Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paris Christoforou

Let's not forget Paris Christoforou. He's a Hells Angel from Toronto that was caught on a botched hit April 21 2004 with former mafia driver Peter Scarcella where an innocent victim was paralyzed by a stray bullet. They were trying to kill mafia rival Mike Modica. Doing it in public at a Toronto sandwich shop was reckless endangerment.

So once again we have a Hells Angel tied to a drug related murder, this time involving the Sicilian mafia. Peter Scarcella was just a driver for a mob boss named Paul Volpe. "Someone" his boss knew shot him in the back and left him in the trunk of a car. That's when Scarcella took over for his boss.

Seemingly Scarcella formed ties with the Montreal mafia controlled by Vito Rizzuto. I say seemingly because everything these guys did was a web of lies and betrayal.

Seemingly Vito Rizzuto had connections with Mom Boucher and the Hells Angels in Montreal. I say seemingly because the Hells Angels betray everyone they are involved with and don't work for anyone. The unusual way Vito Rizzuto was executed after his son Nick shows that.

Vito Rizzuto was the mediator who was the architect of the consortium or strategic alliance between the Hells Angels, the Mafia and everyone else.

Seemingly Mom Boucher and Luc Bordeleau messed up a huge cocaine deal with the Rizzuto's through Raynald Desjardins who had ties to the Hells Angels and was described as Rizzuto's right-hand man.

Everything the Hells Angels did in Ontario and in Quebec was tied to drugs. That's why they attained criminal organization status there. Arguing that the Hells Angels in British Columbia are separate from the Hells Angels in Ontario and Quebec's crimes are no longer believable when you see how many drug related murders they also became involved with in their short 28 years of being here.

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