Friday, April 8, 2011

Privatizing the Military is Dangerous

We have seen the dangerous conflict of interest Dick Cheney's Halliburton created in Iraq. While George Bush kept going to the Senate to ask for more taxpayers money to spend on the unlawful invasion of Iraq, Halliburton was raking in the profit. Not even mentioning the insider conflict of interest that existed within Halliburton, it clearly establishes a very bad precedent.

Privatizing the military to circumvent public accountability is dangerous. Instead of having a Military mandated to provide for the common defense, we have a mercenary force mandated to profit from war without any public accountability whatsoever.

What's even worse is Blackwater's abuse of the laws covering war crimes. Blackwater is a privatized contracted military. They claim that they cannot be sued as civilians for war crimes because they are part of the US Total Force. Yet they also claim that since they are civilians they are not subject to military discipline.

Removing public accountability is not a good thing.

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