Friday, August 29, 2014

She was Not just a junkie

There are a few stories to catch up on and although I will mention them briefly I really want to focus on where this has all taken us. 37.5 kg of cocaine were seized at Toronto airport. 3.3 tons of cocaine bound for Belgium and Spain were seized just outside of Peru. We still haven't heard what happened to our local Hells Angels arrested in that 500 kilos of cocaine seized in Spain.

The Globe and Mail reported that the Canadian Medical Association said smoking anything is bad for you including pot. Kinda like I said. The weird thing is they had to vote on it. Since when did scientific evidence become popular opinion? If enough people voted to say smoking cigarettes was good for you would they have said so? The Vancouver Province also ran an article saying smoking pot while driving is a bad idea. No kidding. Yet my real concern is Eric Clapton's version of Cocaine. When you want to get down, down on the ground, cocaine.

Although I do think way too many people smoke way too much pot, I recognize that meth and crack are much worse. Selling drugs in clubs to people who can afford it really isn't any of my business. These predatory drug dealers that push crack on the homeless and live off the avails by giving prostitutes crack then collecting all their money to pay for it is predatory exploitation.

Which brings us back to the Prince George serial killer case. Personally I think the guy is indeed a pathological liar. There is no possible way the 15 year old legally blind girl he killed was killed for a drug debt. His claim that she committed suicide while he was on a date with her is absurd. Under cross examination the crown implied he made up the story about other people being involved so he wouldn't be labeled a sex offender in prison but it's too late for that. He is a sex offender. He admitted to having sex with the sex trade workers before he killed them and he had sex with the 15 year old girl before he killed her too so he definitely is a sex offender.

Even if his story about killing the sex trade workers for a drug debt was true, it doesn't change the fact that he murdered them. That is what the evidence clearly declares. The fundamental problem in this case is that this guy has absolutely no remorse whatsoever. That is sad.

It reminds me of the Britney Irving case. Britney was most certainly not a sex trade worker. She sold pot to support her oyx habit. After Joey Verma killed her and was trying to get another man to take the fall for him, he said "I had to do it. She was just a junkie anyways."

Britney was not a junkie. In the trial Britney's brother testified how he was concerned about the plan to go shoot guns in the bush during a drug deal while the buyers picked up the product stashed in their car. He said that sounded kinda strange since during a drug deal you're trying to be inconspicuous and not get caught. Britney reassured him that they could trust Joey and that everything would be OK.

She was sadly mistaken. She genuinely cared about Joey and he used her and literally shot her in the back. The expression on her face they showed in court when her dead body was found still haunts me. I'm not sure which was worse. The pain of being shot in the back with a shotgun slug or being betrayed by the person she trusted and cared about. The pain on her face was real.

The tragic part was her excitement about her decision to go into rehab to get off the oxy once and for all right before she was killed. Just like how Natasha Montgomery was ready to leave Prince George and return home to be with her family right before she was killed. Someone didn't want them to get clean. It's the if I can't have you no one can tragedy.

It's like the Dianne Rock and Vince McMurchy case. The court was told Vince sold crack and got her addicted to it. After she was addicted, then she became a sex trade worker to pay for the drug. When her beauty started to fade and she was no longer able to pay her debts she was killed just like Janice Shore and Ashley Machiskinic. The point is, these women became sex trade workers out of necessity after they became addicted to crack. They weren't sex trade workers or drug addicts before they met their dirty dealer. As I said before the drug dealers are the pimps outside the Front Room in Surrey and in the DTES. They are the predators we must confront.


  1. Just for the sake of discussion, what exactly does one do after one confronts a predator? I mean, you go find the predator, you get their attention, now what?

    I'm not picking on you, just that society needs to reconsider how we deal with such folks because it's pretty obvious that what we are doing doesn't work. Arrest/jail is just a temporary inconvenience on the road of life they've chosen. The "cost" of doing business, a cost their victims pay for with ruined lives and death.

    The ugly truth is, society DGAF. If it did, it would not continue to address the problem with measures that have been proven daily not to work.

    1. I don't know if I can agree "society" doesn't care - for the simple reason I am not sure what exactly constitutes "society".

      Society is not the politicians who are "elected" by a single pencil mark on a piece of paper every 4 to 5 years with the "choices" being pre-arranged by a set number of political parties (which have also been pre-arranged).

      Is society the mass who is indoctrinated by television and video games?

      If people were given a true chance to voice their concerns open forums held on a regular basis (i.e. street meetings who then send a representative (who is unpaid and just a representative that is different each time to ensure all get a chance to participate) to a neighbourhood group who then go to a larger community one who then go to larger ones until it becomes national in successive steps. Each council deciding what needs to be done at their level and only taking the concerns that require a larger council to the next one.

  2. What we do is simple. We arrest them. When we see a line up on welfare nught in front of a drug dealer in the DTES, we arrest the drug dealer. When we see drug dealers outside the Front Room in Whalley yelling crack, crack wanna buy some crack we arrest them. Right now we are not. We are letting them do business freely and are running around like idiots addressing the spin off violence the crack dealers create.

    You are absolutely right in that what we are now doing in East Vancouver and in Whalley isn't working. This needs to change. This Vandu harm reduction is harm promotion. The drug dealers are the ones we arrest not the addicts.

  3. Did you watch W5 CTV? RCMP officer Warwick murderer was connected to drug gang interactions in Vernon at the time of GREEKS and bad RCMP!

    1. I saw part of the episode about the RCMP murder of Greg Matters, a former Canadian Forces soldier. Cpl. Colin Warwick assaulted his mother and shot him dead in Prince George . How was that tied in with the Vernon Greeks?

    2. He was part of, what all Vernon Citizens called, the RCMP dirty Dozen, who where aiding this Gang and taking Kick Backs. All their records, to present, have been Denied by the RCMP Brass!
      Local Retired RCMP would not even trust any of this detachments Officers!
      This has gone on for decades, and as far as I know, it has NOT stopped!
      S. E. Sector of E-Division RCMP have deeply been involved with protecting the HUGE (Tons) shipments of BC Bud exiting Canada!
      This even involves Corporate Interests and local Judiciary - they were all connected to this Crime Wave!

      Australia is fed up and is putting a bounty on their Heads!
      This is part of the source problem out of S. E. Sector RCMP and their full knowledge of all the Large Grow- Ops throughout the Okanagan and into the USA!

  4. I'm a former street person and I can tell you from personal experience that the BC RCMP and judiciary are involved in drug and weapons trafficking and worst of all, human trafficking on a massive scale. Legebokoff is the gang member they got to take the fall, but he is not the only one involved in the killing of these girls I can guarantee you. Most of the girls who are killed are targeted by the establishment because they are starting to leak information about their abuse which starts when they are children.


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