Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Russian Mob and the East Van Hells Angels

The East Van Hells Angels documentary cited a violent beef between the Hells Angels and the Russian mob in Vancouver in the /90's. Some accounts claim the Russians were working with the Hells Angels and ripped them off in a cocaine deal. Where have we heard that before? The documentary claims the Russian mob tried to move into the Hells Angels drug network in Vancouver. To me, it just smells bad. Like Lennoxville.

Some of the names of those involved are John Ramon (Ray) Ginnetti, a local stockbroker and known associate of the Hells Angels murdered in his own home, Cuban national Jose Raul Perez-Valdez who admitted he committed the contract killing of Ginnetti. Russian born gangster Sergey Filonov who was gunned down outside Tev Deeleys a week after Ginnetti was murdered. Mirislov Michal and Shannon Aldrich were charged in Filonov's murder. It's a complicated web but the one common thread that runs through it is the involvement of the Hells Angels.

The man who carried out the execution-style killing of a West Vancouver stockbroker almost 15 years ago has plead guilty to second-degree murder and now faces life in prison, likely with no chance of parole for 15 years.

Cuban national Jose Raul Perez-Valdez admitted Friday he committed the contract killing of John Ramon (Ray) Ginnetti, a local stockbroker and known associate of the Hells Angels who was found dead in his West Vancouver home in May 1990 with a single bullet in his head.

The hit was allegedly ordered by Ginnetti's one-time bodyguard and
underworld enforcer Roger Daggitt, who is said to have received
instructions about the murder from others
who have yet to be caught

Daggitt, who is also believed to have had connections to the Hells Angels, died in October 1992 when he was shot three times in the back of the head while inside the Turf Hotel in Surrey. Montreal contract killer Serge Robin later pleaded guilty to the murder.

Daggitt, once described in court as a top enforcer for the Hells Angels. Reiner told the court Perez-Valdez was hired for $30,000 to kill Ginnetti by Roger Daggitt. Reiner described Daggitt as a one-time friend of Ginnetti, who had had a falling out with him.

With friends like that, who needs enemies. So a Hells Angels associate was killed by a Hells Angels associate. Hells Angels attended the funeral and then killed the associate that killed the associate before he could say who hired him. All of whom were simply following orders. It sounds all very conflicted. Kinda like a remake or a prelude to the Vancouver Christmas of /95 betrayal. Hire someone to murder someone then murder the person you hired to commit the murder. Somewhat dishonest n'est pas?

Kinda like how Hells Angels attended Rusty's funeral back east when they are the prime suspects in his murder. The killed Ernie Ozolins and attended his funeral too. A complicated web of lies and betrayal indeed. That is the real rat's nest.


  1. I'm surprised this drew no comment. But all those whose comments commented upon the comment's connotations - for the interests of the locals - should have been a memorable funeral. I wonder what was the hymn? The Valley of the Dry Bones Ezekiel 37?

  2. The "Russian" mob is Jewish. That's a FACT. There's a big difference between real Russians, i.e., ethnic Russians. A big difference. So let's call the "Russian mob" by its correct name: The Jewish Russian mob.


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