Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kelowna Grow Ops

Are there any grow ops in Kelowna not run by the Hells Angels? We know this East Vancouver Hells Angels support hoodie was found at a Kelowna grow op. We know that David Giles from the East Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels lives in Kelowna. We also know that Joseph Bruce Skreptak, a full patch Hells Angels from the same chapter, also lives in Kelowna.

Bruce is the one that rented out a house in Kelowna to someone who had a grow op. He claimed it had nothing to do with him even though his truck with a Hells Angels sticker was parked outside the grow. A door leading into the mother-plant room had a sticker on it reading, "Support Your Local Hells Angels White Rock." For all practical purposes that would let everyone know it was a Hells angel grow op as in not to f*** with it.

Bruce has a history of violence. He was caught with Cory and a few associates speeding through Salmon Arm with a car full of guns, bear spray, bullet proof vest and a cell phone jammer.

Many people speculated that they were on their way to do a grow rip. Kinda makes you wonder when not long after they were caught a grow op just outside of Salmon Arms was abandoned.

Which kinda brings us back to Brittney. If she lived on a grow op that was recently busted, was it not a grow op for the Hells angels? Would Joey, a low lever drug dealer rip off someone who did business for the Hells angels? Some claimed he owed money and that murder would wipe away his debt. Yet who wanted her dead? Were the hells Angels really stupid enough to think Brittney was the rat that had her own home busted?

There was a grow op in Kamloops tied to a double murder which neighbours say was thought to have been connected to the Hells Angels. The Hells Angels are making their support for Kamloops finger puppets public.

We know that someone claiming to be from the East Vancouver chapter of the Hells angels ran into the American Backpackers Hostel with guns looking for a kid who was selling pot there. They claimed he had to leave town and wasn't allowed to sell pot in their area and that if anyone there wanted to buy pot, they had to buy it from them at the black door.

This would clearly imply that if there was a grow op in Kelowna not run by the Hells Angels, they would use threats of violence to take it over. Once again, why would a low level drug dealer rip off Britney who was selling pot for a Hells angels grow op? If he did, he would have left town but he didn't. When he was arrested he was walking around town without a care in the world. To me that would clearly imply that the Hells angels sanctioned if not commission Brittney's murder. After all Geoff Meisner was tied to the Hells angels and the Kingpin Crew. The pinheads were even in Kamloops with their puppet master recently.


  1. Geoff will not Rest In Peace until this is over. Can those involved not feel him looking over thier shoulders? Who owed Geoff money? Was it enough money to give him a house or perhaps a business? Was it really so much that you would take a husband and a father of four little girls? I don't believe either Brittney or Geoff knew the people they associated have no value in life. Those covering up what happened to both are just as low, cold and heartless.

  2. I agree. Some may be covering it up because they believe the lie. Geoff didn’t steal anything from anyone. Consider the source.


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