood are struggling with what to do about the high crime rate. Just last week, a family physician considered leaving after metal thieves cut power to his building in Whalley. Turns out, he’s not the only one in the area affected by crime. Many of the local businesses say they’re getting little help from police. Randy Jarry’s Pick and Pull car parts business is a prime target for thieves. In fact, he says the scrap yard is hit overnight several times a week."

Why that's right by the Jesters clubhouse. Metal thieves supporting a drug habit. The tapeworm economy continues. So when City Hall accepts campaign contributions from Casinos and dirty developers where drug money is laundered, local businesses suffer. Glad to see Godzilla has solved all the problems in Surrey by banning Surrey shirts from the mall. The Surrey Winter fest continues to spotlight crime in Surrey. Something Godzilla promised to do in her initial crime prevention coalition but never did. Personally, I think Bill Fordy is too busy grooming himself for an MLA job like Peter Fassbender got.

It would not be very hard for the police and the city to target the scrap companies that accept all that stolen metal and it would not be hard to arrest the predatory crack dealers outside the Front Room. Those are two simple tasks. That fact that they aren't doing that is very suspect indeed. Like I said, Montreal has nothing on Surrey as to corruption. We're worse than they are.

Surrey man shot dead in Calgary

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that two people were injured and a third was killed in a shooting in Calgary Thursday night. Police identified the dead man as Trevor James Munro, a 22-year-old from Surrey, B.C. Police claim the shooting was not random. The Calgary sun is reporting that it could be drug related. Ya think? It's Calgary's 20th homicide for 2013.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Surrey Winter Fest has now begun

I think the Thanksgiving Truce has some people confused. Some people are wondering if I have given up or if I have caved in to bullying. I can assure you neither is the case. Others understand the concept of redemption. Yet I will have to expand upon it for those who have misunderstood.

There will come a time for me to put this blog to rest and ride off into the sunset for a simpler life. Yet until then I have one more campaign to launch. "So if you want this encore then I need ya’ll to roar. What the hell are we waiting for? For one last time, make some noise."

The Kelowna Summer Jam wasn’t a music festival. It was a spotlight on crime in Kelowna. It targeted the Hells Angels and highlighted three senseless murders. Now I’m ready to launch the Surrey Winter Fest. It’s going to focus in on drugs at the Front Room and highlight Janice Shore’s brutal murder. That’s going to be the main focus of this next campaign. Yet it’s also going to touch on some hidden wonders of the season.

It’s more than a series. It’s going to be a kaleidoscope covering the good, the bad and the ugly. I'll conclude by showing you a place high above the desert plain where the streets have no name. We’re talking about ice baby, ice and snow not blow. This winter brace yourselves for one last ride. To pull this off I’m going to need your help. I want you to sing. I want you to tell me who killed Janice Shore.

There have been some new developments in that case and I can tell you right now it shocked me. Yet we need a few more pieces of the puzzle to bring justice home. The Front Room isn’t a homeless shelter, it’s a drug house. The Front Room is the epicenter of drug related violence in Surrey.

I can’t help but feel partly responsible for what it has become. 14 years ago the city of Surrey closed it down on a building code technicality. That was back when Doug McCallum was mayor and Godzilla was just one of his minions on council. I addressed City council with my young daughter at my side confronting them for what they had done asking each member their position on closing the homeless shelter. I told them I was going to make a web site and post their position on the closure on the web site and make it an election issue. After my presentation was over my young wise daughter leaned over to me and said your time wasn’t finished. That lady just didn’t want you to ask the mayor any more hard questions. Very insightful for such a young child.

It appears the council had concerns not about homeless shelters but about what this particular shelter had become. It has become clear that those concerns are now valid. I have spoken to many homeless who won’t go there or stay there because of it’s drug related violence which we are funding with our tax dollars.

We now have two alternatives. There are several other transition homes where no drugs are allowed. If we can’t get rid of the predatory drug dealers there that are exploiting the homeless and brutalizing them by giving them free drugs then beating the life out of them for payment, they we are going to have to shut that shelter down once and for all.

You know City Hall and the business development committee would love to shut it down. With enough public support they will close that shelter at the snap of the finger. No one likes putting the homeless on the street in winter. So this winter fest will be one last chance to clean up that shelter before it gets shut down permanently. Either way, we are going to shut that drug operation down once and for all. Buyer Beware.

When I think about Janice Shore’s murder it makes me numb. “I'm tired of being what you want me to be. Feeling so faithless lost under the surface. Every step that I take is another mistake to you and every second I waste is more than I can take. All I want to do is be more like me and be less like you.”

“I wanna run, I want to hide. I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside. I want to reach out and touch the flame where the streets have no name.” So can I get an encore, do you want more? For one last time I need y'all to roar. Janice Shore’s murder, call it in: IHIT 1 - 877 - 551 - 4448 Let’s shut it down g. Let’s shut it down.

Download the Poster in PDF

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Joey Verma found guilty of murder

Castanet is reporting that a jury of his peers has found Joey Verma guilty of the first degree murder of Britney Irving. He is automatically sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years. I guess that means no one has to shoot him now. Now if we can only address the people that hired him to kill her.

It’s pretty obvious who owned the clone show Britney was running that was busted. The question I have is if Joey had a debt and killed her to wipe out that debt, then why the hell didn’t they save the money and just give Britney some time to work off the loss from the clone show bust? Aside from being ruthless it’s bad business.

There’s much more to discuss including my next campaign but let’s just pause for a moment of silence. The verdict is very much revealing. Yet it doesn’t bring Britney back. Castanet reported that Britney’s mother sobbed as the verdict was read. No doubt she felt relief that justice hadn’t slapped her in the face after the loss of her daughter. Yet as any parent can imagine, it doesn’t bring back her daughter. Although life does not end at death, the life she had left to live was taken from her and will never be replaced. That’s why murder is such a serious offense.

Castanet is reporting that Joey showed no emotion when the verdict was read. Just like he showed no remorse when he saw pictures of her dead body in court. Just like he showed no remorse when he told Mike Roberts not to worries about it claiming she was just a junkie anyways. So now Joey is spending the next 25 years in prison. Don’t worry about it. He had no remorse for Britney. This is why the law has to have a consequence. For people like him who don’t have a conscience.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rob Sidhu pleads guilty to exporting cocaine

Kim Bolan is reporting that former cop Rob Sidhu just plead guilty to conspiracy to export cocaine in a Seattle court. Apparently he copped a plea and pled guilty to exporting at least 500 grams as opposed to hundreds of kilos he was originally accused of. As we know Rob Sidhu was associated with Rob Shannon who was already convicted along with Jody York of smuggling BC Bud and cocaine across the border for the Hells Angles. Shannon and York were both in Weird Hal Porteous' ridiculous I’m on a boat rap video.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Surrey Urban Mission Grand Opening

Finally some good news. Remember hearing how the Surrey Urban Mission were getting chased around after being forced to relocate? Well the Surrey Leader announced last March that they finally found a new home at 10776 King George Boulevard. It required extensive renovations and it’s finally open for business. They are having their grand opening fund raiser October 26 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Admission is by donation. They are accepting donations for a silent auction. This great program finally has a wonderful facility to house it. It is well worth supporting.

Malaysia bans the use of the word Allah by all non Muslims

This one’s kind of weird. The Vancouver Province and Time Magazine are reporting that a Malaysian appeals court upheld a government ban against the use of the word "Allah" to refer to God in non-Muslim faiths. That ban would be illegal in North America because it would violate the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights.

Once again wee see the importance of the separation of Church and State. Once again we see an Islamic government doing weird things that violate civil liberty. The sad thing is, Stephan Harper just gave Malaysia our Natural gas rights. Not only are we funding the Military expansion of Communist China every time we fill up with gas at the pump, now we are funding the military expansion of an Islamic government that has no regard for civil liberty every time we heat our homes. Stephen Harper is insane. Fire him.

Harper is turning Canada back into a colony. Now we are a colony of China and a colony of Malaysia. Selling oil or gas to other countries is good business. Giving them the rights to our natural resources to gouge consumers at will is not. Can we see what’s happening here? First Harper helps the oil and gas companies eliminate the competition in a free market. Then he gives that monopoly to foreign state owned companies. So much for our free republic. .

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Red Lobsters selling crack in Nanaimo

The Nanaimo Daily News and the Vancouver Sun are reporting that Nanaimo RCMP announced on Tuesday they had arrested five men believed to have links to the Red Scorpions.

Officers found $60,000 in cash, ten ounces of crack cocaine, and two ounces of heroin in the vehicles. The next day, police searched a home and seized an additional $6,000 and some crystal meth and cocaine. While police say the group allegedly has ties to the Red Scorpions, they believe just one of them is an active member of the gang.

It was the second time this year an arrest involving the Red Scorpions in Nanaimo made headlines. A man with alleged links to the gang was arrested in January, when police seized cash and drugs.

The Red Scorpions started working for the Hells Angels after the Surrey Six murder. That’s when the Bacon brothers made the logo look like a cheap Karate school resembling the Red Lobsters.

Thanksgiving Truce

Well I’m feeling a little festive. A lot of people have viewed the post of Schrader with the puckered lips and painted nails. Evidently he would really like me to take that post down. I don’t want to reward unacceptable behavior but I’ll make a deal. I’ve taken the post down and made it a draft so it is offline. However, if he gets busted for selling crack again I click post and it goes back online.

Everybody needs a fresh start. After all it’s all about redemption. Changing, growing, progressing. They say some people will never change but the Tupac remix says don’t you believe it. That’s what this life is for. To give us the opportunity to learn, change and progress.

I think it’s pretty clear how I feel about threats to my family. Crossing that line makes me go ballistic. There are times that I do get really tired of doing the blog. This drug war is so shallow and pointless. Life has so much more to offer. That’s why I like to add other things like hiking, snowshoeing and kayaking.

I’m actually considering getting remarried sometime in the future. If and when that happens it means I’ll be setting the blog aside for a much simpler life. Until then perhaps there are things we all can still learn, myself included. The ability to forgive and repent makes us men. Repent simply means change. Progress. My image of hell is that of a dam stopping the flow of a river. Our progression is stopped. We stop learning, growing and progressing. That’s hell. Complete boredom. The absence of love, joy and peace which is what some refer to as the fruits of the spirit.

Deep down that’s what we all want. Yet we can’t experience any of those three things unless we are living a higher code. When we live a higher moral standard we find peace just like the Zen masters of old. Real love and real joy comes from following higher laws driven by service.

I have a lot to be thankful for. I’ve had a wonderful life. I was able to pick my kids up from school every day when they were young and now they are all grown up. I concur with the old timer that I looked up to when I was young. Having kids was the best thing I ever did. Parenthood can be a challenge alright, but nothing worthwhile in life is accomplished without overcoming challenges. If I get shot now it just won’t matter. Life doesn't end at death.

So Happy Thanksgiving. Shallom Shabat. Allahu akbar. La vie c’est bien.

Live, love, laugh. Life is short. Make it worth while.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hells Angels raided in Melbourne

After a series of local shootings the police raided the Hells Angels in Melbourne Friday morning seizing firearms and ammunition. High ranking Hells Angels Peter Hewat also known as the Rat King as well as Stephen Rogers were arrested. Hewat is from the same chapter that was accused of rapeing and torturing a girl from Melbourne.

Two weeks ago a Hells Angels clubhouse in south east Melbourne was sprayed with an AK47 right after a bomb was found in a local business and after the Hells Angels sprayed a rival gang's tattoo parlour with bullets. Surprisingly it appears that the Hells Angels in Australia are bringing the Village People back. A daring move indeed in the face of such fierce local opposition.

Coalition warns about online surveillance bill

The Vancouver 24 hours is reporting that a new 30-group coalition is warning that ultra-controversial online surveillance legislation may return this fall. This warning comes after revelations about how Canada’s electronic spy agency hacked into Brazil's federal mining department and shared the intelligence with national energy interests. This was leaked by our friend Edward Snowdon. Canada surveillance agency spying for corporations. big surprise. The president of Brazil said "The United States and its allies must immediately stop their spying activity once and for all."

“Bill C-30, the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act, was quashed in February amidst widespread opposition, including from backbench Conservative MPs. The Protect Our Privacy Coalition, encompassing 30 groups which span the political spectrum from right to left, believes federal Justice Minister Peter McKay will try to re-introduce aspects of controversial snooping legislation when Parliament resumes this month.”

This is that crazy bill that Vikki leaks Towes said if you don’t support the bill you support pedophiles. Then when the media pointed out that it gave the police the authority to put people under surveillance who have not committed a crime, he said he was surprised to hear that was in the bill. Either he’s an idiot and didn’t read the bill he was pushing or he is a liar.

The Communications Security Establishment Canada agency has come under fire for it’s mandated violations of the charter of rights as well as their new $4 billion headquarters in Ottawa. The price tag keeps expanding. First they said it was $1 billion. Fiscal irresponsibility violating civil liberty. Here comes the iron curtain.

Vancouver shooting victim identified

Early Friday morning there was another shooting in Vancouver. The Vancouver Sun as well as the Vancouver Province have identified the murder victim as La Van Truong Phan. Police found Phan with gunshot wounds in the backyard of a home. He died shortly afterwards in hospital. They claim he was associated with gangs and the drug trade and his attack appeared to be a targeted killing. Kim Bolan is reporting that Phan had a criminal record dating back to 2001 and had been charged several times with trafficking in Nanaimo. This is Vancouver’s fifth murder of the year. Surrey, is well past that now.

Reflecting on the homeless in East Vancouver

I have a friend who is a hunter. I’m told today is the opening of duck season. To commemorate the season, last night I went hunting in East Vancouver for the weasel that has threatened my daughter and put her life at risk. I had something to eat at a restaurant in Chinatown, and then roamed the old stomping ground in the DTES.

Years ago I did volunteer work in East Van. Before I left to travel the world, an image I had left a lasting impression on me. Back then crack hadn’t hit the streets yet. It was heroin and aftershave. The winos would run out of money for cheap wine and drink aftershave to get a buzz. If you didn’t have a mental disability before that you sure did afterwards.

I remember seeing an older homeless man wacked out on aftershave clinging to a tree in a park at the side of the road. He was holding onto the tree to help him keep from falling over and he was just staring off into space. At the time I thought to myself how can anyone see that and not have a desire to help. There has got to be something we can do to help this person.

I really get upset when people coin the phrase oh they want to be homeless. Nobody wants to be homeless. There was a woman who died camped out on Granville one cold winter. A street worker tried to help her get into a shelter but the shelter wouldn’t let her in with a pet or with her shopping buggy of her world possessions. To everyone else it was garbage. To her it was all she had. So instead of giving up all she had left, she stayed in a plastic shelter in the bitter cold. She begged the street workers for a candle to keep warm. The candle ended up catching her shelter on fire and killed her.

I’m not saying the street workers were wrong for giving her a candle. She was freezing cold and begged them for one and it did give her a small amount of temporary relief. I’m saying that woman didn’t want to be homeless and that event was a real life tragedy. Thankfully First United has since set up a program where the homeless can check in their shopping buggy of belongings so they don’t get stolen or prevent them from getting into a shelter. That is a good program worth supporting. The problem is there just aren’t enough shelters.

I parked near Pigeon corner and walked up Blood alley for old time’s sake. The allies are much cleaner now but the rat infestation is much worse. As soon as I entered the ally a big ass rat kept scurrying back and forth in front of me. It kept getting closer and closer as I was stomping my foot and almost had to crush it with my boot before it ran off and scurried up the wall beside a drain pipe.

Back in New York they used to joke about the rats. They used to say the rats in the tunnels were so big they barked. Yet the rats I saw last night were huge. Three big ass rats and one small mouse in a very short walk in the alley. Yes there was a woman sticking a needle in her arm shooting heroin. She was heavier. Not your typical skin and bones addict. She must be a new addict. Fresh meat so to speak. It won’t be long before that poison turns her into a zombie and kills her like so many others the predatory drug dealers have exploited and profited from.

Before I went home I said to myself I’ve got to go for a ride through Stanley Park. I need a change of scenery. There’s more to life than this. I stopped at the parking lot beside the totem poles and the water was calm and serene. The city lights reflecting on the glass like water was magical. I thought to myself it would be a great night to put the kayak in for a night paddle. A bit chilly but very serene. There were no campfires on third beach last night. It’s starting to get colder. Colder on the bike these days too, though nothing compared to back east.

Colder living on the streets as well. I’ve experienced homelessness arriving back to my hostel late after curfew in London. After getting locked out I soon discovered how cold concrete is when you try and sleep on it. That’s why people set cardboard down as a ground sheet first. Housing is a big problem in London or at least was when I was there. I slept in a park beside a hostel for a while. I could use the shower at the hostel until I got paid from my new job and was able to afford a bedsit.

Back then the cost of housing compared to wages was very challenging. It’s the same here now. Usually on social assistance people are forced to choose between food or housing because you can’t have both. That’s why people turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the cold of life on the street.

Imagine years ago, someone handing out free wine at pigeon park. Here have some of this. Everyone would be like alright, party. Imagine afterwards that person coming back to those homeless and saying alright today you have to pay for all the wine you drank. But we don’t have any money. That’s why were homeless. I don’t care he says. If you don’t pay for the wine you drank I’ll kill you. Find the cash. People start scrambling to get the money. Pan handle, steal, pawn. It’s not enough so the dealer pushes one of them out of a window and kills her to send a message to the others. Pay up or we will kill you. All of a sudden there minutes of relief has turned into a life of misery scrambling to pay their debts and pay for their new addiction.

It’s hard to conceive that anyone could be so cruel to offer free wine at pigeon park then threaten to kill the homeless for not paying for it after the fact. Many of those people have a mental disability. Yet that is exactly what the predatory drug dealers are doing at Main and Hastings and outside the Front Room in Surrey. Giving the homeless free crack then threatening to kill them after they are addicted when they don’t have enough money for food or housing is predatory. That needs to stop.

We need to remember Ashley Machiskinic and Janice Shore. We need to remember who killed them and why. We need to embrace the New York model and confront the predatory drug dealers that exploit the homeless. Word.

The cartoon in the top picture was from my daughter. It's in Spanish. The guy is looking up to heaven and saying where are you God that I may serve you? Then the homeless man behind him is saying I'm right here. Christ said Inasmuch as ye have done it not unto one of the least of these, ye have done it not unto me. Mother Teresa quoted Gandhi who said He who serves the poor, serves God. And Moses said, let my people go.

Bribes at Surrey City Hall

I saw this article about bribes at Surrey City Hall when it came out but couldn’t find any direct links to Diane Watts. However, a blog reader just sent me a link to the article with the following two quotes: "an unnamed female who allegedly helped Akolo with his transactions" and “Many people have their hands dirty and don’t want to be named.”

I had totally missed that. That is significant. Obviously the unnamed female doesn’t have to be Dianne Watts. However the claim that Many people have their hands dirty and don’t want to be named is very believable and very significant. It wasn’t just one fall guy as they are trying to portray. Godzilla’s Ivory Tower is made of glass.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Is Joey Verma really a dead man?

Rumors in Kelowna are swirling about the Joey Verma murder trial. Some are saying he’s a dead man if he’s not convicted in Britney Irving's murder. Yet some of these rumors are lies spread by the same people that hired him to kill her.

In the beginning I said there is no way Joey simply ripped off Britney. In so doing he would have been ripping off the Hells Angels and would have left town. He didn’t leave he was in town doing business as usual. The monetary value of the drugs he was dealing makes it clear the Kelowna Hells Angels were involved in his drug trafficking. He was not an independent drug dealer. The drugs had to have come from somewhere.

The fact that he got a VP tattoo and was recruiting for the Kingpin crew in prison was astounding. He was bragging about shooting a girl in the back just like the Hells Angels in New York were bragging about Otis Garret killing Margo Compton and her twin seven year old daughters for testifying against him.

The fact that goons were showing up at court to intimidate the witnesses and the jury is further proof Joey was not acting on his own when he killed Britney. He told witnesses he had to. In a taped interview with the police Joey admitted he was a small fish and claimed that Britney owed people money. He said she lost all that pot. Figure it out. It’s pretty clear the Hells Angels held her accountable for the loss when her clone show was busted and the money was seized just like they held Jeremy Snow liable for the value of the drugs that were seized when he was set up.

He killed Britney as a favor for the Hells Angels and now that he’s getting bad press they are betraying him just like they betrayed Britney and Geoff. No L & R there. Never was. Just greed and betrayal. Just like when they told the rat that murdered the police informant and his wife in the Vancouver Christmas of 1995 to murder his co accused right after he helped them with the hit. Those are the rats. Not the ones that report them to the police.

Update: Joey has been found guilty of first degree murder.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Body found in Surrey ditch

Surrey RCMP have located a body in a ditch near Hwy1. Reports that body is of missing female who SAR crews are currently looking for.

Harper returns Canada to the Colonial era

The third act of domestic terrorism I’m going to cite is Stephen Harpers drive to turn Canada back into a colony instead of a free republic. First he sold our oil rights to Communist China. Every time we get gouged at the pump we finance the military expansion of a Communist dictatorship.

Now he has sold our natural gas rights to Malaysia. A state owned company. How about we make our oil and gas state owned in Canada? How about Canadians profiting from our own natural resources not some other country.

The insane thing is Harper is posing like an idiot as though he has done something good by drawing foreign investment. It’s not foreign investment it’s foreign ownership. There’s a huge difference. There is nothing wrong with selling China or Malaysia oil and gas. There is something very wrong with giving them the rights to our natural resources so they profit from our resources instead of us. Stephen Harper is a sociopath.

Tea Party Terrorists

The second act of domestic terrorism I’m going to cite is the current government shut down in the US. Here’s the deal: Obama wins the election. He follows through with his campaign promise to create affordable medical insurance. The bill passes in the house. So what happens? A few extremists say OK we lost the vote so now we are going to hold the country hostage and shut down the government until we overrule the democratic will of the people. That is terrorism.

In a democracy you vote against something and record your dissent if you get out voted. You don’t hold the country hostage by an act of terrorism that damages the economic stability of the nation. I’m not sure where on earth that insane clause comes from but I can’t see it being a part of the constitution. It has to be something new someone just made up because no one has done it before until recently.

The other criminal act that has taken the nation away from a democracy is the new provision that you can have anonymous corporate donors to a politician. That is a crime. It is the opposite of transparency and fiscal accountability. In an era of making trade unions and large corporations document how much they donate to a politicians campaign, these anonymous donations are unlawful and undemocratic.

A toll for every bridge is insane

Alright, today we’re going to highlight three acts of domestic terrorism. The first of which is the Diane Watts disease that has spread all over the front page of today’s Vancouver Province.

Dianne Watts was the criminal who came up with the idea that we should toll all bridges because tolling just a few isn’t fair. That has got to be the stupidest statement in recorded history. You build a new bridge, you charge a toll until it’s paid for, then the toll is removed. Just like what was done with Lions Gate bridge and the Coquihalla highway. Even the mayor of Delta has caught the Diane Watts disease and is spewing the same nonsense. No doubt the mayor of North Vancouver thinks it’s a dumb idea because after paying for their bridges they don’t want to have to pay for bridges in Surrey too. That's totally understandable.

Tolling every bridge is simply a tax grab to feed the mayor’s counsel of gluttons who already burn a billions dollar a year regional gas tax and still want more more more. They even wanted to introduce a regional sales tax to give them a new budget to spend. Those people are insane and we need to fire them. It is a violation of the mobility rights protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights. You’re free to move as long as you have enough money. Not. Tolling every bridge would be grounds for lynching.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Finian’s Swan Song

This isn’t my Last Post but it is my Swan Song. Where I lay everything on the table. After all, what shall we die for Elizabeth? Apparently a scrawny weasel I used to do volunteer work with just gave my real id to some of my enemies. I am in the process of hunting him down.

We all face the consequences of our choices. Yes I put my kids at risk by doing this blog. However, the person that gave my id to my enemies also assumes moral liability for any harm that comes upon them. Especially when he repeatedly joked about harm coming to my children when he kept trying to expose my real name. For some reason he thinks I’m not going to come for him now. Like I said, he is insane.

I’m still going to cover the Joey Verma trial, the Johnny Newcome trial and the Dain Philips murder trial. Joey’s trial is going to be over much quicker than expected. The defense isn’t calling any witnesses and Joey’s not taking the stand so he doesn’t have to face cross examination.

I am going to pull back a bit and enjoy the time that I do have. After all each day is a gift from God. I don’t pretend to be religious. I most certainly believe in God as well as the atonement and the resurrection. I just don’t pretend to be righteous. I am just as flawed as anyone else. I just don’t sell crack or pimp crack hos. I’m really looking forward to the snow in the mountains this season.

Trolls claim the Hells Angels don’t sell drugs. Well if they didn’t, then I wouldn’t have a problem with them. They do so that creates a problem. The Hells Angels and the Dirty Flu have no right to harass the Iron Order. If the Aging Rebel or Belt Drive Betty can’t see that then shame on them.

Harper is still a raging lunatic. After selling our oil rights to Communist China now he’s selling our natural gas rights to Malaysia and he’s even smiling like an idiot as though giving up Canadian sovereignty is something to be proud of. The FIPA agreement is a complete violation of our democratic rights. When I was in Kelowna at the Harper protest I spoke with one local business owner who said they are convinced our political leaders are complete sociopaths. I have to agree.

Gregor Robertson is smoking crack. He went to a summit in New York City to share the lessons about Vancouver's successes. Is he kidding? What successes? Social housing? Rapid Transit? The DTES? BC transit loses over a billion dollars a year in that absurd regional gas tax. New York is a much bigger city than Vancouver. They have a lot more to teach us than we have to teach them. Ever heard of the New York model?

Gregor Robertson should visit the Deuce while he’s in New York. East 42nd Street Time Square. See how nice it is? That used to be like Main and Hastings. Crack dealers and drug violence around the clock. They cleaned it up through enforcement. They harassed the crack dealers not the crack addicts. That is the New York Model. I was there. I saw it. They didn’t do it with safe injection sites or by handing out free crack pipes.

The DTES is the biggest toilet in North America. That is one big failed social experiment. It’s time to try something new. The New York model works. When I came back from Ireland my father put an add in the Surrey Leader. It was a picture of me kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland with the caption Look out world, Here comes trouble.

I used to be known as Finian. My father gave me that name when I came back from Ireland. He sat me down and made me watch Finian’s Rainbow. T’was an eloquent legacy to bequeath a child so it was. He quoted the song Look to the Rainbow and said I was always the type of person that followed my dreams. Martin Luther King had a dream and so do I.

I have a dream that one day Vancouver will rise up and embrace the New York model and set the homeless free from the predatory drug dealers that enslave and exploit them. I have a dream today. If they shoot me for that, my blog will go Tupac. Word.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Sounds like it’s time from some TSO. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony represents death knocking on the door. Who knows, maybe this Christmas Eve in Surrey will be another Christmas Eve in Sarajevo just like the Christmas of Vancouver 1995 where a rat murdered a police informant and his wife and was given instructions to murder his co accused after they murdered the informant. No L and R for that puppet on a string.

I have always believed in the right to bear arms. Buyer Beware. Even in Canada you are allowed to use deadly force if someone uses deadly force against you .That’s how you know who got off of killing John Lahn. It was in self defense. I knew a man once who said, "Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back." Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly.

Drive-by Shooting on Marine Drive

Police are investigating a drive by shooting on Southeast Marine Drive today at 3:30 PM.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Montreal cop arrested for giving intel to the Hells Angels

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that “A recently retired Montreal police officer who had access to the highest levels of intelligence on gangs like the Hells Angels appeared in court Monday to face allegations he leaked information to the biker gang in exchange for money.”

The Sûreté du Québec announced the arrest of Benoît Roberge during a press conference this morning. Roberge retired from the force in August and is now working for Revenue Quebec. He was arrested on Saturday at his home on Montreal's South Shore while in the company of a member of the Hells Angels.

That is a dirty cop. One who gives information to the Hells Angels. It reminds us of Ken Houston and Rob Sidhu. Matt the rat Schrader was caught driving Rob Sidhu's car. Now Sidhu is on trial for that cross border drug ring tied to the Hells Angels and Rob Shannon. Winnipeg Hells Angel Ian Grant was in possession of a confidential police file.