Monday, August 4, 2014

Drug Overdose at Boonstock Music Festival

News 1130 is reporting that 37 people have been taken to Penticton Regional Hospital in the last day, becoming sick while attending the Boonstock Music Festival. 80 people have been treated over the course of the weekend, and a woman in her 20′s from Alberta died Friday night from a suspected overdose. Grace Kucey with the Interior Health Authority says most ailments are drug or alcohol related, made worse when combined with the intense heat.

CTV is confirming that A 24-year-old Alberta woman died of a suspected drug overdose at Boonstock music festival in Penticton, B.C. this weekend. Local RCMP said at the time of the woman’s death that another 12 people had been treated for drug overdoses at Boonstock festival, and that two people were hospitalized and in critical condition.

That's a lot of drug overdoses. I doubt that many people would be doing heroin at a music festival. We need to come clean about what type of drug it is and talk about the likelihood of some bad drugs being out there. Police have ruled out foul play in the suspicious death at the Pemberton Music festival but the cause of death has not yet been determined.

Update: As BF has pointed out there was 15 drug overdoses and two fatalities at a music concert in Toronto this week end as well. When they make reference to the party drug it sounds like they are referring to extacy (MDMA). Only since no one can get the real sassafras oil to make extacy anymore they find a substitute and make something else called PMMA or BZP that is way more toxic resulting in way more fatalities. Consumers need to realize that when they buy extacy now it's not extacy it's something else. That many overdoses is a concern for everyone.


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  2. Out of 15 overdoses two have died. that's serous. they said it was a party drug which implies fake extacy not heroin. Toronto police say People are saying it could be MDMA, it could be ecstasy, it could be GHB. We need to find out which. It sounds much more like it could be the fake ecstasy (MDMA) since it's not the same product now that it's made without sassafras oil. that means it's not MDMA it's substitute called BZP or PMMA and can kill you. People need to know that because there are a huge number of overdoses and fatalities with that stuff.

  3. Foolish to think you can't get real m these days. Ridiculous even. However you are correct about sketchy dealers and chemists using things like pins, aka PMMA, as a cheap substitute or buff. Anyone with a brain doing these drugs should always have test kits handy. These save lives. It's the events that promote awareness and have booths set up for drug info and test kits that are the safest. Simply saying don't do drugs is reckless and we know that.

  4. Impurities in drugs cause more problems than the drugs themselves.


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