Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Last of the Mohicans

I'm usually one of the first ones to give the sacred nod when an Indigenous brother rises up and succeeds in life. I'm just a little bit concerned with Daniel Uneputty's chosen affiliation. I think he is better than the club he has been chosen to represent. It's like the term Tongan Crip. Tongans and Samoans have respect. Crips don't.

Here in Canada, Mom Boucher along with his pals Biff Hamel and Salvatore Cazzetta were all members of Boucher's white supremacist motorcycle club. Then after doing some dirty deeds, they joined the Hells Angels.

So aside from being convicted of armed rape, Mom Boucher was a white supremacist. Yet he befriended a brother named Gregory Wooley and let him join a Hells Angels puppet club in Montreal called the Rockers then form his own puppet club called the Syndicate and the Backers so the Hells angels could sell cocaine to all the Crips in Montreal. It was a business transaction not a rise above his bigotry.

Daniel Uneputty and Monica Akihary are Moluccan from Malaysia. Although discovered by Portuguese sailors in the 16th century, the 10 major islands and island groups ultimately fell to the Dutch, who made a fortune exploiting the clove crop there. Today's residents are descendants of indigenous East Indians and slaves brought from Africa by the Netherlands East India Company to work the Dutch plantations. During W.W. II, many Moluccans fought alongside the Dutch to resist Japanese aggression.

After V-J Day, as Indonesia prepared for independence, separatists agitated for Moluccan autonomy, but Djakarta insisted on incorporating the islands among Indonesia's 14,000-island chain. In 1949, Amsterdam officials removed 12,000 of the more adamant Moluccan nationalists to a converted Nazi concentration camp in Holland with the promise (according to the Moluccans) that they one day would be returned to a liberated homeland.

During the nearly 30 years that have passed since then, these refugees have remained together, occupying their own quarters of Dutch cities. Few have been assimilated into Dutch society. Most of the old-timers by now have given up their dream of returning to the free Moluccas. However, their children have taken up the cause and recently have resorted to violence to spotlight their plight. In an attempt to coerce the Netherlands into forcing Djakarta into relinquishing the Moluccas, activists in Holland have claimed credit for many acts of terrorism during the 1970s.

For its part, Holland has washed its hands of the whole question of Moluccan independence, disclaiming any right to interfere in the internal affairs of Indonesia. Another broken promise abetting exploitation. King Billy was dutch. The whole era of Dutch Imperialism and slavery was very, dare I say, very British although the French and Spanish also vigorously participated in it.

So are the Hells Angels now exploiting the Moluccans, to sell crack like they exploited Greg Wooley and those of African descent in Montreal? White supremacists do tend to exploit not befriend indigenous people. The German Hells Agnels have ties to neo Nazis just like Mom Boucher did. The German Hells Angels run brothels there too. Only they have been caught beating the women and forcing them into prostitution.

The Moluccans have been in Amsterdam longer than the Hells Angels. The Amsterdam Hells angels didn't become official until 1978. Ironically enough, the drug related violence in Amsterdam has spiked with their presence.

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