Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fortunate Son

We can talk about tough on crime all we want. Until we enforce the law we are wasting our breath. The Hells Angels profit from the crack sold at the Carnegie Centre and the police do nothing about it. The Hells Angels profit from the pot sold at the black door across from the Amsterdam cafe and the police do nothing about it. Giving crack addicts the boots but not arresting the crack dealers is dysfunctional. It is displaced aggression. It is kicking the cat.

When the city of Vancouver slips the Hells angels and extra million dollars buying a building from them for social housing, we know something is very wrong and it is bigger than you or me.

The sad thing is that Gordon Campbell was reelected before his ultimate demise. So was George Bush. At least we can blame George Bush’s reelection on the voter fraud software. Here in BC we have no excuse but our own stupidity for reelecting Gordon Campbell. No doubt some people will be stupid enough to vote for Stephen Harper again just like they did Gordon Campbell. People have the right to make the wrong choice because that is what democracy is all about.

People, like children are naive and gullible. We tend to learn from our mistakes and thereby have to be free to make mistakes so we can learn from our own experience. People are just starting to see the real Stephen Harper. No doubt if we give him enough rope he will hang himself politically. Let’s just hope we still have a medical system in place when he’s done.

The key thing is, Stephen Harper is a liar and a fraud. History has recorded that. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. His fiscal responsibility lies and his oil wars will eventually catch up with him. In the mean time I can say with calm assurance that I am not voting for Stephen Harper and I do not support the kind of society he wants to build. That sure ain't me. I prefer the Lester Pearson model. I ain't no fortunate son.


  1. Agent K:

    "The Hells Angels profit from the pot sold at the black door across from the Amsterdam cafe and the police do nothing about it."

    Yes, that is true and I was there a couple of days back. How can a place be open for years, selling a theoretically illegal product, yet do so openly? The Police do know, the operators themselves told me they were forced by Police to shut down for the Olympics. But then they re-opened in the exact same place! Of course the Police KNOW; that a very large marijuana retail outlet is open for business, right in the Central Business District of the Province's largest city! And they do nothing. One might as well ask, why should citizens respect the laws? The Police don't care. Why should I?

    The Black Door is smart folks. They do not stay open after 6 pm, so there is no party/late-night/night-club crowd there, smoking on the sidewalk or being, er...obvious. Their CCTV scans the whole street-front, making the owners aware of any law in the area. No one is allowed to congregate outside the front door, standing there or smoking, the doorman just inside will tell them to move along. So they are careful to be quiet and as anonymous as possible. Is this how the Police told them to operate?

    Nevertheless it's all very illegal, how can VPD allow it? If I was a copper stopping by, walking the beat out front, it might be hard not to ask the gang in back for a little cash to look the other way, eh...? Because, someone is SURE looking the other way! What's else illegal that we can allow? Cocaine next?

  2. Good point. I guess that’s what I’m getting at. The police could easily shut them down but they don’t. That makes everything else somewhat counterproductive. I don’t really have a problem with them existing, I just have a problem with them saying no one else is allowed to sell pot but them. Which once again brings us to the root of the problem. Why are the police letting them continue since they are the root of so much violence.


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