Saturday, April 30, 2011

Criminal Publication bans

CBC wrote an article explaining a bit about publication bans. Sometimes publication bans exist to protect witnesses or the victims of sexual assault. Sometimes they exist to protect the identity of under cover police officers. Sometimes they exist to give an accused the right to a fair trial. Unfortunately we now see publication bans over used in British Columbia to protect criminals and organized crime.

When the Pickton publication ban was lifted, more details were released to the public. I'm still waiting to hear why the Crown counsel specifically asked Pickton if the Hells Angels were involved. Obviously he said no, but what I'm interested in is what made them even ask the question? Other than the fact that his brother Dave was a Hells Angels associate of course. Surely there was more evidence that although may not have been conclusive may had triggered the question. After all, it was crown counsel in that case that implied Robert Pickton didn't act alone.

Having said that 486.4(1) implies that court files relating to that case are not available to the public without a court order. That means if I wanted to violate a publication ban under 486.4(1) I couldn't simply because I wouldn't have access to the court files.

Indeed violating the Charter of Rights and preventing the public from knowing that Hells Angels associates were charged in a gang rape at a Hells Angels puppet clubhouse would truly be a crime. Surely we can report on that incident without naming the victim to protect her identity or spoiling the accused's right to a fair trial.

Even when there was a publication ban in effect on Robert Pickton's trial, it was not unlawful to say he was charged with multiple murders without publishing any evidence from the trial.


  1. Is it not possible to presume that some of these women may have had beefs with local organized crime, the HA, and got killed and dumped at the farm?

    Women go missing or are attacked in Eastside because of owing money for drugs or prostitution related. At the time, perhaps, it was the thing to do to take their bodies or kill them at Pickton's. All these women fit in the category of those who might owe money.

    It is un-reasonable of the Police to think we believe that Pickton alone killed sixty women.

  2. I suppose it’s possible. We know woman have been pushed out of windows in East Van for drug debts. Dave was convicted of sexual assault on the same farm and there was a second accusation of sexual assault against him. A woman claimed he tied her to the bed with bungee cords and shoved pills down her mouth. In the trial one of the police officers admitted to finding bungee cords and pills in Dave’s bedroom but said a rapist doesn’t automatically mean a murder as well. It’s very strange they didn’t go after Dave as well.

  3. I say thank you to Agent K for bringing up the subject of the Pickton murders. As a result I read much more into this subject.

    Reading the journals of Sarah DeVries for the 1st time was profoundly depressing. Yet very moving, to see this person was a real intelligent human who suffered.

    One suspects the Police have not solved this case or cases. Others must surely be involved; they don't even know where the women were killed. So much un-answered.

    The DTES is ground zero for drugs & prostitution. These women were all involved directly in that economy. It's reasonable to imagine more than a few of them in conflict over these things with the powers that be in DTES. That is the HA. Isn't there a possibility of a connection; what I say is just logic. A drug friend of mine who lives there said a dew days ago that no one mentions their name in DTES; as they are involved in "everything."

  4. No doubt. Their grip of fear is amazing. I do believe they are involved in most if not all of the drugs and prostituting in the DTES. Earlier you had asked why the police let them continue to sell pot through the Black door across from the Amsterdam CafĂ©. I’m thinking it’s because they hate Mark Emory and the 420 movement so much them must get a kick out of the fact that the Hells Angels won’t let them sell pot and make them buy pot from them. All they get is the crumbs from the table by selling seeds. Think how much money Mark Emory would have had for a legal defense fund if the Hells Angels let them sell pot not just seeds.

  5. Yeah, Agent K could be correct on the pot thing...the bikers @ Black Door say that THEY hate Emory as much as anyone.

    But there is at least one other large pot-dealing gang operating openly, @ the Ivanhoe, or other places, they've been running for years & are my alternate source. I don't think the black door does run folks out of town though; they know about the guys @ Ivanhoe and don't mind them. I talked to the black door about them, and they don't seem to care.

    But the power of HA on the DTES streets was just brought home to me; the last time I was there talking to connected folks . NO mention of even the phrase, "HA"...nothing...or else. If even those things are tightly enforced what happens when a junkie hooker owes cash to...who knows who...?

    I hate them just makes me think of what Sarah DeVries wrote..."When I'm gone, will they remember me, or will their lives just carry on?"

    I remember.

    I remember.

  6. Ivanhoe. Like that’s not run by the Hells Angels. The Ivanhoe is at 1038 Main Street. The American Hotel was at 928 Main Street. The American hotel was shut down because of over the top drug trafficking which was directly linked to the Hells angels. Big Tony videotaped himself beating up addicts for drug debts there.

    If the guys at the black door know about pot being sold openly at the Ivanhoe, then that is further proof it is run by the Hells Angels. If it wasn’t they most certainly would care. They used to just say the Boys instead of uttering the name that shall not be named. Sounds like the fear, control and atrocities are getting worse. Sarah de Vries is another sad case. DNA found on the Pickton farm.


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