Saturday, April 30, 2011

Donald Trump

Aside from being a con artist and a complete whack job, the amount of income tax Donald Trump pays is absolutely criminal. In 1990, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston studied the Trump accounts and claimed that while Trump claimed to be worth $1.4bn, he actually owed $600m more than he owned and you and I were worth more than him. His current wealth is not known, but he claims he is worth more than $2.7bn.

Johnston studied four of Trump’s recent tax returns, and found he legally paid no taxes in two of them. In America today, a janitor can pay more income tax than Donald Trump – and the Republicans regard that not as a source of shame, but of pride. This is the problem.

I am the first one to admit too much corporate tax is not a good thing, but no tax for the exceedingly wealthy is a crime. That's all there is to it. What ever happened to those roll up your sleeves and get to work slogans like ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Paying a decent tax is a civic duty. Render unto Caesar and what not. Tax evasion is a serious crime. Creating legal loop holes for the wealthy to evade taxes all together is worse.

Oh yeah, Donald Trump was a Vietnam war draft dodger just like George W Bush was.

Criminal Publication bans

CBC wrote an article explaining a bit about publication bans. Sometimes publication bans exist to protect witnesses or the victims of sexual assault. Sometimes they exist to protect the identity of under cover police officers. Sometimes they exist to give an accused the right to a fair trial. Unfortunately we now see publication bans over used in British Columbia to protect criminals and organized crime.

When the Pickton publication ban was lifted, more details were released to the public. I'm still waiting to hear why the Crown counsel specifically asked Pickton if the Hells Angels were involved. Obviously he said no, but what I'm interested in is what made them even ask the question? Other than the fact that his brother Dave was a Hells Angels associate of course. Surely there was more evidence that although may not have been conclusive may had triggered the question. After all, it was crown counsel in that case that implied Robert Pickton didn't act alone.

Having said that 486.4(1) implies that court files relating to that case are not available to the public without a court order. That means if I wanted to violate a publication ban under 486.4(1) I couldn't simply because I wouldn't have access to the court files.

Indeed violating the Charter of Rights and preventing the public from knowing that Hells Angels associates were charged in a gang rape at a Hells Angels puppet clubhouse would truly be a crime. Surely we can report on that incident without naming the victim to protect her identity or spoiling the accused's right to a fair trial.

Even when there was a publication ban in effect on Robert Pickton's trial, it was not unlawful to say he was charged with multiple murders without publishing any evidence from the trial.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Public Vigilance

I must say the turn in the tide with the Canadian election is refreshing. However, the key thing to remember is whoever gets elected the public still needs to be vigilant and involved in the ongoing democratic process.

The Reform party used to talk about holding referendums on political issues and poling the public to make decisions. That would be the ultimate in democratic government. Harper does the opposite. He spends huge amounts of tax dollars to brain wash the public trying to convince them how they should vote on an issue. Just like Gordon Campbell did. I do believe that if the public expressed a concern about an issue the NDP would listen to them if they were elected. Unlike Harper or Mulroney who would railroad right over them.

The stereotypes are starting to become less believable. Everyone preaches hell fire and claims the sky will fall if the NDP get elected because they will spend recklessly and raise taxes. Yet that is exactly what Stephen Harper did. Bush added trillions to their debt in the states because he was a supporter of large corporations not small business including the business of war.

It shatters our stereotypes when we hear the NDP speaking out against human rights violations in Communist China. Yet that is exactly what they did. It shatters out stereotypes when we hear the NDP speaking out against crime and in support of law and order. Yet that is exactly what they did. It shatters our stereotypes when we hear the NDP talk about promoting small business yet that is exactly what they did.

Obama has raised a good point. There seems to be an ongoing controversy over Obama's place of birth. He joked about how significant that issue has become on the Internet when they are trying to make some pretty important steps for the American people in their budget debates. He pointed out that despite the fact that they posted his real birth certificate on the Internet as well as sworn affidavits from people who state they saw the real birth certificate confirming he was born in Hawaii, malicious minds still perpetuate the false rumor that he was born somewhere else.

Obama pointed out that in the spirit of bipartisan politics healthy debates on the issues should be encouraged. He then pointed out that degenerating healthy debate into perpetuating false statements isn't going to help the country move forward. The same applies to us. We need to look at the issues and debate the issues and leave the false stereotypes aside.

There are legitimate concerns about letting ourselves be controlled and governed by large corporations who restrict our sovereignty and reduce our democracy while they loudly preach about freedom in the process. Free trade is fine but signing trade agreements that give up our democratic rights is not and is clearly what's on the table.

Applying the concept of public vigilance to addressing crime and the Vancouver gang war we need to realize whoever gets elected and whatever laws are in place, we need to report crime or else nothing will change.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Warm Brotherhood

Before the Hells Angels came to Amsterdam William van Boxtel formed and ran the predominate gang in the /60's called Kreidler Crew East. Van Boxtel's group became Hells Angels and the Hells Angels eventually kicked him out after they took over his crew. Why does that not surprise me?

It has been claimed that Yab Yum owner Hennie Vittali was really a front man for the Hells Angels and that the Yab Yum brothel was really run by his brother Harry and Hells Angel vice president Harry Stoeltie.

It has been said that Hells Angel Harry Stoeltie was "involved" with Willem Holleeder. Somehow I get the feeling that it wasn't just a business relationship. It had to be a pretty special relationship for them to kick out Big William for wanting to liquidate the vespa queen. Personally, I think they were romantically involved and were warm brothers or as they say in German warmer Bruder. At least Danny Kane was honest about his preferences.

The Last of the Mohicans

I'm usually one of the first ones to give the sacred nod when an Indigenous brother rises up and succeeds in life. I'm just a little bit concerned with Daniel Uneputty's chosen affiliation. I think he is better than the club he has been chosen to represent. It's like the term Tongan Crip. Tongans and Samoans have respect. Crips don't.

Here in Canada, Mom Boucher along with his pals Biff Hamel and Salvatore Cazzetta were all members of Boucher's white supremacist motorcycle club. Then after doing some dirty deeds, they joined the Hells Angels.

So aside from being convicted of armed rape, Mom Boucher was a white supremacist. Yet he befriended a brother named Gregory Wooley and let him join a Hells Angels puppet club in Montreal called the Rockers then form his own puppet club called the Syndicate and the Backers so the Hells angels could sell cocaine to all the Crips in Montreal. It was a business transaction not a rise above his bigotry.

Daniel Uneputty and Monica Akihary are Moluccan from Malaysia. Although discovered by Portuguese sailors in the 16th century, the 10 major islands and island groups ultimately fell to the Dutch, who made a fortune exploiting the clove crop there. Today's residents are descendants of indigenous East Indians and slaves brought from Africa by the Netherlands East India Company to work the Dutch plantations. During W.W. II, many Moluccans fought alongside the Dutch to resist Japanese aggression.

After V-J Day, as Indonesia prepared for independence, separatists agitated for Moluccan autonomy, but Djakarta insisted on incorporating the islands among Indonesia's 14,000-island chain. In 1949, Amsterdam officials removed 12,000 of the more adamant Moluccan nationalists to a converted Nazi concentration camp in Holland with the promise (according to the Moluccans) that they one day would be returned to a liberated homeland.

During the nearly 30 years that have passed since then, these refugees have remained together, occupying their own quarters of Dutch cities. Few have been assimilated into Dutch society. Most of the old-timers by now have given up their dream of returning to the free Moluccas. However, their children have taken up the cause and recently have resorted to violence to spotlight their plight. In an attempt to coerce the Netherlands into forcing Djakarta into relinquishing the Moluccas, activists in Holland have claimed credit for many acts of terrorism during the 1970s.

For its part, Holland has washed its hands of the whole question of Moluccan independence, disclaiming any right to interfere in the internal affairs of Indonesia. Another broken promise abetting exploitation. King Billy was dutch. The whole era of Dutch Imperialism and slavery was very, dare I say, very British although the French and Spanish also vigorously participated in it.

So are the Hells Angels now exploiting the Moluccans, to sell crack like they exploited Greg Wooley and those of African descent in Montreal? White supremacists do tend to exploit not befriend indigenous people. The German Hells Agnels have ties to neo Nazis just like Mom Boucher did. The German Hells Angels run brothels there too. Only they have been caught beating the women and forcing them into prostitution.

The Moluccans have been in Amsterdam longer than the Hells Angels. The Amsterdam Hells angels didn't become official until 1978. Ironically enough, the drug related violence in Amsterdam has spiked with their presence.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daniel Uneputty and the Amsterdam Hells Angels

Daniel Uneputty is the president of the Amsterdam Hells Angels. Another guy with a fat ass fairing. I don't understand what the appeal is for huge fairings. You might as well drive a car.

Uneputty has been president of the chapter since September 21 2004 after they kicked out the founder and former president Willem van Boxtel aka Big William.

It's kind of a complicated matter even without trying to translate news articles. They say Big William was kicked out for allegedly accepting a contract to kill a large criminal who did business with the Hells Angels.

"The murdered real estate magnate Willem Endstra suspected extortion money he paid to William Holleeder, was used to finance drug trafficking by the Hells Angels."

OK let's back up a bit. Willem Endstra was a real estate agent who was accused of laundering drug money. It was said that he was being extorted by William Holleeder. A criminal bad boy who kidnapped the heir of Heineken. I kid you not. He kidnapped the heir of Heineken and held him for ransom. Is nothing sacred? That's almost as bad as kidnapping the Guinness family. It's in bad taste. It's a low life petty thief kind of thing to do.

The story goes Endstra had enough and hired the Hells Angels to kill Holleeder. Some say Big William accepted the contract, other say he didn't. The contract itself was conflicted. The claim is that the plot involved planting a bomb in a Hells Angel facility and blow him up there were other Hells Angels might have been hurt. Like they've never done that before.

From the way I see it, it looks like the beef arises because Holleeder was bigger than Endstra and they were afraid of him. Yes afraid. So the back stabbing weasels betrayed one of their own instead of doing the deed and taking out a high level bad guy. It is more likely that Holleeder got wind of the contract and the rest of the chapter panicked.

It comes as no surprise to hear Amsterdam's Red Light district has gone down the toiletcr account. Thanks! after the Hells Angels slimmed their way into the drug and prostitution market there. The Hells Angels purchased the Yab Yum brothel worth 9 million Euros for 1.8 million. The Hells Angel in charge of Yab Yum was affiliated with Willem Holleeder. Come on people. The idiot rides a vespa:

Thr top photo is from ShuReD's Flicr account. Thanks!

The Sixth Family and the Hells Angels

In a book about Vito Rizzuto's connections to the Hells Angels we read: As the plans for moving the drugs unfolded, they revealed the seamless way the Sixth Family worked with both Colombian cocaine cartels and the Hells Angels Motorcycle club.

On August 17 1994 the ship loaded with 558 kilograms of cocaine was met off the coast of Columbia by Norman Rosenblum, a wealthy and enthusiastic businessman from Vancouver. (page 255)

The freighter the headed north, stopping first in Miami, then making it's way along Canada's eastern seaboard and down the St Lawrence seaway to Montreal. Once it arrived at the Port of Montreal, the drugs were supposed to be transshipped to England. In London, two Quebec members of the Hells Angels, Pierre Rodrigue and David Rouleau, waited to collect the load for distribution in Europe.

Rosenblum told an undercover operator that he was a drug importation coordinator -- court documents say he reported directly to Montreal drug-trafficker Luis Cantieri, whom the Montreal Gazette described as "one of the kingpins of a drug network, with connections to Mafia bosses Vito Rizzuto and Frank Cotroni." Rosenblum, who was arrested with 40 others, was sentenced to 13 years in prison for his role in the drug and money-laundering scheme.

Paris Christoforou

Let's not forget Paris Christoforou. He's a Hells Angel from Toronto that was caught on a botched hit April 21 2004 with former mafia driver Peter Scarcella where an innocent victim was paralyzed by a stray bullet. They were trying to kill mafia rival Mike Modica. Doing it in public at a Toronto sandwich shop was reckless endangerment.

So once again we have a Hells Angel tied to a drug related murder, this time involving the Sicilian mafia. Peter Scarcella was just a driver for a mob boss named Paul Volpe. "Someone" his boss knew shot him in the back and left him in the trunk of a car. That's when Scarcella took over for his boss.

Seemingly Scarcella formed ties with the Montreal mafia controlled by Vito Rizzuto. I say seemingly because everything these guys did was a web of lies and betrayal.

Seemingly Vito Rizzuto had connections with Mom Boucher and the Hells Angels in Montreal. I say seemingly because the Hells Angels betray everyone they are involved with and don't work for anyone. The unusual way Vito Rizzuto was executed after his son Nick shows that.

Vito Rizzuto was the mediator who was the architect of the consortium or strategic alliance between the Hells Angels, the Mafia and everyone else.

Seemingly Mom Boucher and Luc Bordeleau messed up a huge cocaine deal with the Rizzuto's through Raynald Desjardins who had ties to the Hells Angels and was described as Rizzuto's right-hand man.

Everything the Hells Angels did in Ontario and in Quebec was tied to drugs. That's why they attained criminal organization status there. Arguing that the Hells Angels in British Columbia are separate from the Hells Angels in Ontario and Quebec's crimes are no longer believable when you see how many drug related murders they also became involved with in their short 28 years of being here.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hells Angel Murders

I think it's time to start making a list of what we know. The East Van Hells Angels documentary and Neil Hall's new book have inspired me. I used to know a lawyer in Surrey that would say hearsay evidence is not admissible. Much. Hearsay evidence may be admitted. It's just the merit it has is completely up to the discretion of the judge.

When a contract killer confesses to a murder and he states in court the Hells Angels hired him to commit the murder, that certainly is not conclusive but it certainly does have merit.

At the trial of contract killer Mickie (Phil) Smith the court was told one of his murders was done for the East Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels. Smith killed Paul Percy Soluk at a crack house in Surrey and said a man he called Yurik helped him chop up and dispose of the body. Smith said "Yurik's not an Angel but he works with the Angels. I know he's done a lot of hits." Paul Soluk was killed in 1999.

Christmas in Vancouver 1995, Eugene and Michele Uyeyama were murdered. Bobby Moyes, the hired hit man said in court that Salvatore Ciancio asked him for a favour: kill Eugene Uyeyama because he was believed to be a "rat" I.E. a police informant after a large cocaine bust tied to the Hells Angels. In my Christmas Epiphany last year, it was my submission that the wrapped gifts of gasoline from the boys meant the Hells angels. Salvatore Ciancio was working with Hells Angels associate Tony Terezakis.

May 1990 John Ramon (Ray) Ginnetti, a local stockbroker and known associate of the Hells Angels was murdered in his own home. Cuban national Jose Raul Perez-Valdez admitted he committed the contract killing. The hit was allegedly ordered by Ginnetti's one-time bodyguard and underworld enforcer Roger Daggitt, who is said to have received instructions about the murder from others who have yet to be caught.

Daggitt, who is also believed to have had connections to the Hells Angels, died in October 1992 when he was shot three times in the back of the head while inside the Turf Hotel in Surrey. Montreal contract killer Serge Robin later pleaded guilty to the murder.

Daggitt, once described in court as a top enforcer for the Hells Angels. Reiner told the court Perez-Valdez was hired for $30,000 to kill Ginnetti by Roger Daggitt. Reiner described Daggitt as a one-time friend of Ginnetti, who had had a falling out with him.

In the Ginnetti case, it not only appears that the Hells angels hired someone to murder a stockbroker and Hells angels associate, but they hired someone else to kill the the guy they hired to do the original hit. This is where it gets deranged.

So to start we have three cases where the Hells Angels have been directly accused in court of hiring a contract killer to commit murder. 1990, 1995 and 1999. There are plenty more but that's a start. In my mind, when you have an organization that sells drugs and hires contract killers to commit murder for that organization, then it becomes very clear that organization is not just a motorcycle club it is a criminal organization. The contract murders define it as such.

In Canada it all started with the Lennoxville massacre in Quebec. Normand "Biff" Hamel was a Hells Angels prospect who watched them murder his sponsors. Instead of being outraged, he seized the opportunity to get his patch along with his friend Mom Boucher. They received their patch after the Death Riders betrayal, murder and take over.

Yves Trudeau was another hit man for the Hells Angels who turned informant after they murdered his brothers in the Lennoxville masacure. He had quite the list of murders he had done for the Hells Angels including beating a guys grandmother to death.

Then there was Danny Kane and Jeffrey Lynds. That's not even touching Serge Quesnal or Gerald Gallant who were involved in the Quebec biker wars murdering rivals.

Don't get me started on Kelowna, Kamloops, Prince George and Dawson Creek. When you think about it, the Hells Angels have not been in Vancouver for very long - not until 1983. In that short time they have been responsible for many murders. Many of their own.

In fact, on of the Montreal murders, Louis Cartier, was arrested in Kelowna B.C. back in 2006. Kelowna. Imagine that.

The Russian Mob and the East Van Hells Angels

The East Van Hells Angels documentary cited a violent beef between the Hells Angels and the Russian mob in Vancouver in the /90's. Some accounts claim the Russians were working with the Hells Angels and ripped them off in a cocaine deal. Where have we heard that before? The documentary claims the Russian mob tried to move into the Hells Angels drug network in Vancouver. To me, it just smells bad. Like Lennoxville.

Some of the names of those involved are John Ramon (Ray) Ginnetti, a local stockbroker and known associate of the Hells Angels murdered in his own home, Cuban national Jose Raul Perez-Valdez who admitted he committed the contract killing of Ginnetti. Russian born gangster Sergey Filonov who was gunned down outside Tev Deeleys a week after Ginnetti was murdered. Mirislov Michal and Shannon Aldrich were charged in Filonov's murder. It's a complicated web but the one common thread that runs through it is the involvement of the Hells Angels.

The man who carried out the execution-style killing of a West Vancouver stockbroker almost 15 years ago has plead guilty to second-degree murder and now faces life in prison, likely with no chance of parole for 15 years.

Cuban national Jose Raul Perez-Valdez admitted Friday he committed the contract killing of John Ramon (Ray) Ginnetti, a local stockbroker and known associate of the Hells Angels who was found dead in his West Vancouver home in May 1990 with a single bullet in his head.

The hit was allegedly ordered by Ginnetti's one-time bodyguard and
underworld enforcer Roger Daggitt, who is said to have received
instructions about the murder from others
who have yet to be caught

Daggitt, who is also believed to have had connections to the Hells Angels, died in October 1992 when he was shot three times in the back of the head while inside the Turf Hotel in Surrey. Montreal contract killer Serge Robin later pleaded guilty to the murder.

Daggitt, once described in court as a top enforcer for the Hells Angels. Reiner told the court Perez-Valdez was hired for $30,000 to kill Ginnetti by Roger Daggitt. Reiner described Daggitt as a one-time friend of Ginnetti, who had had a falling out with him.

With friends like that, who needs enemies. So a Hells Angels associate was killed by a Hells Angels associate. Hells Angels attended the funeral and then killed the associate that killed the associate before he could say who hired him. All of whom were simply following orders. It sounds all very conflicted. Kinda like a remake or a prelude to the Vancouver Christmas of /95 betrayal. Hire someone to murder someone then murder the person you hired to commit the murder. Somewhat dishonest n'est pas?

Kinda like how Hells Angels attended Rusty's funeral back east when they are the prime suspects in his murder. The killed Ernie Ozolins and attended his funeral too. A complicated web of lies and betrayal indeed. That is the real rat's nest.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Publication ban on the Renegade Clubhouse Gang Rape

I have been notified by someone claiming to be a lawyer representing two of the accused rapists in the sexual assault case at the Renegades clubhouse in Prince George that there is some kind of publication ban on the case. Although they have failed to provide me a copy of the ban which would be normal practice in making such a claim, I have removed their clients names from my blog on a temporary basis so I may confirm whether or not such a publication ban does in fact exist and what it really covers. I will however, record my dissent on the matter and wait for a copy of the alleged ban so we can get the name of the judge and sue him for civil liability in failing to comply with the constitutional duty of public safety. As well aiding and abetting a criminal organization. These over reaching publication bans on Hells Angels cases have gone on long enough. The police were sued in Ontario because they let the Balcony rapist out of prison without fulfilling their duty to warn the public of a rapist loose in their community. The Balcony Rapist re offended and the victim then sued the police for failing to fulfill their constitutional duty to provide public safety. That is why the public was notified when the Balcony Rapist was set free in Surrey. I attended that public rally and saw Mayor Dianne Watts speak at that rally. I completely support a person's right to a fair trial and I completely support due process and the Charter's presumption of innocent until proven guilty. Yet, if someone has been charged with a crime, it is not unlawful for me to say that person has been charged with a crime. The public is well aware of the courts presumption of innocence until proven guilty. The newspapers report charges on a regular basis. Publication bans sometimes arise when the media coverage of a case is high in order to give the accused the right to a fair trial. If for example a jury is to be selected to hear a case and news reports about the case have been rampant, it is possible that reading some of those news reports may taint a potential juror's bias in the case. However, if the matter is heard by a judge without a jury, no such conflict exists. Judges are mature adults who are well aware of the application of the law. They know what is admissible and what isn't. Judges aren't swayed by hearsay evidence. In fact often before a case goes to trial the judge holds a voir dire which is a trial within a trial. It is a hearing to determine the admissibility of evidence. So the judge presides over a mini trial and looks at the evidence and states what can be submitted to trial and what can't. In a voir dire, the judge will obviously see some evidence that it says may not be submitted as evidence in the real trial. The fact that the judge saw something that was not allowed to be admitted to the trial did not taint his neutrality on the trial or the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. That leads us to ask the question, why are so many Hells Angel related cases getting publication bans while others are not? Does everyone charged with sexual assault get a publication ban on their hearing or is it only Hells Angels associations who commit sexual assault that get publication bans on their trials? If the law is not equally applied then the ban is unjust. Moreover, the court also has a constitutional duty to provide public safety just as the police do. If the Ontario police can be sued for not notifying the public about the balcony rapist, then a judge can also be sued for hiding the fact that an accused rapist is loose on bail. A publication ban on a sexual assault case gives rise to personal legal liability if any of those accused re offend just as it was with the Balcony rapist. Then we have the whole can of worms of the legal liability of aiding and abetting a criminal organization with excessive publication bans that do not expire when they are supposed to which is a flaming violation of the Charter of Rights which is the highest law of the land. If a judge makes an order that violates the Canadian charter of rights, it is an illegal order. So please advise which course we will now take. Civil liability for failing to provide public safety or criminal liability for aiding and abetting a criminal organization. Justice will not sleep forever. Mark my word. By the way, just out of curiosity, is the judge that made this alleged publication ban a college of David Ramsay who also was a court judge in Prince George? Please advise. ------------------------------------------------------- Mind you it has been brought to my attention that when you search the court registry no publication ban has been entered into the file. Maybe that's why the hillbilly lawyer didn't send me a copy of the publication ban - because he's lying and it doesn't exist: It has also been brought to my attention that his clients names are listed in an RCMP press release on their web site. Prick. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- In fact the Roberto Salvatore Ciancio publication ban was supposed to be in effect until the jury renders its verdict or until further order of the Court. Whichever comes first not whichever comes last. The intent of a publication ban is a temporary measure to give the accused the right to a fair trial. The purpose is not to aid and abet a criminal organization. David Giles' old publication ban was also temporary and limited. That order was only in effect in the province of British Columbia and expired when a verdict was rendered. Even when it was in effect it did not operate as a ban on publication of the Related Proceedings including identities of the accused in reports of the Related Proceedings.

East Vancouver Hells Angels Documentary

Just when you thought I had finally forgot about the Hells Angels. Not likely. Someone mentioned they just aired a documentary about the East Vancouver Hells Angels on TV. Outlaw Bikers IV Fallen Angels on History Television. You can even watch it online. Just click on Outlaw Bikers Episode 2 Fallen Angels.

Looks like Kim Bolan was on that one too. I didn't realize Michael Plante was from Surrey. Someone said he used to work the door in Newton before the Orange Number 5. TV always goes for the drama. Convicting Punko and Potsie certainly didn't bring down the east Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels any more than convicted Juel Stanton would have. The documentary failed to mention the City of Vancouver gave the East Van Hells Angels over $2 million. Bryce and Giles are still laughing all the way to the bank.


OK a couple of points from the actual documentary. "Molesberry" claimed selling pot was easy. Everybody smokes pot. You teacher, your grandmother. Do we really want to close more schools and hospitals to pay for putting everyone in jail for possession of pot? I don't.

The documentary claimed that pot sales gave the Hells Angels seed money for cocaine deals. That is the problem. I'm not talking about selling drugs in clubs or selling cocaine to doctors and lawyers who can afford it. I'm talking about selling crack on the street. That affects property crime and a host of other related problems.

I think the project was worth the investment. The officer was right. The project certainly didn't bring the East Van Hells Angels down but it did tarnish their reputation. Ricky Fat Ass Ciarniello was a broken record of denial claiming the Hells angels aren't a criminal org when it's obvious they are.

This case has shown the Hells angels involvement with cocaine. This documentary shows the criminal activity of the East Vancouver Hells angels. The evidence is beginning to snowball against them. That would include their association with Dave Pickton.

Here's the deal. Ratting out a rat isn't being a rat. Cutting off fingers for a small crack debt in Prince George ultimately for the Hells Angels or pushing First Nations women out of East Van windows over drug debts ultimately for the Hells Angels is deranged. So is threatening and murdering someone's grandmother.

These are the kind of crimes the Hells Angels profit from. Hiding those kind of crimes is not noble. Witnesses like Michael Plante and Margo Compton are heroes not rats. The real rats are the ones that killed Margo Compton's twin seven year old daughters and the ones that wanted to kill their co accused after using him to murder an informant right before Christmas 1995.


I just discovered a book written about this investigation by Vancouver Sun editor Neal Hall called to Hell to Pay. Someone sent me this link to order it online. Seemingly Randy Potts was beaten up in Surrey by someone who then stole his vest. What a Potsie.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adrian Dix and Christy Clark

So Adrian Dix wins the NDP leadership with a slim margin over Mike Farnworth. I knew it'd be close but I thought Mike Farnworth would win by the margin. Turns out Adrian Dix signed up the most members at the last moment just as Christy Clark did which is fair game. If you can sign up new people to vote then you're a shaker and a mover so so be it.

Many reported the leadership campaign within the NDP to be a love fest with little disagreement and no mudslinging at all. That's the way it should be. It was nice to see Mike Farnworth and Adrian Dix sitting next to each other when Jack Layton came to Surrey. It demonstrates maturity and self confidence when candidates can take the high road and support the democratic process. Clearly the NDP is now a party united.

I would have liked to have seen Carol James carry the party over the top because she deserved it with all her years of hard work and unfailing courage in the face of Gordon Campbell's cruelty. If there was any question about her leadership she should have simply ran again as a candidate and let the votes decide. The back room drama was somewhat disappointing yet seems to now be water under the bridge.

I am however somewhat disappointed in the Vancouver Province's slanted twist of the outcome. Claiming the NDP has just made a left turn. What kind of nonsense is that? Adrian Dix has been an equally vocal supporter of law and order as has Mike Farnworth. Mike Farnworth was the justice critic so his appeals were more focused. That means he would make an awesome AG. Yet Adrian Dix was also at the forefront when crime increased in his riding. Which brings us to the matter of dispelling the silly stereotypes of linear politics.

The BC Liberals became very "right wing" yet they did absolutely nothing on crime. Their silence was so complacent on the matter it was suspect. The NDP were vocal at least. We need to grow up. We need to stop name calling and saying you're left wing. You're right wing. Simply because the stereotypes used to enforce those labels are no longer believable.

George Bush was right wing but he added trillions to the debt. The stereotype that the Democrats will tax and spend while the Republicans will not has proven to be untrue in both Canada and the United States.

Likewise, Christy Clark clearly is a step forward for the Liberal party. It's unfortunate that her MLAs can't see it. That will be her biggest challenge. Voters love her. The fact that her MLAs don't is suspect. That's kind of why the Liberal party fell so low in approval rating. Because they kept sustaining Gordon Campbell's bizarre insanity for so long. Including ramming the HST and spending tax dollars on the hard sell filled with bullshit about the new and improved HST. Since when did taxes become new and improved?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Port Coquitlam man accused of torture

Kim Bolan wrote an excellent article about a Port Coquitlam man who has been accused of torture in Serbia. He later denied it but a witness has submitted testimony to court.

I have no doubt atrocities were committed in Serbia and Bosnia. That situation was what inspired James Blunt's song No Bravery. He actually served with the British Military there and did a video blog about it. I hadn't realized he disobeyed an order from an American General to fire on Russian troops.

The Canadian government has revoked Rogan’s citizenship, claiming he hid his role in the atrocities committed on Bosnian Muslims almost 20 years ago. Now all of a sudden it's the Canadian government not the Harper government.

The thing I want to know is if we are going to revoke someone's citizenship because they were accused of torturing people in the past, are we also going to revoke Stephen Harper and Peter McKay's citizenship since they knowingly and deliberately hid the fact that their government was fully aware of Canadian prisoners being tortured in Afghanistan. Not only were they caught covering up the fact that they knew about it, but they also fired the whistle blower who exposed it. That's just plain illegal.

And since we're talking about torture, why did we let George Bush into the country? He not only was fully aware of the torture going on at Guantanamo bay, he actually vetoed the bill that would have stopped it. You can get any more war criminal than that.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Bush Crime Family

We've heard of the Bonno and the Gambino crime families in New York but do we really know the extent of what the Bush Crime family was involved in? I'm not talking about voter software fraud, the unlawful invasion of Iraq based on a premeditated lie or vetoing the bill that would stop torture at Guantanamo bay. That's not what I'm referring to. This time I'm referring to corporate fraud.

Former Navy Intelligence officer Al Martin described Operation Eagle which became Operation Black Eagle. Once again as with Operation Watchtower history is being erased and rewritten. When I say Operation Black Eagle I'm referring to the one that involved Oliver North and Richard Secord in the extended version of Iran Contra.

Al Martin also made reference to Neil Bush's Gulf Stream Reality, Jeb Bush's Gulf Oil Drilling Supply Company, and George Bush Jr's Harken Energy, Tidewater Development and Houston Energy Partners. He also described Wally Bush Jr's Walter Bush Securities ans Prescott Bush's Investment Company.

State securities regulators around the country warn that oil and gas investment scams are alive and well. High oil prices have created a heightened interest in investments in energy-related business ventures.

As more and more people invest in oil and gas securities, the likelihood of oil and gas fraud scams goes up dramatically. Fast talking brokers can trick investors into putting their money in non-existent companies or into buying overpriced stocks.

Al Martin claimed that corporate fraud was used as an alternate means to raise money for the Contras. He claims that he was directly involved with it and worked under Richard Secord. Martin states "We would purchase a field of old shallow wells, pumpers usually in old Kentucky limestone formation fields that still pumped a few barrels a day, package it up into a limited partnership, and through carefully crafted meter reads, logs and runs, we would overstate production by a thousand times. (The Conspirators page 372)

Then they would tap into a list of donors sympathetic to the cause. These donors would invest in the oil field. They would be paid half their investment in the limited partnerships before they became insolvent. They got to write off the other half of their investment on a 2:1 leverage basis, which was perfectly legal under the lax laws at the time. The net effect was that they came out whole on an after tax basis.

In appreciation for their donation to the cause they received an autographed photo of Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. and a toll free number to a cubical in the White house basement to impress their friends. As a result Martin would keep 15% while 35% was bled off to a number of North-Secord controlled off shore accounts like Stanford Technologies Overseas Limited, Intercontinental Industries S.A. and Trilateral Investment Group Ltd.

The investment fraud that Al Martin described followed a pattern of setting up a fake company that would be bailed out with public money. Which clearly leads up to the biggest scam off all time, the bank and stock market bail out.

The amount of investment fraud that was involved in the extended version of Iran Contra is vast and complicated but well worth investigating since history tends to repeat itself until we learn from it. Especially the mortgage and real estate fraud.

All this talk about Oil and Gas fraud has me wondering if the bin Ladens really gave the Bush family start up money for their defunct oil company or if it wasn't simply a matter of the Bush family defrauding the bin Ladens kinda like how Sarkozy got money from Gaddafi for his election campaign before he started bombing Gadaffi.

In June 1990 Bush sold more than half of his shares in Harken to a Los Angeles broker named Ralph D. Smith. One week after the sale Harken announced an overall loss of $23.2 million triggering an investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission into the sale.

Marc Dreier

Speaking of corporate fraud and white collar crime, let's take a look at Marc Dreier. The TV series American Greed ran a segment about him the other night.

Crack dealers are irritating because the resulting property crime addicts commit to pay for the drug is bothersome. Yet that is nothing compared to the large scale fraud of white collar crime which not only affects millions of dollars, it also can destroy entire pensions in the process. That is why it's so serious.

Marc Dreier was a fraudster who made a fake bond for $20 million and sold it to a hedge fund. In fact he did it several times totalling $700 million in fraud. On one occasion the hedge fund was getting suspicious and wanted to meet with the CEO of the real company one of his fake bonds were made for. So he gets a friend to pretend to be the CEO and hold a meeting with the hedge fund in a board room in the company's New York office.

He tried the same thing himself in Ontario with the Ontario Teachers Pension fund. That time he impersonated the CEO himself. The buyer got suspicious and asked the receptionist if the person he was just with was really who he claimed to be. When the receptionist said no the police and the Feds were called in to investigate.

Like I said, this kind of large scale corporate fraud not only rips off millions it also destroys pensions which is very serious indeed. That drives us to examine some of the other ongoing corporate fraud out there.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Supporting the Troops

Yo bro those aren't tulips that soldier is tip toeing through. Those are poppies and that is opium. I guess they're going to want us to use a new type of poppy for Rememberance Day.

As much as I admire and respect Michele Obama, I'd have to say I'm a bit disappointed in the new campaign about supporting the troops and supporting military families. Supporting the military is without question a good thing. Yet the terms and conditions of the new wars are questionable.

It's not like we're engaged in WW I or II. The invasion of Iraq was based on a lie. Torturing prisoners in Guantanamo bay and in Afghanistan is wrong. Indeed, supporting the troops now has certainly taken on a new meaning.

Supporting the troops now means smoking opium or using heroin supplied by the American military and boycotting opium and heroin supplied by the Taliban or other competitors. Supporting the troops now means buying gas from oil companies owned by the US and boycotting oil from companies like Bridas or other competitors. Times have sure changed.

Fortunate Son

We can talk about tough on crime all we want. Until we enforce the law we are wasting our breath. The Hells Angels profit from the crack sold at the Carnegie Centre and the police do nothing about it. The Hells Angels profit from the pot sold at the black door across from the Amsterdam cafe and the police do nothing about it. Giving crack addicts the boots but not arresting the crack dealers is dysfunctional. It is displaced aggression. It is kicking the cat.

When the city of Vancouver slips the Hells angels and extra million dollars buying a building from them for social housing, we know something is very wrong and it is bigger than you or me.

The sad thing is that Gordon Campbell was reelected before his ultimate demise. So was George Bush. At least we can blame George Bush’s reelection on the voter fraud software. Here in BC we have no excuse but our own stupidity for reelecting Gordon Campbell. No doubt some people will be stupid enough to vote for Stephen Harper again just like they did Gordon Campbell. People have the right to make the wrong choice because that is what democracy is all about.

People, like children are naive and gullible. We tend to learn from our mistakes and thereby have to be free to make mistakes so we can learn from our own experience. People are just starting to see the real Stephen Harper. No doubt if we give him enough rope he will hang himself politically. Let’s just hope we still have a medical system in place when he’s done.

The key thing is, Stephen Harper is a liar and a fraud. History has recorded that. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. His fiscal responsibility lies and his oil wars will eventually catch up with him. In the mean time I can say with calm assurance that I am not voting for Stephen Harper and I do not support the kind of society he wants to build. That sure ain't me. I prefer the Lester Pearson model. I ain't no fortunate son.

Let’s get tough on crime

Stephen Harper’s right. Let’s get tough on crime. Never mind pot. Let’s introduce mandatory minimum sentences for corporate crime and fraud. You know like Bre-X. Let’s introduce mandatory minimum sentences for insider trading on government contracts and illegal lobbying. Like how Bruce Carson diverted government contract funds to his favorite escort. Or how Raymond Sturgeon lobbied for the company that wants to build Harper's conflicted jets for an undisclosed sum of money.

Or when the Harper government used it’s position to put pressure on the CIBC to settle with Barrick gold on behalf of Brian Mulroney. Let’s put mandatory minimum sentences for those kinds of crime.

In fact since verbal contracts are legally binding in BC, lets charge every politician who promises one thing and does another when elected with breech of contract and fraud. That way we can put Stephen Harper in one of his brand new prisons so he can play with as many toy jets his very little heart desires.

I couldn’t watch the debate on TV for more than five minutes. Listening to Stephen Harper speak is painful. I did like one comment Duceppe made. He said we know Stephen Harper is soft on crime. Just look at his own office. Indeed it’s full of criminals. C’est vrais. There is absolutely no way Stephen Harper did not know about his long time senior aide Bruce Carson’s criminal record for fraud. There’s just no way he didn’t know that.

That’s why he hired him. He wanted someone good at fraud. Just like how they hired someone from Enron to help them fix the books for the pentagon. This whole bit about lobbying for Brian Mulroney is absolutely criminal. The government paid Brian Mulroney a $2 million settlement when he sued the government for libel when they implied he received kickbacks on the Airbus scandal and later it turned out Brian Mulroney totally lied and later admitting to receiving kickbacks for Airbus. Brian Mulroney committed perjury and defrauded the Canadian people out of $2 million. Let’s introduce mandatory minimum sentences for that.

Bruce Carson brought a Prostitute to Sussex drive

Bruce (the John) Carson brought a prostitute and money launderer to a gathering at Sussex drive. According to APTN, Khan was an escort at the time she met Carson.

Before Carson proposed to Michele McPherson, (the 22 year old escort he was caught funneling government contract funds to) he was involved with another prostitute, Barbara Lynn Khan, a woman who was convicted and served time in the U.S. for money laundering after authorities alleged she ran a prostitution ring before being deported back to Canada.

Property records obtained by The Canadian Press show Khan and Carson paid $400,000 in November 2009 for a condominium in downtown Ottawa. Khan apparently still lives there, although she and Carson have reportedly separated.

MACLEANS reports that Mr. Carson’s fiancée’s mother, who works for the water filtration company that Mr. Carson is alleged to have represented.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Elizabeth May wrongfully kicked out of Debate

I'm not sure why Elizabeth May was allowed to participate in the last leadership debate and why she isn't allowed to participate in this one. I know they said it's because the Green Party doesn't hold any seats in parliament yet but why did they let her in the last one? She did very well. To ban her from the next one is censorship. Maybe she'll ask some of those secret questions Harper's aids don't allow on the script.

The Green party has the next largest parentage of the votes. Each election they get more. To allow her to participate in the last leadership debate but not this one is strange. The media said that if she was to participate some of the other parties might not. That was a rather bizarre threat? Who said they wouldn't show up if Elizabeth May was allowed. Was if Harpless? CTV claims Jack Layton was one. That's somewhat shocking. However, Elizabeth May claims that is untrue and that Layton and Ignatieff both support her being included.

If one of the other parties gave up their chance to participate because they were intimidated by her then so be it. Giving in to that kind of bullying is wrong. Harper's desire to exclude everyone except him and ?Ignatieff is stomach turning arrogance. He's just playing after he looked stupid for backing down after he challenged Ignatieff to a one on one debate. There are other choices in this election than Liberal or Neocon.

If you look at the table Votes Won: 2008 v. 2006 between the 2006 election and the 2008 election each of the four main political parties lost votes. The Green Party was the only party that increased votes. Looks like someone is afraid of her. That's why they don't want to let her participate in the debate.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Canada has been known for it's peacekeeping efforts. Roméo Dallaire was an example of a great peacekeeper and a great human being. So was Bill Turner. I recently saw a video on YouTube that mocked Jack Layton's position on the military implying his idea of peacekeeping was to send in folk singers to distract and entertain two opposing forces at war. I found it to be kind of a dumb video and accusation.

Lester B. Pearson won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957 for organizing the United Nations Emergency Force to resolve the Suez Canal Crisis. During Pearson's time as Prime Minister, his minority government introduced universal health care, student loans, the Canada Pension Plan, the Order of Canada, and the current Canadian flag. During his tenure, Prime Minister Pearson also convened the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism. With these accomplishments, together with his groundbreaking work at the United Nations and in international diplomacy, Pearson is generally considered among the most influential Canadians of the 20th century.

Stephen Harper is no Lester Pearson. When Jack Layton says he's concerned about military pensions, I believe him because he's concerned about everyone's pension. Something that the neocons have no regard for. If we want to talk about supporting the military, let's talk about exposing our own soldiers to chemical and biological weapons then robing them of medical coverage. Let's talk about the ethics of using depleted uranium as a weapon in war. Actually, let's not.

Let's talk about the religious right and Christ's promise "Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God." When I see all the intolerance in modern Christianity I wonder if Christ came today and taught the same things he taught when he was on earth, it would likely be the Christian church that would crucify him all over again.

I've talked about the parable of the good Muslim or the good Communist putting the parable of the good Samaritan in modern perspective. Samaritans were infidels. How could an infidel be a better Christian that one who professes to be one.

Gandhi was a peacemaker. Although he was not a Christian, he was clearly a better Christian than most. Dare we discuss Christ's commission to visit the sick, clothe the naked, house the homeless and even visit those in prison?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Election shock and awe

Michael Smyth from the Vancouver Province ran a synopsis of the week of Election campaigning as a week of shock and awe. We were shocked with revealing scandals and in awe with too good to be true promises.

He pointed out that many of us are having a hard time doing the math with all these election promises. "Yes, folks, you can have it all in this magical land we call Canada: lower taxes, more services and no nasty deficit hangover when the party's over. If only working out your family budget at the kitchen table were this easy."

I'm not sure what his hard on for Jack Layton is about other than according to his article Jack Layton is gaining votes at the expense of the Conservatives. Perhaps he just wants to be equally critical of everyone to be fair. Yet to be fair, when Jack Layton says he will hire more doctors and nurses to staff our hospital emergency rooms I believe him.

I did believe Harper when he said he wouldn't tax income trust and create an elected senate. Only he broke his word so I don't trust him any more. Saying that Layton will never become Premier so he will never have to fulfill any of his election promises is unfair. He's the only one we haven't given a chance to betray our trust yet.

A generation ago, people tended to vote how their parents voted. Now times have changed. We have seen new political parties emerge and other political parties wiped off the map overnight.

In all fairness I'd have to admit that it was Darren Entwistle that caused Harper to turn face on the not taxing income trusts promise. He was going to turn TELUS into an Income Trust to avoid paying corporate tax. Letting Entwistle do that would have see the government lose a lot of revenue. Evey major corporation would followed suit. His hands were tied. Yet everyone knew Entwistle was going to do that. It was public knowledge so I don't understand why Harper made that promise knowing Enwistle's intent.

Michael Smyth pointed out that Stephen Harper's senior aid, Bruce Carson, was the subject of some socking revelations. "The Bruce Carson story just keeps getting worse. The fraud convictions. The escort agencies. The money laundering. How the heck did a guy with a rap sheet longer than the Rideau Canal end up as one of the prime minister's top men in Ottawa?"

The network revealed this week that before Carson proposed to Michele McPherson, (the 22 year old escort he was caught funneling government contract funds to) he was involved with another prostitute, Barbara Lynn Khan, a woman who was convicted and served time in the U.S. for money laundering after authorities alleged she ran a prostitution ring.

Smyth cites the event this week where Harper's aid kicked out two university students because one of them posted a picture of herself on facebook with Michael Ignatieff. Like how did those stalkers know she posted that picture on facebook. That is really creepy. And so what? People from other political parties are allowed to come and hear other candidates speak. Only not in Harper's world. Or at least in his plastic press bubble where his people still pick who asks what questions when. No wonder they don't want the Green Party at the debate. They might ask Harper to explain Jim Flaherty's intervention on Brian Mulroney's behalf putting pressure on the CIBC to settle with Barrick Gold. Like that's not conflicted.

Michael Smyth reminded us of that incident where Chretien was wading through a crowd of protesters and was caught grabbing one by the throat. Those were the days. That kind of thing just wouldn't happen in Harper's bubble.

Smyth also cited how Ignatieff fired candidate Andre Forbes this week, when it was discovered he was a whiterights advocate who once called aboriginals lazy "featherheads." Ignatieff "had been on a bit of roll up till then. This week's Momentum Meter shows him stuck in neutral." That former judge's comments about rape was just bizarre.

As much as I oppose Ignatieff's position on torture, I really object to the political circus degenerating into a survivor play by play drama of it's all about me. Survivor is all about lies, secret deals and promoting one person above the others. Life on the other hand is all about being honest, serving others and sacrificing for the greater good.

The underlining point missing in this weeks election circus show was highlighted by Dan Gardner in his article Voters should consider Harper's contempt.

"The status quo is just not tenable, for anybody," says Peter Russell, professor emeritus at the University of Toronto and one of the country's most respected political scientists. But a Conservative majority would be worse.

"It would send a bad message about parliamentary democracy if a government brought down for contempt, very serious contempt, on the finding of a Speaker, is rewarded with a majority. I think it would encourage Mr. Harper and maybe those after him to be contemptuous of Parliament. And then I think we're in real trouble."

It's easy to forget that, in the mad rush of events leading up to the election call and the noise that followed, Stephen Harper's government was found to be in contempt of Parliament -by vote in the House of Commons -for refusing to disclose the cost of several items on its agenda. It's what brought down the government and you might say it's what this election is about.

Not that anyone would know that listening to the prime minister. Speaking at Rideau Hall after asking the governor-general to call an election, Harper said nothing about the contempt verdict. It was a fittingly contemptuous response, as all his comments on the matter have been.

Another good point was raised by a letter sent in to the Province entitled Harper's insult. "To hear Stephen Harper talk, our democracy and economy is so fragile, that if we don't give him a majority government, the dreaded socialists and separatists will form a coalition with Michael Ignatieff and ruin the country.

This kind of arrogance and fear mongering is insulting to all Canadians and has no place in our democracy."

Jeffrey Klassen convicted of assault

Jeffrey Klassen has finally been convicted of assault. He was the use of force trainer that beat and robbed a newspaper delivery man with two other cops when they were off duty in Vancouver.

Kelowna Grow Ops

Are there any grow ops in Kelowna not run by the Hells Angels? We know this East Vancouver Hells Angels support hoodie was found at a Kelowna grow op. We know that David Giles from the East Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels lives in Kelowna. We also know that Joseph Bruce Skreptak, a full patch Hells Angels from the same chapter, also lives in Kelowna.

Bruce is the one that rented out a house in Kelowna to someone who had a grow op. He claimed it had nothing to do with him even though his truck with a Hells Angels sticker was parked outside the grow. A door leading into the mother-plant room had a sticker on it reading, "Support Your Local Hells Angels White Rock." For all practical purposes that would let everyone know it was a Hells angel grow op as in not to f*** with it.

Bruce has a history of violence. He was caught with Cory and a few associates speeding through Salmon Arm with a car full of guns, bear spray, bullet proof vest and a cell phone jammer.

Many people speculated that they were on their way to do a grow rip. Kinda makes you wonder when not long after they were caught a grow op just outside of Salmon Arms was abandoned.

Which kinda brings us back to Brittney. If she lived on a grow op that was recently busted, was it not a grow op for the Hells angels? Would Joey, a low lever drug dealer rip off someone who did business for the Hells angels? Some claimed he owed money and that murder would wipe away his debt. Yet who wanted her dead? Were the hells Angels really stupid enough to think Brittney was the rat that had her own home busted?

There was a grow op in Kamloops tied to a double murder which neighbours say was thought to have been connected to the Hells Angels. The Hells Angels are making their support for Kamloops finger puppets public.

We know that someone claiming to be from the East Vancouver chapter of the Hells angels ran into the American Backpackers Hostel with guns looking for a kid who was selling pot there. They claimed he had to leave town and wasn't allowed to sell pot in their area and that if anyone there wanted to buy pot, they had to buy it from them at the black door.

This would clearly imply that if there was a grow op in Kelowna not run by the Hells Angels, they would use threats of violence to take it over. Once again, why would a low level drug dealer rip off Britney who was selling pot for a Hells angels grow op? If he did, he would have left town but he didn't. When he was arrested he was walking around town without a care in the world. To me that would clearly imply that the Hells angels sanctioned if not commission Brittney's murder. After all Geoff Meisner was tied to the Hells angels and the Kingpin Crew. The pinheads were even in Kamloops with their puppet master recently.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

To Serve and Protect

Another problem we are clearing seeing in Canada or at least in B.C. along with the police brutality is the sheer arrogance that goes along with it. The underlying mandate of to serve and protect has been completely lost.

Of course not all police officers in Canada are bad. Yet the documented problem is much worse than a few bad apples. I had a conflict with an off duty police officer not long ago myself. He was a confrontational bully who bold faced lied about something to get his way. I was shocked. It reminded me of the New Westminster use of force trainer who got drunk before assaulting and robbing a newspaper delivery man in Vancouver. His recollection of the events was a complete contradiction to the victims recollection and two witnesses observations.

Being a bully and assaulting someone is bad enough but lying in court. Coming from a peace officer that is shocking which once again brings us to the lost mandate of serving and protecting the public.

When the use of force trainer is caught red handed beating the tar out of an innocent victim then using his station as a use of force trainer to intimidate a younger police officer from pressing charges, that use of force trainer cannot be the use of force trainer any more. To continue to do so would be to mock the public interest and demonstrate further arrogance and disregard for public safety.

It is past time for a civilian agency.

Conservatives would bungle crime bills

Stephen Harper said a Conservative majority government would bundle unpassed crime legislation into one bill and push it through Parliament within 100 days. And after that, he'll cram the HST through. He'll bungle the crime bills alright. In fact he already did. It's a bungle in the jungle and that's not alright by me.

There is no question that Stephen Harper intentionally screwed BC with the tough on crime bills. The bill as it stands is over reaching. The Liberals tried to amend the bill in the Senate to fix it but because Harper broke his promise to create an elected senate and exploited every opportunity to stack the Senate, they refused to accept the amendment to the bill fixing it.

So now he tells us he's still refusing to fix the bill and insists he will railroad it through without thinking through the necessary amendments. Which isn't surprising since Stephen Harper refuses to listen. He exploited our misfortune for his own personal gain. He doesn't care about us or our problem. If he did he would have fixed it but he didn't. He purposely didn't take the amendment because he wanted the public to get angry at the Liberals for voting down his over reaching crime bills and give him a majority so he can govern.

Stephen Harper does have a hidden agenda. It's not about abortion or same sex marriage, he won't touch those time bombs with a ten foot pole. He wants to privatize everything under the sun and completely remove public accountability from every possible social program from pensions to medical. His first target on his list is doing away with medical and the Canada Health Act.

So, I've said it before, Stephen Harper has lost my vote on the crime bills. Jack Layton on the other hand, like Penny Priddy, Adrian Dix, Mike Farnworth and Bruce Ralston, is putting forth his own suggestions to deal with crime and gangs. Throwing everyone in jail for minor offenses is counter productive and too costly. Mandatory minimum sentences for prolific offenders who commit an insane number of property crimes. They should spend three months in jail. Period. That is not excessive. Not doing so is irresponsible.

Larger sentences for violent crime and for hard drugs would be helpful. But it's all counter productive when Stephen Harper turns around and appoints a lawyer for the Hells Angels to be a judge in the Quebec Supreme Court.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fleetwood grandma stabbed 126 times

This story doesn't involved gangs or drugs but it is a crime. A heinous one at that. It is a case of domestic violence. Surrey grandmother Maria Catroppa was stabbed 126 times in the Fleetwood townhouse she shared with her second husband, Sebastiano Damin.

The husband, Sebastiano Damin has confessed to the murder. He said his wife was wanting to end their 11 year marriage and told him it was over. So he snapped and stabbed her 126 times. An autopsy revealed 51 stab wounds to the 69-year-old woman's head and neck, 69 to her torso, five to her arms and one to her thigh. Damin was 74 at the time.

That is absolutely bizarre. Stabbed 126 times, 51 times to the head and neck area. That is deranged. And I'm not talking let the guy off for not being of sound mind like we did the guy that decapitated the guy in the greyhound bus. I'm just saying stabbing anyone 126 times is sick especially when it was a case of domestic violence.

It doesn't take a feminist to realize that kind of violence against anyone not to mention women is wrong. Time Magazine wrote a powerful article about domestic violence in Afghanistan. After reading about one case where a man cut off his wife's nose after she threatened to leave him a female friend of mine said she was ready to take a gun and kill all the men in Afghanistan.

No doubt some cultures have some pretty backward views about gender equality. Yet here we have a case in our own town of an equally if not worse case of domestic violence. I don't know what to say other than it is a very sad horrific autrocity. No doubt Maria Catroppa is in a better place and Sebastiano Damin will not be with her or her family in the eternities.

U.S. Government shutdown

I've been asked about what a U.S. Government Shutdown means. I had to look it up because I didn't know. In Canada we can have non confidence votes which will result in an early election but the United States have relatively fixed election terms. I wasn't aware about the Government Shutdown clause.

Apparently this happens when they can't agree on a budget. Essential services like police and military continue but all other nonessential government workers stop going to work. Personally I find that somewhat bizarre but apparently that is the way their system works. Or rather doesn't. Doesn't keep working in a shut down that is.

They can agree to spend billions on the unlawful invasion of Iraq based on a lie and they can spend billions on the bail out the banks scam but God help Obama if he dares spend money on health care. Those selfish conflict of interest politicians will voter no and rather shut down the government. Go figure.

However, part of the controversy appears to be over the use of tax dollars to fund abortions.