Friday, May 24, 2019

Green Justice and Gangsters out support Surrey's Municipal police force

Doug McCallum was elected mayor of Surrey on a promise to get rid of the LRT and the RCMP, both of which I completely support. That' why I voted for him. Post Media propaganda has been opposed to both despite the election results. "There's a lot of anger going on here and the secrecy going on behind it," added Joseph Edwards, a retired 15-year veteran of the Surrey RCMP. "We don't think they are being truthful... Why is everything a secret?"

It's a secret because the RCMP and the MSM are trying to stop it from happening. We need to move past this. Surrey is the largest City in Canada that does not have it's own municipal police force. The campaign to keep the RCMP despite the election results shows how corrupt the RCMP still is. They have no desire whatsoever to investigate organized crime. They have no desire whatsoever to stop or restrict the Hells Angels drug trafficking in Surrey. They still watch the drug dealers come out of Shakerz to the Dell bowling alley and load the drug dealers on King George Hwy with drugs. They watch it happen without stopping it.

The Hells Angels have hired the Brother's Keepers to bring more violence to Surrey and the RCMP do nothing to stop the violence. They promote the violence by promoting the Hells Angels drug trafficking network. The RCMP have members of the Wolf Pack in the Witness Protection Program cashing in on the rat out your rivals program and give those members of the Wolf Pack police escorts while they sell cocaine. That needs to stop. This is why we need a municipal police force in Surrey. The RCMP refuse to listen to the citizens who pay their wages.

The RCMP class action sexual harassment suit is one thing. IHIT investigators sleeping with witnesses is another. Shooting hostages is yet another. The list goes on and on. Post Media News is corporate trash trying to brainwash taxpayers into promoting organized crime. I do not support either. That is why I support Doug McCallum. It's really a no brianer.

Overwhelming support for SkyTrain in Surrey and Langley

The Daily Hive is reporting that "There is a consensus amongst local residents in Surrey and Langley, and across the region, that SkyTrain is the right technology decision for the Fraser Highway rapid transit project between King George Station and Langley Centre. TransLink released the findings of the first stage of its public consultation for the proposed Surrey-Langley SkyTrain project, which received nearly 21,300 survey responses, with about 17,000 from residents in Surrey and Langley. The survey was conducted throughout April. This is the breakdown of support for the project as a continuous extension of the Expo Line:

Surrey – 82%

City of Langley – 90%

Township of Langley – 92%

Rest of Metro Vancouver – 84%

I guess Post Media Trash won't be reporting on that.


  1. Nice post!

    You can bet Post Media won't be reporting what you have. You sometimes do have to wonder what Post Media has invested in the whole mess. Perhaps they had stock in pill press corporations. I don't know. Now it maybe said banning them wouldn't have done a whole lot of good, but it sends a message and it was something Notely did, Christy Clark didn't.

    Saw the news about the "secrecy, etc. on the evening news and truly wondered what they were carrying on about. what do they want to know that is secret? There are all sorts of things which governments work on all the time, which people have no interest in or there is no real news to announce. In this case, I find its just the political opponents who seem to be "steamed". No one ever did say what exactly they wanted to know. If they can't say what they want to know, how is the Mayor going to give them any information. Not once have I read or heard what it is these opposition people want.

    McCallum is doing the right thing. We have to look no further than Richmond, where the River Rock casino is located and has the RCMP. For everything which went on at the River Rock you wonder why the Richmond RCMP never noticed. Were they that incompetent, that stupid, that crooked? If I were Mayor of a city in the area, I'd want to get rid of the RCMP quickly. Wouldn't even need the list of reasons you've provided.

    In my opinion, the RCMP do not provide stable law enforcement. My rational: the RCMP isn't stable. As you've mentioned the class action lawsuits, but also the RCMP is a "mobile' organization. Members are transferred. Every time an officer is transferred out, there goes their local knowledge of people geography, crime organizations, etc. In other cities, where officers spend their entire careers, they have a body of knowledge which they carry and pass on to new members. Shortens the learning curve. In Surrey they constantly have to re invent the wheel.

    In Surrey if a police officer wants a promotion, they frequently have to transfer out. In a municipal force, they may worker harder, improve their education, etc.

    If promotions and salaries come from Ottawa, there is no loyalty to the local organization beyond, I'm here for a few years and then I can move out. there is also the no small issue of control. the RCMP do not report to a local police board the way they do in Vancouver. there are no lines of authority, except within the force. that doesn't involve the locals. That's not a good thing.

    Establishing a new police force in Surrey will be expensive. However, not doing so will be even more expensive. We grew up being taught, you get what you pay for. Its always good to look for a deal, but some deals just aren't any good. Problems within the RCMP fester. there is no method of dealing with them. Other police forces are unionized. they can file a grievance and go to arbitration. RCMP officers are paid approx. $15K to $20K less than their municipal counter parts.

    You have given us an "admirable" list of the short comings of the Surrey RCMP. Now, it is a given you've acquired that knowledge due to interest. However, you do have a full time job and family from what I gather from your posts. So if you have this body of knowledge regarding the RCMP's failures you do have to wonder why the RCMP can't/won't deal with these criminals (alleged criminals). Its pretty clear former civic politicians had no interest in dealing with the issues and neither did the previous provincial government. They signed a 20 year deal with the RCMP, without much change to the contract.

    Thank you for continuing to write on this subject and provide valuable information to tax paying citizens.

    1. Surrey has decided to form a municipal police force. That's all that needs to be said. Post Media News campaigned for the other guy. When their guy lost the election they kept campaigning against a municipal police force.

      Post Media News wants to be consulted every step of the way so they can fault find and trash the process every step of the way. McCallum doesn't waste his time consulting with them because they are trying to circumvent the democratic process.


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