Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let’s get tough on crime

Stephen Harper’s right. Let’s get tough on crime. Never mind pot. Let’s introduce mandatory minimum sentences for corporate crime and fraud. You know like Bre-X. Let’s introduce mandatory minimum sentences for insider trading on government contracts and illegal lobbying. Like how Bruce Carson diverted government contract funds to his favorite escort. Or how Raymond Sturgeon lobbied for the company that wants to build Harper's conflicted jets for an undisclosed sum of money.

Or when the Harper government used it’s position to put pressure on the CIBC to settle with Barrick gold on behalf of Brian Mulroney. Let’s put mandatory minimum sentences for those kinds of crime.

In fact since verbal contracts are legally binding in BC, lets charge every politician who promises one thing and does another when elected with breech of contract and fraud. That way we can put Stephen Harper in one of his brand new prisons so he can play with as many toy jets his very little heart desires.

I couldn’t watch the debate on TV for more than five minutes. Listening to Stephen Harper speak is painful. I did like one comment Duceppe made. He said we know Stephen Harper is soft on crime. Just look at his own office. Indeed it’s full of criminals. C’est vrais. There is absolutely no way Stephen Harper did not know about his long time senior aide Bruce Carson’s criminal record for fraud. There’s just no way he didn’t know that.

That’s why he hired him. He wanted someone good at fraud. Just like how they hired someone from Enron to help them fix the books for the pentagon. This whole bit about lobbying for Brian Mulroney is absolutely criminal. The government paid Brian Mulroney a $2 million settlement when he sued the government for libel when they implied he received kickbacks on the Airbus scandal and later it turned out Brian Mulroney totally lied and later admitting to receiving kickbacks for Airbus. Brian Mulroney committed perjury and defrauded the Canadian people out of $2 million. Let’s introduce mandatory minimum sentences for that.

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