Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Warm Brotherhood

Before the Hells Angels came to Amsterdam William van Boxtel formed and ran the predominate gang in the /60's called Kreidler Crew East. Van Boxtel's group became Hells Angels and the Hells Angels eventually kicked him out after they took over his crew. Why does that not surprise me?

It has been claimed that Yab Yum owner Hennie Vittali was really a front man for the Hells Angels and that the Yab Yum brothel was really run by his brother Harry and Hells Angel vice president Harry Stoeltie.

It has been said that Hells Angel Harry Stoeltie was "involved" with Willem Holleeder. Somehow I get the feeling that it wasn't just a business relationship. It had to be a pretty special relationship for them to kick out Big William for wanting to liquidate the vespa queen. Personally, I think they were romantically involved and were warm brothers or as they say in German warmer Bruder. At least Danny Kane was honest about his preferences.


  1. Your story is not right. That guy on the photo is Willem Holleeder and not Willem van Boxtel.

  2. That is not Willem van Boxtel but Willem Holleeder. He is not a biker. So your story is not right.


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