Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Calgary Gang Associate killed in BC

I have a source that claims a Calgary gang associate named Jahan Meshkati was killed in BC Sunday night. Off hand I'm aware of two murders Sunday night. A shooting in Burnaby and a stabbing in Whiterock. Since the Vancouver Province is reporting that the Burnaby shooting was of an Alberta gang associate known to the police, that's most likely the one. Jahan Meshkati has a long history of criminal activity and ripping people off.

The Vancouver Province has now confirmed that is the correct name.

Evidently Jahan Meshkati was an associate of Ken Leblanc and Ali El-Sayed in Calgary. Ali is in jail for mortgage fraud. Ken was charged with extortion tied to a scam ran by Hells Angels associate Anthony Pittarelli. Evidently Jahan was protected by Ken in Calgary but that didn't fly in Vancouver. Fraud doesn't fly here. They'll shoot your ass for that. Calgary Hells Angels were charged with receiving stolen cars revinned for the Kelowna Hells Angels. Even in Surrey everyone thinks people who steal cars are rats. Fraud is even worse.


  1. What will really be telling is who is in attendance at his funeral.

  2. Not necessarily. The HAs could have just as easily done in their own guy again.

  3. Of course they could have. It happens way more than any of them would want to have exposed.

    If they did, they will not waste their time in going to his funeral.

  4. Normally, but that's just it. Sometimes the Hells Angels have even shown up at funerals they are the prime suspects in just to pretend they didn't do it. It's rather bizarre actually.

  5. Ripped off in scams by jahan and Ali guess was lots of people still paying back banks pay back sucks take that how u want


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