Friday, August 1, 2014

Granite Falls Deep Cove

I took a break and paddled the kayak up Deep Cove to Granite Falls on Wednesday. They say the wind often picks up around noon which was fine because it was at my back heading up the cove. I camped overnight and headed back early in the morning before the wind picked up. The stars at night were pretty awesome. Getting away from all the city lights and seeing the brightness of the endless stars is very humbling. Makes you feel pretty insignificant so it does. The universe is much bigger than you and I.

Vancouver is nice but it's most certainly not the nicest place on earth. The fecal counts are very high in all our beaches right now. Whenever I go kayaking in the Lower mainland I always see a seal. This time I saw tons. People wonder why our salmon counts are down. No doubt the fact that we stopped clubbing the seals has been a factor. With so many seals everywhere that's clearly going to impact the salmon counts. The seals are eating them all.

You can only get there by boat. This is silver falls on the way there.

This is looking up the cove from Raccoon Island.

There's more to life than greed and betrayal. Peace.


  1. When was there west coast seal clubbing? Too much sun on the head eh bud?

  2. lol yeah they club the seals in the arctic not on the coast.


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