Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Christy Clark cuts Gang Task Force budget

Vancouver 24 hours is reporting that "Two provincially funded sections of the RCMP are being told they are in a budget deficit and have to cut $4.2 million from their operating budgets to get things back in line. The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit will see $2.8 million cut from its budget and this includes the elimination of Team 6 — the unit specializing in gathering intelligence and investigating outlaw motorcycle gangs, known as OMG."

Should we expect anything less from the most corrupt government in this province's history? Let's not forget that it was the BC Liberals that did away with the RCMP department that kept track of money laundering in casinos right after they issued a report about how bad it was in BC. Maybe the RCMP should play the BC Rail card again. You know, the charges relating to money laundering that were dropped after the province renewed their contract.

How many billion tax dollars a year does CSIS lose from it's spying on Canadians budget? Christy Clark says Hells Angels are OK. It's the civilans that have to worry about government surveillance. This is the exact opposite of the advice that former OPP undercover police officer Bob Deasey showed us in his book Being Uncle Charlie which explained some of the successes Ontario had with their BEU.


  1. Would you not agree that this is in their political families financial best interests, since the contents of that contract has proven Crime makes the Wealthy wealthier?
    My contact have already admitted that the BC Government has given the directive 'Hands of Street Drug Trafficking at the High Levels', to all levels of Law Enforcement!
    The Profits are what is driving the BC Economy!

  2. I agree politicians profit from money laundering but I don't agree with the premise that it drives the BC economy. I subscribe to Catherine Austin Fitt's Tapeworm economy theory. Personally I don't think drugs drives the BC economy, I think it sucks it dry.

  3. Nothing surprises me!! It is not the RCMP nor CSIS fault. They have bosses which see things different.I will sum up. I live in QC and seen SQ SPVM SPL RCMP CSIS and occ OPP work in joint teams. These were dedicated men n women I also met undercover infiltration agts. Don't ask me how.OPERATION COLISEE and more were great.Several arrests. I was in the proof room where cds on easedropping were kept. I was in the biker enforcement office.Ontario Police had loaned a vehicle to homocide n antigang were using Ontario plates.
    These guys n gals were giving their time effort n life. In at 6am out late the officers doing shadowing had no life! ! I knew five who just came to the office for 30 minutes then were on the road again. I will give Umberto a big gold medal as one supervisor. He had managed to infiltrate many groups several could not. God bless him he retired as O.C.U Supervisor.
    We had n have a problem national. A security company called B.E.S.T also known as SÉCURITÉ RÉGIONALE had a contract with an airport. The owner was a associate of Hello Angels.RCMP withdrew his accreditation. In 2005 he was given all alarm response for QUEBEC GOvt OFFICES including REVENU n COURT HOUSES. A patrol vehicle from B.E.S.T responded to a building holding INTEL for the SQ the SRCQ QUEBEC CRIMINEL INTEL OFFICE. The vehicle was stolen in front of the office with no signs of breakin. MTL POLICE flipped as to how he had the contract AND how this happened.No signs of forced entry.
    This company B.E.S.T was purchased by KOLOSSAL SÉCURITÉ. The office was next to a HELLS ANGELS GYM where major bikers who had killed guards hung out and IT WAS PART OWNED BY JULIE COUILLARDS BROTHER!!!!! Mrs MAXIME BERNIER? ? CONSERVATIVE PARTY!!
    KOLOSSAL moved to MTL EAST to a building owned by RIZZUTO and his personal limo was parked next door.A person in this case was charged with a fraud of well enough. His brother a police chief.
    Kolossal had all airports in QC. They were sold to GARDA who is far from Catholic a client being Rizzuto.
    A judge well known just released all bikers charged. We have major corruption cases on the brink. Welcome to Canada the corrupt!!


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