Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Ontario Hells Angel charged after 2 kilos of cocaine seized in Nova Scotia

The Chronicle Herald is reporting that "An Eastern Shore man has entered guilty pleas and an Ontario man is expected to follow suit next month in a drug case involving the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang. Paul Francis Monahan, 62, of Ostrea Lake, near Musquodoboit Harbour, pleaded guilty recently in Dartmouth provincial court to three charges: trafficking marijuana, conspiracy to traffic cocaine and conspiracy to possess proceeds of crime."

"Mark David Heickert, 50, of Orillia, Ont., faces the same conspiracy charges as Monahan, as well as one charge of breaching his release conditions by having contact with members of the Hells Angels or affiliated clubs. Police said Monahan is a hang-around member of the New Brunswick Nomads Hells Angels chapter and Heickert is a full-patch member of the Hells Angels chapter in Oshawa, Ont."

"Following a nine-month investigation that included undercover officers, RCMP executed search warrants in November 2017 at homes in Ostrea Lake and Orillia and the Hells Angels clubhouse in Musquodoboit Harbour. Officers allegedly seized two kilograms of cocaine, a sawed-off shotgun, a large quantity of cash, outlaw motorcycle gang paraphernalia."

Nova Scotia investigates Hells Angels drug trafficking, BC does not.

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  1. Does make one wonder why they can investigate in other provinces and not in B.C. Perhaps its some thing in our water???

    It really amazes me that some of these people are as old as they are and still engaging in such activities. Usually people grow a little wiser as they get older. Yikes


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