Saturday, August 31, 2019

Two more shootings in Toronto

Global is reporting that "Peel Regional Police say a man is in life-threatening condition after a shooting inside a Mississauga hotel early Saturday. The shooting came just a few hours before another shooting in Peel Region early Saturday. Just before 5 a.m., a man was shot dead in an industrial area in Brampton." Earlier this month Global reported that another fatal shooting in Toronto was gang related. There were 11 shootings in Toronto over that long weekend, one of which sparked chaos as gunshots rang out in a packed nightclub.

Justin Trudeau in Vancouver doing the Grouse Grind

Justin Trudeau was in Vancouver yesterday and did the Grouse Grind so many unsuspecting hikers started posting selfies with the Prime minister. Probably more effective than door knocking.

I have to admit, I didn't vote for Justin last time round. Although I saw him as a step forward from Harper, I preferred the decriminalization of pot not legalization and I prefer a balanced budget. That's why I voted for Thomas Mulcair. However, this time around I am somewhat concerned with Jagmeet Singh's desire to legalize all drugs. That is completely irresponsible and for that reason I cannot vote for him. It's too bad because I think he' a really nice guy. I just wish he'd change his position on that policy. As always I try to balance the extremes.

Draw a line in the sand and call it democracy. The further you get away from that line to the left or the right the further you get away from democracy and the closer you get to dictatorship. The Communists and Fascists hate each other but they are the same. The real name for the Nazi party was the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

I shun and despise Communism and Fascism both because they represent the complete destruction of civil liberty which is what I support within a free republic. I liked Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He was a statesman that represented us well in the world. He had class. He also gave us the Charter of Rights. Harper hated the Charter of Rights because he was not a Conservative, he was a Neo Conservative which means he was a Corporate Communist.

That's why he hated civil liberty. Harper did not believe in fiscal responsibility like he claimed. He believed in Brian Mulroney's tax and spend pork Barrel politics where campaign contributors got rich from tax dollars. Similar to Jason Kenny who wants tax dollars to build pipelines so the Corporate Communists can take the money and run while the taxpayer is left paying billions of dollars for the clean up. That is not fiscally responsible.

I don't have a problem with Andrew Weaver. I have Conservative values. I totally supported the Reform Party. My concern rises when the Reform Party merged with Mulroneyism to get elected which was the very entity they were created to oppose and rectify. David Kilgour was a member of parliament for 27 years out of Edmonton. He was a good man. He's one of the few MPs that had the balls to speak out about Organ Harvesting of political prisoners in Communist China.

In October 1990, he, along with Pat Nowlan of Nova Scotia and Alex Kindy of Calgary, were expelled from the Tory national caucus in protest over their vote against the Goods and Services Tax. He sat as an independent for several months before joining the Liberals. On April 12, 2005, he announced that he would sit as an independent MP. He was concerned about how the sponsorship scandal made us look like a Banana Republic and about Canada's lack of action on the crisis in Darfur, Sudan, as reasons for quitting the Liberals.

David Kilgour is a good man like unto Chuck Cadman. We need to balance the extremes. Pipelines are fine but the oil companies need to clean up after themselves. Now that the taxpayers own the pipeline, we need to stop gouging Vancouver at the pumps. Plans need to be in place where BC has a say about the volume of tanker traffic that passes though it's ports.

Banning all tanker traffic is extremism in the opposite direction. The LGN pipeline to Kitimat is a good thing. Natural gas is a lot cleaner than coal. We can't ban natural gas tankers but allow coal. That is ridiculous. Yet these Canadian mining companies wreaking havoc on the planet need to be held accountable. We all do. You can't please everyone but you have to do what's right.

Friday, August 30, 2019

New Brunswick Drug Bust

Global is reporting that "New Brunswick RCMP says five search warrants were executed at residences on Dominion Street, Donovan Terrace and Lester Avenue in Moncton, as well on Homestead Road in Steeves Mountain and Cedar Circle in Douglas. “During the searches, police seized quantities of drugs believed to be methamphetamine and cocaine, as well as several firearms and cash. Five men and three woman, all ranging in age from 17 to 49, were arrested during the searches, according to police. Four were released, but a 26-year-old man was held in custody. Jesse Todd Logue appeared in Moncton provincial court, where he was charged with two counts of drug possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Later that same day, local witnesses spotted 12 Hells Angels riding in formation driving near the Moncton area on the Trans Canada Hwy.

"Police say investigation began in early 2019 and has involved members of the Codiac Regional RCMP, the New Brunswick RCMP’s West District, Southeast District, and specialized units, as well as the Fredericton Police Force, and the Woodstock Police Force." Even Woodstock and Fredericton have their ow police force. Why is it that the RCMP in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia make drug arrests but not BC?

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Canadian Mining companies wreaking havoc on the globe

The outrageousness of Brazil's president's defiant destruction of the rain forest forces us to examine the Canadian culpability in that atrocity. Canadian mining companies are wreaking havoc on the environment around the globe. They are giving Canada a bad reputation.

Here at home we are familiar with the Mount Polley mine disaster. We are also familiar with Imperial Metals intent to blow the top off of Catface Mountain in Clayoquot Sound and turn that mountain into an open pit mine. We are also familiar with the arsenic found at a pristine boat launch for the Broken Islands near Ucluelet left over from an old iron mine.

As you can imagine, these Canadian companies operating around the world are doing a lot worse. So much so it is giving Canada a bad reputation around the globe. Miningwatch Canada lists some mining news. The list is so staggering, it would take too long to cover in one post.

Suffice it to say that protesters in third world countries who complain about the pollution from Canadian Mining companies are being brutalized. That's because Corporate Communists don't believe in free speech. Nor do they share their wealth with the countries they exploit.

To make a long story short, Canadian Mining companies are in Brazil and are contributing to the deforestation of the rain forest. The question we need to ask this election is who is going to make these Canadian companies accountable? Jason Kenny certainly isn't. Justin Trudeau might.

I'm not doing to declare this election. I'm just going to let nature take it's course. There is no perfect candidate. Justin Trudeau needs to understand the importance of balancing a budget. Yet so do the Neo Cons. The Neo Cons cry about Justin Trudeau's fiscal irresponsibility, but they are much worse. One thing is certain and that is the fact that the Neo Cons will continue to wreak havoc on the environment at an unbridled rate. That is being fiscally irresponsible.

Balancing the budget protects our children from unnecessary debt. Likewise, protecting the environment gives our children a planet they can live in. Elizabeth May has more to offer Canada then we realize. These Canadian companies need to be more accountable.

Canadian Company builds Brazil's largest open pit gold mine in the heart of the Amazon

Jason Kenney doesn't like Bill 69

Global is reporting that "Bill C-69, which deals with assessing industrial projects for their effects on public health, the environment and the economy, was passed by Canadian senators in June. The federal government's contentious bill to set up a new authority to assess industrial projects like pipelines, mines and inter-provincial highways, was proclaimed into law on Wednesday and Alberta's UCP government responded swiftly.

"Under the constitution, Alberta has clear and sole jurisdiction over the development of our natural resources," read a joint statement issued by Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage and Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer. "We will be launching a constitutional challenge against this discriminatory piece of legislation that will only leave a legacy of irreversible impacts on Canadians." How about the irreversible impact on Canada's environment?

Alberta neo Cons are so full of sh*t. Does that mean BC has sole authority over what pipelines are built in their territory and how much tar sands bitumen passes through their port? You can't have it both ways you dirty dogs. We need to be responsible and sustainable. Going bankrupt every time it comes to cleaning up a dirty oil well is not responsible.

"In June, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he believed the process for approving major projects needed to change. "Conservatives still seem to think that the way to get big projects built is to ignore Indigenous peoples and ignore environmental concerns," he said. "That didn't work for 10 years under Stephen Harper, and it's certainly not going to work now." Exactly We need to balance the extremes. Turning mountains into open pit mines is not responsible.

Alberta warned it could take 2,800 years to clean up oilpatch

Cleaning up Alberta’s oilpatch could cost $260 billion

Tar Sands Tailing Ponds Leak 70,000 Barrels per day

40,000 litres of oil effecting Edmonton's drinking water

Jason Kenny is a Corporate Communist. He wants to privatize gains and socialize loss. He wants his campaign contributors to get rich off of tax dollars just like the other neo cons do. He wants tax dollars to pay for pipelines and pay for clean up so his dirty dogs an rape the environment and pocket the profit leaving billions of dollars for the taxpayer to clean up. Those are NOT Conservative values. Jason Kenny is Not a Conservative. He is something else.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The President of Brazil has No Class

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, is a complete slime ball. He mocked the wife of France's president. He mocked the guy's wife. That is something a low life POS would do. So what does that make him? A low life POS. Emmanuel Macron is a good man and his wife is a wonderful person. She is gorgeous. Brigitte Macron has more class in the tip of her French nail than Jair Bolsonaro will be able to comprehend his entire worthless life. Keep burning the rain forest asshole. That is how the rest of the world will remember you by. Viva Macron!

Boycott Brazil. Send him home. Do not let Bolsonaro sit at that table any more. Do not sign the trade agreement. There needs to be a natural consequence for his unacceptable behavior.

Canadian Company builds Brazil's largest open pit gold mine in the heart of the Amazon

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Homeland Security seize 272 kilos of crystal meth in Canadian cross border ring

BC Local News is reporting that "RCMP east of Vancouver were involved in a cross-border drug bust this summer that involved nearly 300 kilograms of meth, more than 100 guns and an aerial chase between a police plane and a helicopter."

"U.S. officials staked out a landing site in Washington state about 110 kilometres south of Princeton, where they believed the drugs would be transferred to Canadian buyers. Something spooked the pilot of the helicopter, and it fled north into Canadian airspace."

"Two men who tried to leave the landing site in Washington were arrested by U.S. agents who seized 188 kilograms of methamphetamine. the RCMP Federal Serious and Organized Crime Section in Osoyoos say the office was alerted in early June by U.S. Homeland Security about a planned cross-border drug deal involving nearly 200 kilograms of methamphetamine. It was all part of a video production for rural crime watch. RCMP have not said if anyone has been charged and referred a request for comment to Homeland Security."

Things that make ya go hmmmmm. Sounds like another Western Wind fiasco.

"Bashaw videographer Ben Wilson, of Benjo Productions, gets into the action as a RCMP helicopter hovers over an area west of Bashaw Aug. 20. Wilson, and Bashaw RCMP have been working together to produce a series of updated rural crime watch videos, which included dog services." ~ "Members of the Wetaskiwin Fire Department extinguish a staged car burn with Bashaw filmmaker Ben Wilson. Portions of the new Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Educational video was filmed at the Wetaskiwin Regional Fire Training Centre on Oct. 30."

Is Skeeter Russell in the rat out your rivals witness protection program now too? What about Colin Martin? Colin admitted to reporting other cross border drug smugglers to American Drug Enforcement Agents. In exchange they let him keep operating for 10 years.

Why would a helicopter that is being chased by a RCMP plane land at a rural property near Chilliwack that had 100 guns, U.S. government helicopter decals, drones and cellphone jammers? Was it theirs or a rivals? They could have landed anywhere else.

Hong Kong can become a Free State

Hong Kong is defending their law which was created by the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

With all the protests in Hong Kong of late one has to remember that there is no reason Hong Kong cannot become a free independent state of both England and China.

China has already violated the terms and conditions of their agreement with England making that contract legally null and void. That means Hong Kong can be free. Some of the signs at the fake pro Communism rally in Vancouver said Love China, Love Hong Kong, No Secession. Well folks, if you love something set it free. Secession is the logical conclusion to the conflict.

Initially the concern in Hong Kong was the extradition of political prisoners to China so they could be executed to order for organ harvesting. Anyone protesting in support of that is the epitome of evil. End of story. China's refusal to validate that concern means their agreement with England has been broken and Hong Kong must become it's own country. Justice brings Peace.

Although Hong Kong is very far way, there are things we can do here at home. We can kick the Confucius Institute out of Canada. The Confucius Institute does NOT promote the teachings of Confucius. It does the exact opposite. The cultural revolution in China was a cultural genocide. Communism killed Chinese culture. The purpose of the Confucius Institute is to promote Communism and the execution of political prisoners for organ harvesting. That is evil. Communism is the manifestation of all lies and we need to face that fact.

We can also take back our oil rights from Communist China. Letting a Communist dictatorship profit from our oil is both stupid and evil. That practice needs to be reversed.

We can also boycott trade with that Communist dictatorship until it frees Hong Kong and stops executing political prisoners for their organs. We are consumers. China wants to make money. We need to be responsible citizens and not buy conflicted products.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Angel has Fallen is Magnificent

I just saw Angel has Fallen with Gerard Butler and it is very well done. The state of the art drone attack is next generation. The well executed plot is realistic and believable. Gerrard's doomsday father was played by Nick Nolte who did a great job. The dynamics added realism with a slight levety that balanced the movie well. Morgan Freeman is a very accomplished actor who played the president this time soundly as he did in Deep Impact. Lance Reddick radiates competence.

Piper Perabo played Gerrard's wife realistically. We remember her from the Netflix series Covert Affairs which was very well done. I saw a crappy review for Angel has Fallen and I wanted to see it for myself and I'm glad I did. A lot of those two bit movie critics are pencil neck losers who trash good movies just to promote themselves. That is pointless. Angel has Fallen is a very good movie and the critics who say it isn't have no credibility.

I'm getting tired of the mob's super hero obsession. They're nice but they just aren't reality based. They are motivational fantasies. I prefer movies that are more realistic and Angel has Fallen hits realism head on. Gerard Butler is Irish and spent some of his youth in Montreal but was born and raised in Scotland. What's there not to like? We remember Gerard Butler from his legendary role as the Spartan comander in the movie 300. He was also the nice guy in PS I love you.

Gerard Butler is a good actor. Perhaps too good. When he plays a bad guy it's a little too real. I saw him in two other roles where he played the bad guy and he was so realistic I couldn't watch it. Den of Thieves was one. The dirty cops in that were a little too realistic and nobody likes a dirty cop. Anyways, hats off to a job well done in Angel has Fallen.

Looking ahead, we look forward to the return of Sarah Connor in Terminator Dark Fate. Arnold is back. Terminator Genesis was a fantastic remix with alterate timelines. Dark Fate proves that boombers may be old but not obsolete. They can still get sh*t done.

Which brings us to Rambo 5 Last Blood. Stallone is gonna die with his boots on like Clint Eastwood. He keeps making epic sh*t. Creed 1 & 2 were stellar. He's the kinda guy that steps onto the screen as says I am. In Rambo 5 Last Blood he wants them to know that "if they come looking for me they will welcome death." Now that's what I'm talking about.

Two men injured in north Surrey shooting

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "A shooting in north Surrey injured two men Friday night (Aug. 23). Just before 8 p.m., Surrey RCMP officers responded to a report of a shooting in the 13500-block of 96th Avenue, according to a news release from B.C. RCMP Saturday. Both victims, police said, were dropped off at local hospitals and both were suffering from gunshot wounds. Surrey RCMP’s Serious Crime Unit is now investigating. Early indications, according to the release, show that it was a targeted shooting and may be connected to drug activity.”

Ya think? So by not arresting the drug dealers out of Shakerz and the Dell bowling alley, the Surrey RCMP have become culpable in the gun violence. God help Doug McCallum.

Addressing gun violence in Surrey with the New York Model

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Walter Stadnick and the Mom Boucher Story

Now for the the Tony B story. If you don't know who Tony B is, it doesn't matter. He's just a Facebook rat. Michael claims that Tony B is not Walter Stadnick. I'm like OK Micheal, I believe you but I don't believe Tony. I think he's lying. That's what I think.

Michael claims that Tony is a former member of the Hells Angels from the United States who moved to Montreal to be with his girlfriend. I don't believe that is true. I think Tony is lying.

Tony B first showed up on Facebook when Walter Stadnick got out of prison and was on probation. He claimed that he was a former member of the Hells Angels and kept going on and on about his friend Mom Boucher. We were like, shut up already. No one cares you knew Mom Boucher. Stop using his name to promote yourself.

The first thing he did was start sucking up to Michael and started defaming anyone locally he saw as a threat to his advancement within the organization or anyone who was with the new RM who weren't affiliated with the old RM. It was pathetic. It was small man syndrome times a thousand.

I don't believe any former member of the US Hells Angels was that close to Mom Boucher. Yes, US HAs often interact with Canadian HAs but they all speak English. The French members of the HAs in Quebec kinda kept to themselves. If Tony B really was from the US he would not have been as close with Mom Boucher as he claimed to have been.

I told Micheal, if I'm wrong, then the real Walter Stadnick will understand why I hate him so much. However, I don't think I am wrong and I want go on the record saying that is who I think he is.

The Mom Boucher Story

What we do know about the real Wolodumir Stadnick is that he was Mom Boucher's rat. Before Mom Boucher joined the Hells Angels, he and Salvatore Cazzetta formed a MC called the SS. In 1986, while Mom Boucher was in prison for armed rape, Salvatore Cazzetta formed the Rock Machine. When Mom Boucher got out of prison, he joined the Montreal Hells Angels in 1987.

When Walter Stadnick became the national president of the Canadian Hells Angels in 1988, he appointed Boucher his Quebec lieutenant. Any time any member of the Hells Angels questioned Walter Stadnick or Mom Boucher's leadership, Walter would tell Mom, Mom would tell Salvatore, then Salvatore would have the Rock Machine kill them.

That is what the Quebec Biker War was really about. In the year 2000, after all their political rivals had been eliminated, Salvatore Cazzetta, left the Rock Machine, joined the Hells Angels and shortly thereafter became the president of the Montreal Hells Angels. That was before the Bandido massacre not after.

Salvatore wasn’t the only one that crossed over at that time. He had a brother named Giovanni who started the rock machine with him in 1989. Giovanni also crossed over and joined the Hells Angels with him. But that’s not all. Paul Porter and Sal Brunetti left the Rock Machine and joined the Hells Angels all at the same time: December 2000. Paul Porter leads the Ontario Nomads. Brunetti was the leader of the Dark Circle, often described as the Rock Machine’s hit squad.

In the picture above, Billy Wiseman is pointing to Wolodumir Stadnick as if to say, here he is. This is Mom Boucher's rat. The guy that hired the Rock Machine to kill any of his HA brothers who he saw as a threat to their leadership. With friends like that, who needs enemies.

What's done in the dark will be brought to the light - Montreal Hells Angel dies in prison.

Another reason I think Tony B is Wolodumir Stadnick is because he outed himself. I had made a blog post claiming Wally was out in bad and Michael asked me where I heard that because he didn't think it was true. Nowhere I said. I just made it up. I was bullsh*ting.

Then Michael makes a post on facebook supporting Stadnick stating that he wasn't out in bad. Right after that Tony B commented on the Facebook post and said "Thanks Michael." I'm like AYFKM? Rat face just outed himself. That's when I left Facebook.

Ratface isn't French. He an Anglophone from Hamilton and supported the Calabrians over the Rizzutos. Leave it to Beaver is no Bob Green. He's just another Ontario Village Idiot.

The last three Hells Angels murders in BC were not by rivals

Michael Kramer: Pimping for the ATF

Skeletor's First Stolen Motorcycle

Death Riders Betrayal in Laval

2019 Kelowna Summer Jam

Je m'appelle Jean Baptiste. Serve my head on a silver platter and my words will go Tupac. They will stand as a testimony against you at the last day. What we do in life echos in eternity. Word.

Defamation on the Dirty

Recently someone sent me a link to an old post on the Dirty Blaze had made falsely accusing me of being a rapist and a child molester. I said yeah that's old and sent him the link to my response. He said I need to get it taken down and I said nope. First of all, Nick is a POS.

Nick was on Dr Phil a couple of times. One women had paid him to get some defamatory stuff about her taken off the Dirty and he hadn't taken it down. He said people can start giving him payments and he will look into getting the material removed. That is blatant extortion.

Second, a court order would cost me five grand and I'm not spending five grand on that. Third, it's my evidence that Blaze is not in prison. He's the only troll I have left. The others have either been taken care of or simply lost interest. I'm really not that important.

The post on the Dirty the reader sent the link to was from December 6th 2018 where he was pretending to be my ex wife and makes numerous ridiculous accusations which were simply absurd. Then he ends it with I am "now being charged with rape by the surrey rcmp check out his k file on B.C. cso website." He made similar statements on previous posts he made about me. At first it was the false claim that I had been charged with sexual interference with a minor and that if you search the CSO registry you will see the file.

The only problem was the statements were false and completely fabricated. As soon as anyone checked his source and searched my name for criminal charges on the CSO registry, nothing was there. He was lying and he killed his own credibility by making a statement that people could check. He's the one that has k files not me. K files are domestic assaults.

On a subsequent post he pretended to be another women and claimed that I had raped him and his daughter. This time he said charges were pending. Well if you search the CSO registry you will see that I still haven't been charged with a criminal offense and that he was lying again. Each post gets more and more ridiculous to the point where it's so absurd it's boring. The first time he impersonated a woman on my blog was under the name Kayla when I exposed the fact that he lied about his whereabouts the day he and Joey killed Britney Irving.

Those posts on the Dirty are my evidence that Donahugh McWhirter is not in prison and that he regularly impersonates women as he trolls the Internet spreading ridiculous lies. This way, the next time he goes to court to lie for the Teletubbies, the judge will be able to clearly see through him and boldly declare, this witness is not credible. Be gone with him.

Surrey's municipal police force gets Provincial green light

The Canadian Press is reporting that " The Vancouver-area city of Surrey, home to Canada's largest RCMP detachment, has been given provincial approval to begin a transition to a municipal police department. British Columbia Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth has given the approval for the work to get underway." Finally. Thank God.

"Farnworth says a team has been formed between the city and the province to ensure key issues of the transition are addressed, and it will be up to that team to determine if the switch can be done by 2021." The sooner the better. If John McKay is hired to overseas training, Surrey would have a world class police force second to none.

"Former B.C. Court of Appeal justice Wally Oppal has been named chair." Wally Oppal?! AYFKM? That sh*tbag should be in jail for sabotaging the Missing Women's Inquiry. Putting him in charge of anything is suspect.

"Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum successfully campaigned on a promise to replace the RCMP with an independent force and last month announced a separate municipal committee to manage the proposal." Yes he did. That's why we supported him.

Linda Annis was never a member of the Safe Surrey Coalition. She was the only member of Surrey First to be elected. She was new. ALL the incumbents were soundly defeated. The other three wingnuts that left the Safe Surrey Coalition have broken their campaign promise. Doug McCallum has not. He has been true to his word. The residents of Surrey did have a say on the matter when they elected him and kicked Surrey First out of office.

Green Justice: Third Party Sponsor

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Amazon rain forest on fire

Global is reporting that "The Amazon rainforest, the vessel holding a massive amount of the world’s oxygen, is burning at a rate scientists have never seen before." Quartz is reporting that "The Amazon rainforest is burning at an unprecedented rate, and the fires are unlikely starting themselves. Rather they may be set by people in an attempt to clear land for cattle ranching."

The Express is reporting that "The increasing numbers of fires this year have been blamed on Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Mr Bolsonaro took office in January and supported developing the Amazon region for farming and mining. This has proved controversial due to international concern over increased deforestation. The Brazilian President has also brushed off claims made by INPE. The space agency said the large number of wildfires could not be attributed to the dry season or natural phenomena alone. Researcher Alberto Setzer said: “There is nothing abnormal about the climate this year or the rainfall in the Amazon region, which is just a little below average. The dry season creates the favourable conditions for the use and spread of fire, but starting a fire is the work of humans, either deliberately or by accident.”

Man injured in early-morning Surrey shooting

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Surrey RCMP says one man has been injured after a shooting in Newton Tuesday morning (Aug. 20). Officers responded to a report of a shooting at a home in the 5900-block of 131A Street around 2:52 a.m., according to a Surrey RCMP release Tuesday afternoon. RCMP said that when officers arrived they found a man suffering from an apparent gun-shot wound. Police said the man was taken to hospital and is in stable condition. Surrey RCMP’s Serious Crime Unit is investigating, and early indications are that this was a targeted incident and may be connected to drug trafficking.” Ya think?

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Ryan Provencher and Richard Scurr found dead near Ashcroft, B.C.

CBC is reporting that "Two bodies that were found Saturday in the B.C. Interior are confirmed to be those of missing Surrey men, Ryan Provencher, 38, and Richard Scurr, 37. Lytton RCMP officers were called to a rural area near Ashcroft, B.C., about 100 kilometres west of Kamloops, for a report that two bodies had been discovered at the site, north of Spences Bridge. RCMP confirmed Tuesday that the bodies are those of Provencher and Scurr. Police believe the cause of their deaths is criminal in nature, and the RCMP's major crime unit in the southeast district is now investigating." Condolences to the families.

Paolo Caputo shot dead in Toronto

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Paolo Caputo, 64, of Richmond Hill, was killed in a targeted shooting in front of Domani Restaurant, on Roncesvalles Ave. near Grenadier Rd., shortly after 4 p.m. on Friday. Multiple sources said that Caputo may have been targeted for murder over a drug debt owed by his associates to a Mexican drug cartel active in the GTA." BULLSH*T!

"The debt stems from a massive drug rip-off connected to the June 2012 murder of John Raposo. Caputo’s brother, Martino Caputo, is serving a life sentence as one of four men convicted of first-degree murder in the Raposo shooting. At their trial, prosecutors said Raposo was shot to death at close range in a plot to steal his share of a 200 kilogram cocaine shipment."

"Raposo was shot to death by Dean Wiwchar, a former Stouffville resident who was working for a criminal group called the Wolfpack Alliance." The f*cking Cup Pack. Those are the worthless Hells Angels associates from Whiterock in the Witness Protection Program.

"Wiwchar was also convicted of first-degree murder in the Raposo murder, as was Nicola Nero, of Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Rabih (Bobby) Alkhalil, of Montreal." Dean Wiwchar, Nicola Nero and Rabih Alkhalil are all Hells Angels associates. Dean and Rabih work for Larry Amero.

Paolo Caputo was an associate of Vito Rizzutto. This hit was ordered by Wally Stadnick's pals in Hamilton who supported the Calabrians over the Rizzuttos. The Mexican cartel had nothing to do with it. Money talks and the bullsh*t never stops.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Walter Stadnick is Untrustworthy

Speaking of f*ck ups, here's the little sh*thead Walter Stadnick and I mean little. He's the short one in the middle between Moose and Billy Wiseman. He showed up at Suminder's funeral after they had him killed. Isn't that nice. With friends like that, who needs enemies. This is Tony B.

Walter Stadnick and the Tony B Story

Another Pipeline rupture sends 40,000 litres of oil into Alberta creek effecting Edmonton's drinking water

The Canadian Press is reporting that "The Alberta Energy Regulator says a pipeline has spilled 40,000 litres of crude oil into a creek. The regulator says on its website that the incident happened Thursday on a Bonterra Energy Corp. line 14 kilometres south of Drayton Valley, Alta. It says the line was shut in and depressurized, and that containment booms were installed. The AER says no impacts to wildlife were reported." Yeah right. Dead fish tell no tales.

40,000 litres of oil in a creek that runs into the Saskatchewan river. Drink up folks It's good for you. Global is reporting that "Four days after the Alberta Energy Regulator was told 40,000 litres of oil emulsion leaked from a pipeline into a creek that feeds into the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton’s primary utility provider says the city’s drinking water is perfectly safe.” Not.

The North Saskatchewan river is Edmonton's sole source of drinking water. "Regulator records show this isn’t the first time the company has had problems in the area." Clean up is expected to take three weeks but Edmonton drinking water is safe. Rollyeyes.

CBC is reporting that "For the second time in less than a month there was a pipeline spill in the province, which serves as the centre of the country’s oil industry. Last month it was 100,000 litres. Now, the Alberta Energy Regulator said on the weekend, a pipeline spilled 40,000 litres of crude into a creek near Drayton Valley last Thursday. The regulator says the incident happened on a Bonterra Energy Corp. line that has left oil seeping into Washout Creek. The creek flows into the North Saskatchewan River, which is the source of city of Edmonton’s water supply. Bonterra says it is taking the necessary steps to limit the damage."

The Calgary Herald reported that "Alberta’s energy watchdog has set a target to cut the number of pipeline spills that affect wildlife and water systems through added enforcement and more frequent inspections on poorly performing companies. The Alberta Energy Regulator also released an online database that outlines the record of every oil and gas company regarding pipeline spills and other incidents over the past two years. It believes that by holding companies publicly accountable for their performance, there will be fewer spills."

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Sovereign Citizen movement in the US

It has been brought to my attention that there is a movement within the United States that call themselves Sovereign Citizens. It has it's roots within the white supremacy moment but since then a lot of people of colour in the US are embracing the doctrine and are trying to declare themselves Sovereign Citizens which basically means they renounce their US Citizenship.

First let me declare, that ain't me. I am proud of my citizenship. In contrast, I am an oath keeper. I believe in protecting the Constitution and the Charter of Rights. I believe in pledging allegiance to the flag and the free republic it represents. Renouncing my citizenship is like being a draft dodger.

At first glance it would appear that Sovereign Citizens think that by renouncing your social security number you no longer have to pay taxes or obey any laws. As absurd as that sounds, it is astounding how large this group has become. It reminds me of that US Facebook group that wanted to shoot their guns at an approaching hurricane. At first we thought it was funny and a joke. Then we realized some wingnuts actually thought that if enough people got out there and fired their guns at a hurricane, the combined force would turn the hurricane away.

None of you ever thought that discharging a firearm at a hurricane might be dangerous because the high speed winds might change the trajectory of the bullet and aim it right back at you?

In Hawaii there is a group of people who want to break free from the US and form their own country like Quebec. I understand the logic. However, once you form a new country, you are going to have to pay taxes to them. Taxes pay for roads, schools, hospitals, police. Basically every social program under the sun. We can certainly debate how taxes are spent and how much tax is collected but no mater what country you join, you're still going to have to pay taxes. Without taxes there is no order, no law enforcement. Nothing gets done. Anarchy is the result. Chaos.

I am not an Anarchist or a Communist. I am the Irish definition of Republican. I believe in a free republic where all people are welcome regardless of race, colour or creed. Yes people have the right to believe in sovereign citizens, but they still must obey the law. As the preamble to the Canadian Charter of Rights declares, I believe in the supremacy of God and the rule of law.

It's like the Jehovah Witnesses. I totally support the freedom of religion. I believe the Jehovah Witnesses have every right to exist. I just don't agree with their beliefs. Some things they believe I agree with but there are other things they believe I do not agree with. For example, they don't believe in going to war. Conscientious objectors have their place in society. However, freedom comes with a price. Fighting Hitler was the right thing to do.

The Jehovah Witnesses are going around telling everyone not to vote in elections. I do not believe that is God's work. If all the good people stop voting in elections, then all the bad people will be elected. That is what Satan wants. That is not what God wants. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and women to be silent and not vote in elections. Look before you leap.

Eric Jon Phelps is a sovereign citizen who wants Pennsylvania to break off from the United States and form it's own country. He wants to make it for whites only. I kid you not. That is why he is a sovereign citizen. That is his agenda. Right now he can't do that because the sacred Constitution forbids racial discrimination. So he has to convince people to forsake the Constitution and become a sovereign citizen. That way he can defy the constitution at will.

The con is the claim that if you become a sovereign citizen you won't have to pay taxes. Oh really? For how long? Once you form a new country, you're going to have to pay taxes to them. These sovereign citizen false prophets want you to pay a lot of money for a hard copy of their redemption manual and they want you to pay them for subscriptions to their snake oil propaganda. Once they con you into giving up the sacred Constitution under the false promise that you won't have to pay taxes, you will have to pay them. They don't want you to pay taxes to the US government. They want you to pay taxes to them instead.

In the movie the Patriot with Mel Gibson, there's a scene where the Americans are complaining about the amount of tax England charges and refer to it as taxation without representation. They are trying to convince Mel Gibson to join the rebellion.

He responds with a wise concern and states: "Would you tell me, please, Mister Howard, why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man's rights as easily as a King can." Mather Byles was the author of the quote. That was the exact concern many Canadians had who became loyalists.

As we can now see, Hong Kong was far better off under British rule than under the Communist party of China. They had a lot more freedom under British rule than they ever will under the yoke of Communism. This is why Brexit is so important. Giving up your sovereignty and joining the EU without a Constitution that guarantees civil liberty is voting for slavery and oppression.

If you love liberty, then you will defend the Constitution. If you want the south to rise again and bring back slavery then so be it. I'll see you on the other side of that battle field. "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Easy Rider Star Peter Fonda RIP

The Independent is reporting that "Hollywood star Peter Fonda has died aged 79 after respiratory failure from lung cancer, his family have said. The actor, who is best known for his starring role as Wyatt in 1969’s counterculture classic Easy Rider, passed away peacefully at his home in Los Angeles, they said in a statement to People magazine. 'In honour of Peter, please raise a glass to freedom.' Fonda was best known for his role in Easy Rider, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last month." Let Freedom Ring. God Damn the Pusher man yo. Ride Hard, Die Free.

BTW Wally Stadnick is a b*tch. Cap that. Why the f*ck would you attend the funeral of someone you killed? Get the f*ck out of Surrey you worthless POS. Brother's Keepers, watch your back. Stadnick and Boucher didn't fight the Rock Machine, they were in bed with them. They used the RM to kill their own political rivals within the Hells Angels. F*ck ups Forever, Forever F*ck ups.

I told you that worthless POS Stadnick hadn't left the life. That's why he was trashing the new RM to Michael. He didn't have control over the new RM like he did the old RM. He is a 5' 4" back stabbing snake in the grass. That's all he ever was and all he'll ever be.

Motorcycle cop crashed doing a burnout

The Squamish Chief is reporting that "Following an accident involving an officer at this year’s Squamish Motorcycle Festival, the RCMP is launching an internal investigation into the matter. A video posted to social media shows a Mountie and another rider locking the fronts of their motorcycles and spinning their back wheels to create smoke. However, the officer’s bike moves forward and collides with another nearby motorcyclist circling the pair." Loser.

That' what you get for showing off. I don't understand what the obsession with brake stands is. I noticed that at Barnes Harley-Davidson in Langley the parking lot has a lot of burnout marks on the pavement. Everyone wants to do a burnout test riding a new Harley? That's pretty stupid.

I don't do break stands on my bike because I pay for tires and brakes. I grew up.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Fatal stabbing in South Surrey

Global is reporting that "A man is dead in following an overnight stabbing near Surrey’s Semiahmoo Shopping Centre. Police said they were called to the 1700 block of 152 Street around 3 a.m, where they found a man suffering from grievous stab wounds."

The Peacearch News is reporting that "A 45-year-old man has been identified as the victim in Friday morning’s fatal stabbing in South Surrey. In a news release issued just after 11:30 p.m. Friday, Integrated Homicide Investigation Team officials said they were releasing Delphin Paul Prestbakmo’s name in an effort to determine his activities prior to his death."

Update: Surrey mechanic killed in unprovoked stabbing

Teens charged in stabbing death of South Surrey man

Shark MC in Holland replaces banned Hells Angels

TBM Scandinavia is reporting that "More than twenty members of the new motorcycle club Hardliners MC posed in full colors on the platform of the Haarlem city hall on Thursday afternoon. The photo session was with the back to the camera. Hardliners MC was founded from prison by Lysander de R., the former leader of the Haarlem Hells Angels."

This after a Dutch court banned the Hells Angels motorcycle gang in the Netherlands, saying it had a track record of violent crime in May. The new shark logo look like an old kid's cartoon.

Man injured in Burnaby Shooting

Global is reporting that "A 25-year-old man is in hospital following a shooting in Burnaby early Thursday morning. Emergency crews were called to an industrial area on Keith Street between Joffre Avenue and Greenall Avenue around 4:15 a.m. The main area of interest is a wooded area at Ivy Avenue and Keith Street. One police officer told Global News that the area is known to be frequented by squatters, and that a social gathering had been taking place."

Thursday, August 15, 2019

SNC Lavalin Fraud has nothing to do with Justin Trudeau

The SNC Lavalin Fraud has nothing to do with Justin Trudeau. Andrew Scheer calling for a RCMP investigation into Justin Trudeau's support for SNC Lavalin is the fraud. The Conservatives would have done the exact same thing if not worse. The real SNC Lavalin Fraud is tied to the current BC NDP and every other political party that blindly endorses them.

We know that SNC Lavalin is a corrupt company. Yet they keep getting government contracts and giving kickbacks in the form of political contributions. SNC Lavalin getting the contract for the Evergreen Line in BC after they were banned from world projects was a criminal act.

The problem is that Justin Trudeau and every other political party including the BC Liberals and the BC NDP think that if they support SNC Lavalin they support jobs in Canada. Not so. If SNC Lavalin folds the sky will not fall. Another company in the private sector will get the contract and still employ Canadians to get the work done.

SNC Lavalin underbids and over charges government contracts just like Lockheed Martin. If other Canadian companies are allowed to bid on government contracts then it will save tax dollars and employees will get paid better because all the money won't be going to bribes and corrupt managers. Canadians are better off without SNC Lavalin.

Conor McGregor punches elderly man in Dublin pub

The Score is reporting that a video shows Conor Sh*tbag McGregor punching an elderly man in the head at a pub in Dublin because he didn't want a drink of McGregor's sh*ty whiskey. The other elderly man has his back towards him avoiding McGregor completely. Conor McGregor is a racist piece of smelly garbage without any class. He was a lightweight. That is all he ever was.