Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Drug dealer beat his girlfriend

The Vancouver Province is reporting that “A drug dealer has been convicted of assaulting his Fort St. John girlfriend with a sawed-off shotgun, unlawfully confining her, pointing the weapon at her and threatening to kill her.”

Trevor Michael Doyle, 24, has a long list of outrageous assaults on his girlfriend. He punched her and battered her with the shotgun until her arms were black and blue. Her eyes were swollen and she could barely see. Seven days later he beat her again and hit her in the head and stomach with the but of the shotgun. The day after that he dropped her off at the hospital where it was confirmed she had two broken arms.

This once again shows the other side of gang life. The one the gangsters deny exists. When the honeymoon period is over and things go bad. Very bad. Like the case in Victoria, when a man beats a woman he is no longer a man. He's a coward with no self respect.

Scripturally we are taught that he who loves his wife loves himself. When a man beats his wife or girlfriend he is showing that he has a poor self image. Assaulting his girlfriend is self defeating. You can’t build a self image by tearing someone else’s down.

These cases give rise to Kerry Krysko’s book about her abusive relationship with a Hells Angel called Kerri On which has become a best seller. Now she has teamed up with Kathleen Patel.

Let's not forget that Don Lyons as well as Donnie McWhirter‏ both from the Hells Angels puppet club in Kelowna called the Independent Soldiers have both been charged with beating their ex girlfriends. Blaze copped a plea and plead guilty to a lesser charge of common assault. This problem is huge and it's not going to go away until we deal with it.

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