Sunday, August 31, 2014

Howe Sound Crest Trail

Yesterday I took Howe Sound crest trail from the parking lot on Cypress to St Mark's summit and both peaks on Unecessary mountain. The first picture is the view from St Mark's summit.

I was hoping to make it to the Lions as I've never done them from this route before. I've done them from Lions bay which they say is shorter but steeper. The beginning of the trail is well groomed and the first two switchbacks up St Mark's summit look just like the trail up Baker called the Heliotrope trail. However after the first two switchbacks the trail gets fairly rugged pretty fast. Lots of rocks and roots. They are working on improving the trail with bobcats but that's a big job so it is.

Just as I hit Unecessary mountain the fog started to roll in covering the lions. In this picture you can just barely see the tip of the west lion with the east lion being completely hidden by fog.

The wind was coming from the ocean so I thought luck was on my side and it would blow the fog away. In reality, withing two minutes the wind brought fog from the ocean and the entire panorama was zero visibility. This is a direct view of the Lions from the north peak of Unecessary mountain:

Not much to see but when the clouds aren't there it's spectacular. Turning to the left this is the view of Lions bay. Again when the clouds aren't the view is spectacular.

I finally found the trail down from Unecessary mountain to the back of the lions. It's a short steep descent but with the lions in sight you're almost there. If you see a rope anchored to the rocks you're on the right trail. Kinda like how they have a chain riveted to the rocks to help climb on Goat mountain and the back of the Chief.

I was somewhat disappointed to make it so close to the lions and have to turn back defeated. The lions are without question the crown jewel of Vancouver. As I was descending there were several groups that were determined to pass the Lions in their journey despite the fog. One group of backpackers were heading to Deeks lake while two groups of runners were going all the way to Porteau cove. That is a long way.

For me the Lions is the primary quest. If you go too early in the summer there's still lots of snow to cross. If you go mid summer in the heat, you'll need more water and since there is no fresh water en route you have to carry it which significantly adds to the load. Now is the best time of year to do them. Not too hot and the trail is bare of snow finally. Yet like always on the coastal mountains the visibility is hit and miss.

This is an old youtube video I made of the Bruce Cockburn song Wondering Where The Lions Are. It has pictures around Vancouver including a close up of the lions when I hiked them from Lions bay. Yesterday as I stood at their foot looking straight at them hidden in dense fog that song Wondering Where The Lions Are came to mind. Of course it's also metaphorical. Wondering where the lions are can also mean the lions of Judah willing to stand against crime and corruption in defense of civil liberty. But then again people say I'm too metaphorical. This is a picture of the Lions from Hollyburn ridge on Cypress. They are the crown jewel of Vancouver.

Friday, August 29, 2014

She was Not just a junkie

There are a few stories to catch up on and although I will mention them briefly I really want to focus on where this has all taken us. 37.5 kg of cocaine were seized at Toronto airport. 3.3 tons of cocaine bound for Belgium and Spain were seized just outside of Peru. We still haven't heard what happened to our local Hells Angels arrested in that 500 kilos of cocaine seized in Spain.

The Globe and Mail reported that the Canadian Medical Association said smoking anything is bad for you including pot. Kinda like I said. The weird thing is they had to vote on it. Since when did scientific evidence become popular opinion? If enough people voted to say smoking cigarettes was good for you would they have said so? The Vancouver Province also ran an article saying smoking pot while driving is a bad idea. No kidding. Yet my real concern is Eric Clapton's version of Cocaine. When you want to get down, down on the ground, cocaine.

Although I do think way too many people smoke way too much pot, I recognize that meth and crack are much worse. Selling drugs in clubs to people who can afford it really isn't any of my business. These predatory drug dealers that push crack on the homeless and live off the avails by giving prostitutes crack then collecting all their money to pay for it is predatory exploitation.

Which brings us back to the Prince George serial killer case. Personally I think the guy is indeed a pathological liar. There is no possible way the 15 year old legally blind girl he killed was killed for a drug debt. His claim that she committed suicide while he was on a date with her is absurd. Under cross examination the crown implied he made up the story about other people being involved so he wouldn't be labeled a sex offender in prison but it's too late for that. He is a sex offender. He admitted to having sex with the sex trade workers before he killed them and he had sex with the 15 year old girl before he killed her too so he definitely is a sex offender.

Even if his story about killing the sex trade workers for a drug debt was true, it doesn't change the fact that he murdered them. That is what the evidence clearly declares. The fundamental problem in this case is that this guy has absolutely no remorse whatsoever. That is sad.

It reminds me of the Britney Irving case. Britney was most certainly not a sex trade worker. She sold pot to support her oyx habit. After Joey Verma killed her and was trying to get another man to take the fall for him, he said "I had to do it. She was just a junkie anyways."

Britney was not a junkie. In the trial Britney's brother testified how he was concerned about the plan to go shoot guns in the bush during a drug deal while the buyers picked up the product stashed in their car. He said that sounded kinda strange since during a drug deal you're trying to be inconspicuous and not get caught. Britney reassured him that they could trust Joey and that everything would be OK.

She was sadly mistaken. She genuinely cared about Joey and he used her and literally shot her in the back. The expression on her face they showed in court when her dead body was found still haunts me. I'm not sure which was worse. The pain of being shot in the back with a shotgun slug or being betrayed by the person she trusted and cared about. The pain on her face was real.

The tragic part was her excitement about her decision to go into rehab to get off the oxy once and for all right before she was killed. Just like how Natasha Montgomery was ready to leave Prince George and return home to be with her family right before she was killed. Someone didn't want them to get clean. It's the if I can't have you no one can tragedy.

It's like the Dianne Rock and Vince McMurchy case. The court was told Vince sold crack and got her addicted to it. After she was addicted, then she became a sex trade worker to pay for the drug. When her beauty started to fade and she was no longer able to pay her debts she was killed just like Janice Shore and Ashley Machiskinic. The point is, these women became sex trade workers out of necessity after they became addicted to crack. They weren't sex trade workers or drug addicts before they met their dirty dealer. As I said before the drug dealers are the pimps outside the Front Room in Surrey and in the DTES. They are the predators we must confront.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

BC Teachers: Get back to work - Update

There is nothing more disgusting and infuriating that seeing BC Teachers on strike again holding signs that say think of the kids. Going on strike does not help the kids. Teacher's raises do not help the kids. If the government locks them out that is one thing but going on strike is another. You don't have to ratify a contract. There is no reason you can't vote down the contract, keep working and let the courts hash out the details of the contract. The Union can sign a memorandum with the employer agreeing that the old contract remains in effect until the new contract is ratified. Everybody knows the BC Liberals are corrupt. Everybody knows the BCTF is corrupt too. Now we know the teachers are selfish and greedy and don't give a rat's ass about the kids.

Never before have I had such an uncontrollable urge to yell out get back to work when I see a picket line. Never. I support free collective bargaining and the right to strike. However, education is an essential service. You only graduate once. You're only in grade eight once. You once play sports in that year once. Nothing replaces those lost memories. Nothing. Now when I see a teacher with a picket sign that says think of the kids I just want to scream out Shame! That's my position on the matter. Let the parents volunteer for the extra curricular activities and God help any selfish bastard that calls them a scab.

Update: Christy Clark's recent publicity stunt is yet another example of everything that's wrong with the BC Liberals. She sends out a press release saying she's asking the Teachers to call off their strike and the media reports that the Teachers rejected her offer to return to work. That in itself is ridiculous. If she wanted the teachers to return to work she makes them an offer at the table. I'm sure if she said they would obey the court order they have refused to obey that would have significant more impact in getting the teachers back to work. This conflict isn't a matter of being on the teachers side or being on the government's side. Both are wrong here.

A child's education is an essential service. The government can easily legislate the teachers back to work. It because ever so problematic when the government legislates them back to work after they have been found in contempt of a court order themselves. Often the federal government has in the past legislated Postal Workers back to work with legislated wage settlements. Education is much more of an essential service than the Post Office.

What the government isn't allowed to do, which is to my understanding reflected in the court order they are in contempt of, is legislate someone back to work and throw away their existing collective agreement. True, wages are considered part of a collective agreement but the rest of the contract they just can't throw out at will. That's what they did. So although the teachers are being greedy and selfish and are using the kids for their own personal gain, it is important to realize who really caused the problem and elect a new government next election. We also need to remember that Surrey MP Fassbender is the current Labour Minister at the seat of the conflict. Fire him.

Peter Fassbender rejects binding arbitration. Exactly. Fire him.

Tentative agreement reached. Thank God.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Prince George Serial killer claims he had accomplices

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "a young man accused of murdering three women and a teenage girl in northern British Columbia admits he was involved in two of the killings, but he told his trial Tuesday that he didn't act alone." Cody Legebokoff said three other people were also involved. He refused to provide their names, instead referring to them only as X, Y and Z.

Legebokoff described X as a drug dealer who introduced him to cocaine. He said he met X at a party and soon became a regular customer. He said X came in soon after and told them Stuchenko was going to be killed because she owed a lot of money. A prostitute murdered for a drug debt in Prince George. Imagine that. And who runs the drug trade in Prince George?

The Life and death of Jill Stuchenko

Update: Evidently one of the four women Cody has been accused of murdering is a 15 year old partially blind girl he met online. It is not believable that she too was killed for a drug debt. He was caught after dumping her body. Evidently this case has been going on for a long time and 93 witnesses were called. I'm going to have to go through some of their testimony as well.

One woman who claimed to have had a relationship with Cody testified that she knew one of the victims. She claimed that she and the victim were both prostitutes that did a lot of crack cocaine and crystal meth. Montgomery’s boyfriend, Brian Godwin, confirmed that she developed a serious drug problem around crack cocaine and the relationship broke up. Right before she died she was trying to leave Prince George and come home to her children.

Natasha Cynthia Maas' blood was found on a pickaxe in Legebokoff's Prince George apartment. Montgomery's blood was on an axe found leaning against a wall in a coat and boot closet near the apartment's entrance and was seen upon opening the closet door. Montgomery's blood was also found in Cody's apartment. There's lots of dna evidence. The three adult victims worked in the sex trade to pay for drugs. The fourth 15 year old victim did not.

These are however, some links to relevant information about sex trade workers that have been murdered for drug debts that Cody did not make up:

Prince George Torture Chambers (That was obviously an internal conflict because the Renegades, the Crew and the Independent Soldiers all work for the Hells Angels)

Diane Rock and Vince McMurchy

Larry Mizen and Janice Shore

Ashley Machiskinic

Anthony Terezakis and the American Hotel

Anthony Terezakis and Piggy's Palace

Mining company sues the Federal government

This is exactly what I'm talking about. This is exactly why these bizarre trade agreements have nothing to do with free trade and everything to do with removing our democratic system. The Vancouver Province is reporting that Taseko Mines is taking the Federal Government to court because it rejected it's application to create an open pit gold mine beside a lake over environmental concerns. WTF?

In Costa Ricca a Canadian mining company sued the the Costa Rican government over the canceled Las Crucitas gold mining concession. The concession was revoked in 2010 following environmental concerns and doubts about the concession’s legality. The corrupt company claimed that Costa Rica violated the Costa Rica-Canada Bilateral Investment Treaty when an Administrative Appeals Court revoked its mining concession in San Carlos, Alajuela, in 2010 and sued for a billion dollars in damages. The Costa Rican government was forced to let them continue their hazardous practices. These trade agreements remove our democratic sovereignty.

This time they aren't even going in front of one of these ridiculous closed door tribunals. They're going in front of the Supreme Court of Canada. Where and the hell is the jurisdiction to hear this application? The public elect a government, the government says no over environmental concerns and that's it. There is nothing more to discuss. The people had a protest and the government actually listened for once. Now a corrupt corporation wants to overturn the democratic will of the people. That is the problem right there. The court has absolutely no jurisdiction on this matter.

Innocent bystander shot dead in Calgary

The Globe and Mail is reporting that "a Toronto woman gunned down in Calgary early Saturday was an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time, police say. Natasha Mohamed Farah, 26, was killed in a shooting near 11th Ave. and 1st St. Southwest at about 3 a.m. Ms. Farah, who had just recently moved to Calgary, was pronounced dead at the scene."

CBC reported that "three people are in custody after being arrested at a hotel in the city's northwest, police said on Monday." The Calgary Sun is reporting that "she was killed only because she happened to be chatting with friends on the sidewalk, directly in the path of one badly-aimed bullet."

The Calgary Sun is reporting that "the man wanted in connection with a shooting in the Calgary community of Tuscany has been arrested in Ontario. Ulises Boris Quinteros, 51, was taken into custody early Monday morning in the lake city of Kenora, located 200 km east of Winnipeg. Quinteros is now charged with attempted murder, pointing a firearm and discharge of firearm with intent to wound, maim or disfigure. He is also charged with choking with intent and break and enter with the intent to harass." That shooting appears to be a second one that happened on sunday after a car crash where the victim survived.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chuck Zito places foot in mouth

TMZ is all over this. Chuck Zito, the former president of the New York Hells Angels gone actor said he would beat the crap out of his girlfriend if he ever caught her cheating. Oh really? Adultery is a pretty serious offense but beating the crap out of a woman? Really? After the sh*t hit the fan he came out with an apology and said in actuality he would go nuclear on any guy who attacks a woman. Oh really? So which is it? claims his apology was insincere and misguided.

In the youtube video Chuck was asked his opinion and the Hells Angels opinion of a mma fighter named war machine who beat up his girlfriend. He said it's got nothing to do with him or the Hells Angels. If my girl was banging somebody I'd be doing the same thing. His apology on youtrube does seem rather misguided. He just reaffirms what he previously said.

According to a police report MMA star War Machine 'threatened to rape ex-girlfriend as he brutally beat her and she only escaped because he went looking for a knife to kill her'. Somewhat ironic Chuck Ziito shows his and the Hells Angels true colours when it comes to domestic violence right after Kerri Krysko writes a book about her abusive marriage to a full patch Hells Angel.

What I'd like to know is since Zito was so casual and matter af fact about how he wouldn't hesitate to beat the crap out of his girlfriend if she ever cheated on him, what other offense would be worthy of a woman being beating by him and or the Hells Angels? What was the real offense that caused the Hells Angles to stab Cynthia Garcia 27 times and dump her body in the desert? Was she really being disrespectful to them or did she just say no to the train?

Speaking about trains, who did gang rape Dianne Rock on the Pickton farm anyways? Is it true the Hells Angles did security for Piggy's Palace? That's what Stevie Cameron said in her book On the Farm after the publication ban was finally lifted. She had access to all the court documents.

What other offenses could Chuck Zito's girlfriend commit that would cause him to beat the crap out of her other than cheating? Just for the record Christy Mack, War Machine's EX girlfriend didn't cheat on him. They broke up in May and he was stalking her. He showed up at her house at 2 AM Friday and assaulted her. Is Chuck Zito's girlfriend allowed to have another relationship after they break up or would that mean he'd pull a War Machine on her? Please advise.

The Hells Angels brand is sure becoming synonymous with domestic abuse. In fact, in Chuck Zito's own chapter back in New York, March 1978, the chapter president, Vincent (Big Vinnie) Girolamo was charged with throwing his girlfriend, Mary Ann Campbell, from the roof of the building to her death on the pavement below. He died while he was on bail before the case went to trial.

The police claimed the New York Hells Angels were bragging about the fact that Otis Garret ordered the murder of Margo Compton and her twin seven year old daughters for testifying against him is a prostitution trial. With Zito's casual attitude about beating his own girlfriend and the fact that Vinnie threw his girlfriend off the roof of the clubhouse to the cheers of the crowd sure makes the police's claim believable.

Women the Hells Angels have murdered (We can add Patti Grondalski and her five year old daughter Dallas to that list as well.) Rage Against the Machine. The Big Red Machine.

Christy Clark cuts Gang Task Force budget

Vancouver 24 hours is reporting that "Two provincially funded sections of the RCMP are being told they are in a budget deficit and have to cut $4.2 million from their operating budgets to get things back in line. The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit will see $2.8 million cut from its budget and this includes the elimination of Team 6 — the unit specializing in gathering intelligence and investigating outlaw motorcycle gangs, known as OMG."

Should we expect anything less from the most corrupt government in this province's history? Let's not forget that it was the BC Liberals that did away with the RCMP department that kept track of money laundering in casinos right after they issued a report about how bad it was in BC. Maybe the RCMP should play the BC Rail card again. You know, the charges relating to money laundering that were dropped after the province renewed their contract.

How many billion tax dollars a year does CSIS lose from it's spying on Canadians budget? Christy Clark says Hells Angels are OK. It's the civilans that have to worry about government surveillance. This is the exact opposite of the advice that former OPP undercover police officer Bob Deasey showed us in his book Being Uncle Charlie which explained some of the successes Ontario had with their BEU.

Drone hunting season now open in Vancouver

Evidently, Drone hunting season is now open in Vancouver. The Vancouver Province ran an article about someone in Vancouver spotting a peeping Tom drone outside his condo at night. CTV ran a video. That is illegal. It's not just the government spying on civilians. Now it's any idiot who wants to be a peeping Tom. Any Radioshack geek on the planet.

In Colorado they talked about issuing hunting licenses and offering rewards for every government drone shot down. Now the hunting season has now opened in Vancouver. Discharging firearms in the city might violate local bylaws but you can shoot them with paintball guns, throw string into their propellers of swat it out of the air with a stick if it comes within reach of your condo.

You can also take a picture of it and sue the company that rents them along with the BC Civil Liberties Union. The guys with the real estate drones claim they apply to Transport Canada every time they fly theirs. Somehow I don't think the hobbie drones do that.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Alex Caine: Angel Dust - Update

Alex Caine has just released his third book in his biker trilogy called Angel Dust: How the Outlaw Biker Gang Became a Criminal Empire. I wrote a chapter for him about the Vancouver Gang War but I don't know yet if it made the final cut. I understand that he mentions Margo Compton and another case about a little girl named Dallas Grondalski in it. Julian Sher also wrote about her in his book Angels of Death so no one can say he's making that up. This picture of him with Sonny Barger isn't photoshop either.

Dallas was the five year old daughter of Billy Grondalski who was a member of the Vallejo chapter of the Hells Angels. Gerald “Butch” Lester was president of that chapter and Charles Diaz was the Sergeant at Arms. The two murdered Billy and his entire family after they kicked him out of the club. Charles Diaz cut Dallas’s throat and Butch shot her. Then they burned down the house with all the bodies in it. That's part of the court record.

Update: OK I picked up a copy of the book at Chapters and it looks pretty good. The chapter I sent in on the Vancouver Gang War didn't make the final editing so here it in in pdf format. It needs to be updated since I sent it to him back when the blog only had 6 million hits. This month we just broke 12 million. There have been a few more convictions since then.

He does devote nine pages to my blog starting at page 230. It's a pretty good summery of what we've done and even concludes with a pretty good description of my basic philosophical beliefs citing Martin Luther King and Allan Watts. It brings me to the conclusion that I'm going to have to put together a book of my own expanding on what's been said and tying everything together. I want to talk about criminal organizations and civil liberty. The importance of confronting the one to preserve and protect the other.

The interesting thing about this book is that he has a chapter on the Vancouver Hells Angels involvement with the stock market.

Update: Interview on CTV - The Hells Angels are a “clear and present danger to our social fabric."

Monday, August 18, 2014

Judge Orders DOJ to Release Fast and Furious Documents

A blog reader sent in a link to a forum on Clean up ATF and I found a very interesting news article one of the forums linked to. Town Hall dot com is reporting that "the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has ruled a list of documents being withheld from Congress under President Obama's claim of executive privilege must be turned over."

Three cheers! I have always said that Fast and Furious is a bigger scandal than Watergagte. Nixon was not allowed to withhold those documents under executive privilege and Obama shouldn't be allowed either. Finally the matter was taken to court and the court agreed. It is highly unlikely he with ever honestly comply with that order but it is a good step nonetheless.

On the Clean up ATF forum they even have a thread entitled "Operation Fast & Furious, Operation Wide Receiver, Project Gunrunner, Operation Castaway, et al." It is important to remember that Operation Fast and Furious was a continuation of Operation Wide Receiver under the Bush Administration which perpetuated Mena Arkansas tied to the Clintons. Gary Webb was right.

Iran contra never stopped.

Cory Vallee arrested in Mexico

Kim Bolan from the Vancouver Sun is reporting that Cory Vallee has been arrested for real this time. He was picked up in Guadalajara on Wednesday. "He has been returned to B.C. to face two first-degree murder charges and is expected to make a first appearance in Vancouver provincial court on Monday."

CBC claims that "Cory "Frankie" Vallee is wanted in connection with the 2009 homicide of Kevin LeClair, the plot against the Bacon brothers, and the death of Jonathan Barber."

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Body found in New West

News 1130 is reporting that the entrance to sapperton landing park in #NewWest Park is taped off and that reports are coming in about a body being found. Global is confirming that "a man’s body has been found in New Westminster last night. On Saturday night, at approximately 6:45 p.m., a witness discovered the body on a river bank at the foot of Cumberland Street. They are treating the death as suspicious." CTV and the Vancouver Province are confirming the story.

180 ways to say Hells Angels

Well there might be 50 ways to leave your lover but according to the CFSU there are 180 ways to say Hells Angels. Earlier this month the Indo Canadian Voice ran an article quoting the CFSU claiming that there are 50 - 180 gangs in BC and asked which are the most dangerous. It's left me scratching my head wondering if we have made any progress at all in the past seven years.

In August 2011 Pat Fogarty told the Kelowna Daily courier that "There is no Wolf Pack. I don't know where people get that type of information. Probably the real truth is they were holidaying up there." He also claimed "The Hells Angels chapter has almost dismantled now. They don‘t even have club status any more. Our biggest fear here in our province is actually the ones that aren‘t named." Those two absurd statements caused me to ask which side was he on?

Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon weren't just on a holiday in Kelowna when they were shot. Larry was coming out of the closet with his and the clubs support and endorsement of the Bacon brothers which was really nothing new. He supported them at the Castle fun Park meeting before the Surrey Six. Only he played both sides and kept his support of the Swine Flu secret until the UN were mostly in jail.

Nevertheless, the Hells Angels are the biggest players on the field in BC. There is no question about that. They have a million different puppet clubs that keep changing their names as soon as they get a few convictions under their belt but they are the ones ultimately responsible for all of them.

Since Pat Fogarty was the head of the gang task force at the time, his insane comments forced us to ask which side was he on? It was hard to conceive that anyone in charge of the gang task force could possibly be that misinformed about gang activity in BC. After they got rid of him the gang task force busted the Kelowna Hells Angels for a large drug ring, a large stolen car ring and the murder of Daine Philips. Somehow I think Pat Fogarty was very wrong about the Kelowna Hells Angels being dismantled at that point.

So here we are once again reading about a leader from the CFSU either being misquoted or running interference for the Hells Angels in the media and I'm left shaking my head saying God help us. Let's review the obvious. When we hear names like the Hells Angels, the Red Scorpions, the Independent Soldiers and the GTS, they all mean the same thing. They're all on the same team. They all work for the Hells Angels. The IS and the RS used to be independent but the HAs took them over. That's all there is to it.

Even these new 856 idiots appear to be working for the Hells Angels now. The UN and the Dhurry Dhak Pack are the only independent gangs here now. Aside from the triads of course but they themselves have worked with the Hells Angels since the Loft Six shooting.

Back East they have the Outlaws and a few of their own puppet clubs like the Black Pistons. They aren't affiliated with the Hells Angels but they aren't in BC. Winnipeg has a new version of the Rock Machine after the Ontario Hells Angels shot their own guy from their own support club called LHS. Outside Edmonton and in Grand Prairie they have the Warlocks and the Rebels. Neither of them are HA puppets but neither of them are in BC either. The Rebels claim to be coming to Salmon arm but at the rate they are handing out free patches I don't see them lasting long.

It's bad enough when fat ass liars like Rickie C claim the Hells Angels are just a motorcycle club and aren't affiliated with all their own drug dealing puppets but when the media and the police make those same statements we have to ask ourselves which side are they on?

Although as soon as one HA puppet club gets busted three more are in line to take their place, people are finally begining to see through the Hells Angels now. No lie can live forever. All the betrayal and greed makes their promises of L&R a complete fallacy. Just ask Skellator where his allegiances are. When you remember Giles' first stolen motorcycle you can see it has always been that way.

Consequently, Larry Amero's friends don't have a long life expectancy. Randy Naicker, Jonathon Bacon, Jeremy Bettan. They're all dead. Even James Riach the little freaking gingerbread man is running for his life.

I submit that there are 50 ways to leave your puppet club. Just drop off the key Lee and set yourself free. First, don't get a gang tattoo. The way all these puppet clubs change their forever names it's about as stupid as getting a girls name tattooed on your arm. If you have one, cover that sh*t up. Having a new tattoo put over an old one is pretty easy these days.

The most important thing to remember when leaving the life is that you don't have to become a police informant to leave. A lot of hitmen for the Hells Angels do end up becoming informants because the Hells Angels always betray them and put hits on them to hide the HA connection to their murders. Just like the Vancouver Christmas in 1995. They told the guy to kill his co accused right after they killed the informant. No L&R there.

Yet as Kerri Krysko claims, to leave the life you don't have to testify. You just leave. That's your best chance at starting a new life. I don't know about you but a puppet's life is not for me. A poor man is better than a liar and puppets don't live very long before they are disposed of and replaced. As TI said, just live your life. No one wants to be a puppet or a G any more. Now everyone wants to be a soulja. Let the Ghetto gospel go forward into very hood possible. Word.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Expendables 3

Expendables 3 kicks it. Young blood standing shoulder to shoulder with old school. Now that's what I'm talking about. Young man take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you were. Good and evil. Right and wrong. Everyone has a conscience. Embrace it. Spend time with your kids when they are young. Their childhood will quickly vanish and be gone forever. Word.

Remembering Fukushima

This environmental disaster with Imperial Metals has me wondering about Fukushima. News1130 reported that "a Victoria-based scientist is set to lead a new radioactive monitoring network on BC’s coast. This follows ongoing concern about our waters after a massive earthquake in Japan set off the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan three years ago. Hundreds of tons of radioactive material were pumped into the Pacific Ocean as a result of those meltdowns, prompting many here to stop eating fish and sushi."

Better late than never. My primary question is has the leak stopped yet? The cover up on the magnitude of that leak has been absurd. The meltdown in the Fukushima nuclear reactor happened in 2011. Yet years later it was still leaking radioactive water into the Pacific ocean. They figured pumping it into the ocean was safer than containing it all in one space. The needed to keep the reactor cool to prevent it from overheating and having a complete meltdown.

May 2014 they finally found the source of the leak. To me that implies it's still leaking. reported that "The source of the radioactive leak at the earthquake-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was finally identified by the facility’s operator TEPCO to be in the primary containment vessel of reactor 3, authorities reported."

October 2013 Global Research reported that Water contaminated with radiation is flowing out into the Pacific Ocean from a harbor at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant despite assurances from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that it has been “completely blocked.” October 2013 Global Research also reported that Fukushima continues to leak, and leak at ever increasing rates and the latest prediction is that this contamination will continue until 2015, at the earliest.

"Before engineers can start decommissioning reactors 1, 2 and 3, which suffered meltdowns, they have to deal with the leakage. The coolant water comes out the other end mixed with radioactive waste. While it is possible to remove the radioactive fuel at this time, TEPCO wants to first plug the leak and fill up the space with more water as an additional measure against radiation."

August 2013 the National Geographic reported that "the government now says it is clear that 300 tons (71,895 gallons/272,152 liters) are pouring into the sea each day, enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool every eight days" and that it has likely been leaking ever since the disaster May 2011.

It's a bit confusing because the water leakage of itself doesn't mean it's being pumped into the Pasific ocean. Yet May 2014 reported that The news comes just as the facility’s operator has ensured that the groundwater leakage issue (another problem) can also be solved by simply letting the water leak into the Pacific, instead of the cumbersome process of finding ways to store it, or block it from seeping into the ocean. The operation might take place by Wednesday.

May 2014 TEPCO was in talks with local authorities about releasing the groundwater. About 560 tons is to be released in the first round, which will only take about two hours, according to an official with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. But the water buildup continues, and the short-term storage tanks that TEPCO has been relying on in the past are no longer a solution, so the operator is to set up a bypass system to prevent further buildup of the other, highly radioactive groundwater.

560 tons of radioactive water to be released in the first round. How many rounds are there? Just like with Imperial Metals tailing ponds storing the water is not a sustainable solution. Neither is dumping it into our water ways. "They" claim everything is OK because the presence of strontium-90 and cesium-134 and -137 was way below the health hazard threshold. Yeah well just who are they? The Japan Atomic Energy Agency and the Japan Chemical Analysis Center. They say it's OK so it must be. Not.

Meanwhile, last month News1130 reported that Judicial panel says utility’s former execs deserve criminal charges in Fukushima nuke crisis. Hiroyuki Kawai, a lawyer representing the plaintiffs, said “It is outrageous that nobody has faced criminal responsibility in the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident that has caused tremendous and serious damage.”

Yet last month News1130 also reported that Japanese nuclear plant clears major safety hurdle, may be first to restart in fall despite local protests. Nuclear power is bad. Very bad. It is not sustainable. The waste it produces just isn't worth it. Hydro electric is much cleaner.

National Geographic: Fukushima's Radioactive Water Leak

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Son charged in father's murder

Turns out the scan BC report of a shooting at 14000 60 Ave was the same shooting that was reported in Newton not an additional one. 60th Ave and 141st street is technically Newton but it's nowhere near all the public drug dealing everyone has been complaining about. The Vancouver Province is reporting that Son charged with second-degree murder in death of his father. Initial reports claimed they both lived in the same house. A son shooting his father is messed up.

Previously it was reported: BC Local News stated "one man is dead and another in custody after a shooting in Newton today. Apparently there was a dispute within the residence. The Vancouver Sun is reporting that one Newton resident admits "There's been a lot of talk about illegal drugs, selling and buying, going on in the area." Yeah, that's what we've been saying. Thanks for nothing Dianne Watts and Bill (Transfer) Fordy. Lets get Doug McCallum back to clean up their mess.

The big news of course is the fact that one one Ken Leblanc's fraud associates from Calgary was gunned down in Vancouver and the Crown counsel that let the Chilliwack shooter off for murder so he could re offend was directly involved in that bizarre case of abused cows on a local dairy farm.

Chilliwack shooting suspect: Arrest Warrant Issued

Everyone's pretty choked that Aaron Douglas, the Chilliwack shooting suspect police have issued an arrest warrant for the double shooting in Chilliwack was out on bail for attempted murder. He was charged with attempted murder for shooting Jeff Karpes twice close range to the chest. How he made bail when Karpes saw him and was an eye witness is astounding. No doubt the Aldergrove judicial Review board will once again concur, judges are the problem. The third victim in that shooting, Penny White, appears to be hanging on. Aaron Douglas has also been accused of murdering Deano Paus the person in the photo on the left beside Aaron.

Evidently Aaron wasn't on bail, the murder charges were dropped. Two days after shooting victim Jeff Karpes testified in court, Crown Counsel took a guilty plea from Douglas on one weapons charge and stayed the attempted murder charge. This was a crown counsel screw up. Just like the Jamie Keheo and the Kyle Yellowbird cases. Absolutely shameful.

Update: As one blog reader has pointed out, Lori Stevens, the crown prosecutor who dropped the attempted murder charges against Aaron Douglas so he could reoffend and possibly murder two more people was directly involved in that bizarre case of animal abuse on a dairy farm in Chilliwack. She was disciplined by the Law Society as a lawyer for her role in that abusive farm.

OK so that's one misconduct but what about the other? What about her letting someone off for attempted murder when the witness who he shot testified in court? What about that misconduct? It likely resulted in the murder of two other people and seriously injuring a third. Clearly that was another case of serious misconduct.

This case has definitely opened Pandora's box. Normally it's pretty hard for the public to have a say when the crown makes a serious mistake in plea bargaining and letting someone off with murder. It's hard for the public to have a say because they aren't privy to the evidence. We don't know what the evidence is so it's hard for us to say they're wrong and the case should have proceeded when they instead let them off. This case opens that door wide open and forces us to also ask about the Jamie Kehoe case and the Kyle Yellowbird case. More importantly we need to ask who were the crown prosecutors on those cases?

In Lori Stevens case it is clear she made a huge screw up on the farm. She admitted her role in that. Which leads us to the overdue Epiphany that lawyers and judges are human and can make mistakes. They can also be guilty of misconduct. That is why they have to be publicly accountable. This whole fallacy of "I'm learned in the law and you're not so the public has no right to criticize me" has to go. The public pay your wages and elect the governments that create the laws the courts are paid to uphold. The public must have a say about court misconduct. Natural justice cries out for it.

Again that brings us back to the Jamie Kehoe case and the Kyle Yellowbird case. The suspects in those cases need to be charged and the crown counsel that let them off need to be fired. That's all there is to it. If Lori Stevens isn't fired then there is no justice in crown prosecution.

Calgary Gang Associate killed in BC

I have a source that claims a Calgary gang associate named Jahan Meshkati was killed in BC Sunday night. Off hand I'm aware of two murders Sunday night. A shooting in Burnaby and a stabbing in Whiterock. Since the Vancouver Province is reporting that the Burnaby shooting was of an Alberta gang associate known to the police, that's most likely the one. Jahan Meshkati has a long history of criminal activity and ripping people off.

The Vancouver Province has now confirmed that is the correct name.

Evidently Jahan Meshkati was an associate of Ken Leblanc and Ali El-Sayed in Calgary. Ali is in jail for mortgage fraud. Ken was charged with extortion tied to a scam ran by Hells Angels associate Anthony Pittarelli. Evidently Jahan was protected by Ken in Calgary but that didn't fly in Vancouver. Fraud doesn't fly here. They'll shoot your ass for that. Calgary Hells Angels were charged with receiving stolen cars revinned for the Kelowna Hells Angels. Even in Surrey everyone thinks people who steal cars are rats. Fraud is even worse.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Imperial Metals faces the wrong class action

Talk about boiling frogs. This next one is the prime example of how totally screwed up the world is. The Vancouver Province is reporting that "not only does Imperial Metals face a mammoth cleanup bill for its Mt. Polley mine disaster, now it faces a potential lawsuit from its own shareholders."

"The law firm of Siskinds LLP has announced the start of an investor class-action suit after share prices plunged 40 per cent following the devastating tailings-pond failure on Aug. 4. 'The action is brought to recover losses suffered by persons who acquired common shares or notes of Imperial between Aug. 15, 2011 and Aug. 4, 2014,' the legal firm said."

That is astounding. This isn't a lawsuit from the residents and businesses adversely affected by their toxic spill. That needs to happen just like in any car accident. These are the freaking shareholders who are partly to blame for the criminal negligence. This is unprecedented. They're freaking suing because the stock dropped. That's what happens when you invest in the stock market. They certainly wouldn't be suing if the stock went up.

No one complained at the shareholder's meeting when the firm announced it's rapid expansion beyond it's means of cleaning up after itself. The shareholders drove the mine's recklessness with their greed. They are culpable for the damages incurred by the residents and businesses in the area. Sounds like they didn't have enough insurance either. The mine is legally liable for damages incurred by the Province not the shareholders.

Neskonlith Indian Band hands Imperial Metals eviction notice

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Drug Bust in Colwood and Prince George

The Times Colonist is reporting that "Five men were arrested Friday at a home on Heatherly Road in Colwood (On Vancouver Island). Officers from the West Shore RCMP and the Regional Crime Unit searched the home on a warrant. Police seized body armour, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and GHB, which is also known as the date-rape drug. One man, a resident of the home, remains in custody. The others were released.

Earlier this month police made a similar bust in Colwood and Langford which was tied to the Red Scorpions who work for the Hells Angels.

June of last year Police arrested a 37-year-old Langford man and a 27-year-old Saanich man inj what they refered to at the time as top level drug dealers. February of this year police confirmed out source was correct and that the names of those two arrested were Ziggy Matheson and Ali Ziaee. Ali’s father was convicted of money laundering in Florida.

Prince George

The Prince George Citizen is reporting that Prince George RCMP seized a stash of drugs and arrested one man at a suspected drug house Wednesday evening. A search of the home in the 400 block of Patterson Street South revealed a stash of crack cocaine, powder cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and GHB, estimated to be worth several thousand dollars on the street. Michael Francis Willier, 35, was arrested without incident at the scene and made his first court appearance on Friday morning.

We know that the Hells Angels also control the drug trade in Prince George as well. Ever since they murdered Billy Moore for sponsoring a police informant that got them busted until they murdered Joey Arrance and his girlfriend's wheelchair bond mother after they burned her house down. The Hells Angels controlled the Crew, the Renegades, the Independent Soldiers and the GTS. The Hells Angels controlled them all.

Surrey shooting

Global is reporting that "Surrey RCMP are investigating a targeted gunfire attack that happened early this morning. According to authorities, at least one shot was fired at a house on 138th Street, near 105A Avenue at approximately 3:15 a.m. Investigators say they believe a “long-barreled” weapon was used — leaving a large hole in the window of the home. At least one person was in the property when the shot was fired. He wasn’t hurt and is cooperating with police – who say he is not known to them."

It looks like someone threw a rock through he window. A rifle would have made a smaller hole. A shotgun would have had to have been awfully close to make that small of a hole. If they were at the street the buckshot would have scattered. It might have been a shotgun slug. That would fit the bill. The house is three blocks over from the Front room and one block over from Shakerz.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Imperial Metals Update: Stop the Lies

When a corporation like Imperial Metals lies in court, that is called perjury. When they lie to the media they call it good business. B.C. gov warns against drinking water in path of tailings pond spill. “Boiling will not help,” the government said in an update Thursday. Boiling the water will not help because it's not a parasite or a germ, it's a metal. Boiling water will not get the lead out. Or the arsenic. Or the mercury. Eating fish filled with mercury will poison you. This is a tributary to the Fraser river in a salmon spawning ground. The water is not drinkable. This much mercury will poison a 20 acre lake. Sue them in court.

As soon as the dam broke, the first two lies were instantaneous. They were implemented with the malicious intent to minimize the extent of the damages and evade legal liability with regards to criminal negligence. The first bold faced lie was from Imperial Metals president Brian Kynoch. "If you asked me two weeks ago if this could have happened, I would have said it couldn't." We have two witnesses and a documented environmental report that proves that was a bold faced lie. "This is a gut-wrenching experience, I can assure you it is for me," he responded. "I don't know why it happened." That was the first lie.

The second lie was like unto it. Imperial Metals president Brian Kynoch said "It's very close to drinking water quality, the water in our tailings," he said. "There's almost everything in it but at low levels.... No mercury, very low arsenic and very low other metals." That is simply untrue. The water in the tailing pools was full of lead, arsenic and mercury. That is why they were held in a tailing pond and not released into the waterways.

A summary of material dumped into the tailings pond filed last year with Environment Canada listed 326 tonnes of nickel, over 400,000 kilograms of arsenic, 177,000 kilograms of lead and 18,400 tonnes of copper and its compounds. According to preliminary data from Environment Canada’s 2013 National Pollutant Release Inventory, the Mount Polley mine disposed of 406,122 kilograms of arsenic in 2013, 177,041 kg of lead and 3,114 kg of mercury. “Mercury, lead and arsenic are just three of the substances found within the pond,” adds Louis “The environmental impact on the river systems and surrounding land will not be truly felt for some time.”

Gerald MacBurney, a foreman at the dam for seven years before he recently quit, said the dam was breached last May and that weakened the whole system. Yet the criminal negligence began long before that. Imperial Metals president Brian Kynoch lied and said that never happened when clearly it did. Kynoch said the dam had never before failed, although there had been some overflow into the Hazeltine Creek in May. That's the point. Toxic water leaked out of the tailing pond before.

Bev Sellers, chief of the Xatsull First Nation, said warnings in a 2011 environmental report about the pond, commissioned by her band, the Williams Lake First Nation and Imperial Metals Corp., were not heeded by the company. Ex-engineers also warned tailings pond was getting large. A wastewater treatment process should have been put in.

An environmental consulting firm says it first raised concerns in 2011 about the Mount Polley mine. Brian Olding, president of Brian lding & Associates, said his company was hired three years ago to review and evaluate a report produced by Imperial Metals. The report was seeking permission from the B.C. Ministry of Environment to dispose of water from the mine's tailings pond into the nearby Hazeltine Creek. This time the company was trying to shift the blame to the BC Government for not giving them permits to release small amounts of toxic water into the waterways. The point is, the water has to be treated first before that can happen. It's not the BC Government's fault the company refused to treat the water first.

Instead of following the recommendations of the environmental report, the recklessness continued filling it with more water. Instead of treating the water they spent their available cash on hand on a new site at the Red Chris mine south of Dease Lake to continue the reckless practice of mining beyond their means. Instead of treating the water they just kept building bigger and bigger tailing ponds. Just like with the oil sands water. Those tailing ponds are leaking too. Putting a tar sands tailing pool right beside a river is irresponsible.

The solution is simple

The solution is simple. Imperial Metals must cease and desist mining until they start treating the toxic water they create. It's that simple. Most of the toxins can be removed by distilling the water. Yet even that won't get rid of the mercury but Reverse Osmosis will and that's too costly and time consuming so instead of that they spend a few dollars bribing politicians and First Nation Bands to give them permission to mine recklessly.

Sue them

The people of British Columbia need to join a class action law suit suing Imperial Metals for damages and for criminal negligence. A cease and desist order needs to be produced on their mines until they start treating the toxic water they create instead of just putting it in a tailing pond with the hope that the BC Government will let them release small amounts of toxic untreated water into the water ways. This class action must be separate from and in addition to any class action from the First Nations communities that agreed to the mine. We the people who live and reside in British Columbia have an equal claim in the courts for damages and an equal right to a cease and desist order. This class action needs to comprise the residents of BC as well as the commercial fishermen of BC and everyone else who has been adversely affected by this spill which pretty much includes everyone. As tax payers we are in essence shareholders in the province.

Trade agreements that destroy sustainability

This environmental disaster is a wake up call on another front. These insane trade agreements that have nothing to do with free trade and everything to do with removing our civil liberty. First it started off with NAFTA Chapter 11 compensation awards where corporations can sure governments for creating laws that inhibit their ability to make a profit. One of the many absurd examples in NAFTA chapter 11 was how a company successfully sued the government for banning them from dumping (PCP) toxic waste. That absurd award has absolutely nothing to do with free trade and building the economy. It has everything to do with crippling the economy and removing democracy.

Then Gordon Campbell's corupt BC Rail Liberals came up with TILMA. Another insane trade agreement that makes it illegal for any level of government to make a law that would inhibit a corporation's ability to make a profit. For example, under TILMA, Imperial Metals can sue the BC Government if they stop them from operating because of their recklessness. That closed door agreement has removed our democratic system. Now they have expanded it and called it the New West Partnership Trade Agreement. Again it has nothing to do with free trade. It lets corporations destroy the environment at will. That agreement is in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and needs to be challenged in the courts because they keep on doing it and expanding it.

Stephen Harper has the same thing with Communist China under FIPA. It's not about free trade it's about letting corporations remove our rights. This is reckless irresponsibility. Sustainable mining is not a eco terrorist term. It is good business. Preston Manning said being good stewards of the environment is the same as being fiscally irresponsible. We avoid debt so our children don't become in bondage to it. We protect the environment so our children have an economy to thrive in after we are dead and gone. Stephen Harper is falling. Finish him. Our civil liberty is at stake.

It's not that we're opposed to business. Everyone wants jobs. Everyone wants a thriving economy. Everyone supports business. We support sustainable business. Canadian mining companies have a horrible reputation in Columbia and around the world for being reckless and irresponsible. This needs to stop. As investors and consumers we can do better. Remember the Alberta Wheat Pool by second Narrows bridge? Selling China wheat instead of coal is good business. Wheat doesn't damage the environment. That is progressive.

In Washington State, Canadian mining giant Teck Resources Ltd. has admitted in a U.S. court that effluent from its smelter in southeast British Columbia has polluted the Columbia River in Washington for more than a century. A Washington state woman filed a class-action lawsuit against Teck Resources (TSX:TCK.B), claiming toxic pollutants from the company’s smelter in southeastern British Columbia are to blame for her breast cancer diagnosis and other health ailments. A Washington state judge ruled the Canadian company is liable for the cost of cleaning up the contamination of the river south of the border. It's not just the cost of clean up, it's legal damages. Canadian Smelter Spills 25,000 Liters of Chemical Solution into the Columbia River.

In Costa Ricca a Canadian mining company sued the the Costa Rican government over the canceled Las Crucitas gold mining concession. The concession was revoked in 2010 following environmental concerns and doubts about the concession’s legality. The corupt company claimed that Costa Rica violated the Costa Rica-Canada Bilateral Investment Treaty when an Administrative Appeals Court revoked its mining concession in San Carlos, Alajuela, in 2010 and sued for a billion dollars in damages. The Costa Rican government was forced to let them continue their hazardous practices. These trade agreements remove our democratic sovereignty.

Colombian town forcibly relocated due to air contamination from open-pit coal mining. So why are we shipping coal through our ports in Surrey? Just like asbestos. That is not progressive. Natural gas is much cleaner burning than coal.

Threat of Mercury Poisoning Rises With Gold Mining Boom. So now we have our military protecting reckless mining companies helping them destroy the environment in other countries around the world. These are dark days so they are. The corporation is corrupt. Corporate Communism is the biggest current threat to our civil liberty known to man.

This is how criminals perpetuate fraud. First they form a corporation. In fact they form many corporations or shell companies to hide their tracks and shield themselves from legal liability. If you file for personal bankruptcy that stays on your file for seven years. Not if you create a corporation that goes bankrupt after committing fraud. That's why the same criminals get away with doing the same thing over and over again.

Major Imperial Metals shareholder held private fundraiser for Clark

New Sponge-like Material Can Remove Mercury From Water

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Two dead in Chilliwack shooting

1130 News is reporting that "two people are dead after an early morning shooting in Chilliwack. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has confirmed three people were shot at a home on Gore Avenue. Two died while a third was taken to the hospital." Everyone's pretty much reporting the same thing now. No names or details yet. CBC posted a local map. Drug related crime has risen in Chilliwack lately and Stefan (Harjit) Singh Kondolay was shot dead in Chilliwack last month.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Environmental disaster at Mount Polley Mine

This is why residents of British Columbia do not trust Oil companies like Enbridge or mining companies like Imperial Metals. They don't give a flying f*uck about the environment. They only care about cutting corners and censoring the media.

Global is reporting that a breach of the tailings pond on Mount Polley Mine sent five million cubic metres of toxic waste into Hazeltine Creek, Quesnel Lake and Polley Lake, with fears it could spread far and wide in the coming days. That's an amount of water equivalent to about 2,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Local residents are calling it an environmental disaster. These are tributaries to the Fraser River. Everything is f*cked.

The waterways affected by the ban, which earlier included Quesnel Lake, Polley Lake, Hazeltine Creek and Cariboo Creek, now also include the entire Quesnel and Cariboo river systems right up to the salmon-bearing Fraser River. I've got a lot more to say about this but am too upset to talk.

The devastation up the lake is unbelievable

Mount Polley mine tailings breach is a wake-up call

Imperial Metals are the lunatics that want to blow up Catface mountain and turn it into an open pit mine. They want to blow the top off a pristine mountain in a protected biosphere and let all the mess and toxic metals fill the Claquot sound. Investors do not invest in Imperial Metals. They are a bad investment. Their reckless greed is shameful. Boycott them.

Criminal Negligence

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Gerald MacBurney, a foreman at the dam for seven years before he recently quit, said the dam was breached last May and that weakened the whole system. Yet the criminal negligence began long before that.

Company 'basically ignored' dangers

Concerns raised in a report three years before

Consulting firm says it raised concerns over B.C. mine in 2011

Cariboo Regional District declares state of emergency

Interview with Gerald MacBurney‏

Laila Yuile has pointed out that Imperial Metals donates to both political parties making them legally liable as well.

Gerald MacBurney on Global. The company says the dam’s failure has been stabilized, although it has not stopped, and the cause of the breach is still not known.

Rafe Mair de-regulation doesn’t work

Speaking of environmental disasters, what's going on at Fukishima? Have they stopped the leak yet? That is something the public needs to know.

Imperial Metals Update: Stop the Lies