Thursday, October 3, 2013

Saskatoon murder tied to Terror Squad and Hells Angels

The StarPhoenix is reporting that Nicholas Clifford Giroux the man charged with murdering a young Saskatoon father in a North Battleford hotel room has ties to Saskatoon’s Terror Squad street gang. Who in turn work for the Hells Angels.

“Giroux, a Saskatoon resident, is a self-described founding member of the Terror Squad, the StarPhoenix reported when he was sentenced two years ago on a cocaine trafficking charge.” Gee, I wonder who he was selling cocaine for?

“Giroux also made his first court appearance Tuesday on two assault charges. He is charged with assaulting a woman in Saskatoon on Sept. 20, then assaulting the same woman again, this time allegedly with a hatchet, on Sept. 22, and threatening to kill her.” Another woman beater. Attacked a woman twice, once with a hatchet. Sounds like a Hells Angels prospect to me.

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  1. "Giroux was ordered to have no contact with the complainant in the assaults and to have no contact with six individuals in connection with the investigation into the murder charge."

    This makes it sound as if he is out on bail on the murder charge. Otherwise why would he be so ordered by the court, it would be a moot point if he was locked up, right?

    Threatening/beating a woman with a hatchet, then stabbing a guy to death. And he's out on bail?? Another WTF moment with the injustice system for sure.......


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