Saturday, April 16, 2011

Port Coquitlam man accused of torture

Kim Bolan wrote an excellent article about a Port Coquitlam man who has been accused of torture in Serbia. He later denied it but a witness has submitted testimony to court.

I have no doubt atrocities were committed in Serbia and Bosnia. That situation was what inspired James Blunt's song No Bravery. He actually served with the British Military there and did a video blog about it. I hadn't realized he disobeyed an order from an American General to fire on Russian troops.

The Canadian government has revoked Rogan’s citizenship, claiming he hid his role in the atrocities committed on Bosnian Muslims almost 20 years ago. Now all of a sudden it's the Canadian government not the Harper government.

The thing I want to know is if we are going to revoke someone's citizenship because they were accused of torturing people in the past, are we also going to revoke Stephen Harper and Peter McKay's citizenship since they knowingly and deliberately hid the fact that their government was fully aware of Canadian prisoners being tortured in Afghanistan. Not only were they caught covering up the fact that they knew about it, but they also fired the whistle blower who exposed it. That's just plain illegal.

And since we're talking about torture, why did we let George Bush into the country? He not only was fully aware of the torture going on at Guantanamo bay, he actually vetoed the bill that would have stopped it. You can get any more war criminal than that.


  1. surprise, surprise, a Port Coquitlam who likes to torture people...

  2. Indeed. Kinda close to the Haney Chapter’s former hang out.

  3. What is with that dump? I have friends who live there and it's said that it's becoming the new surrey. Saffari was killed last year, they tried to hit Daniel Lovric, and Igor in december. what the hell? I know a couple full patch guys live there too.

  4. Good and bad both I suppose. It’s a nice area and that’s where Terry Fox is from but the presence of the Hells angels seems to attract criminal related violence. I assume Milad Saffari wasn’t with the HA he was like with someone else. Any idea who?

    MacLean’s claims the murder rate there is 365% above the national average:


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