Sunday, May 5, 2019

Salvatore Scoppa shot dead in Laval

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "After surviving an attempt on his life two years ago, a man with ties to the Montreal Mafia was fatally shot in a Laval hotel lobby Saturday night. Police say Salvatore Scoppa, 49, was shot at least once and taken to a hospital around 10 p.m. He was later pronounced dead. Scoppa is the brother of alleged Montreal Mafia leader Andrea Scoppa."

Salvatore Scoppa's co accused William Robinson who was originally from Victoria was found dead in Montreal June 2013. Salvatore survived a previous shooting in 2017. Two weeks before that shooting Salvatore and his brother Andrea were busted with 100 kilos of cocaine.


  1. We all know I love stories with happy endings.....

    1. In this case I wouldn't refer to it as a happy ending. Perhaps. It's just that I don't know all the players over there well enough to say for sure. Locally I know the Bacon brothers are POS. I don't get involved in Quebec mafia. They are out of my league.

  2. Anytime someone like this assumes room temperature, I figure it's a happy ending, but that's just me. I'm not able to ignore the fact that what they do for a living creates human misery that wouldn't exist, if they didn't. For that reason I am all about bad things happening to bad people.

  3. Just wait, the summer will be hot in MTL, the Scoppa's brothers have order the murder of (at least) 3 Rizzuto's associates. Andrew is on the Rizzuto's list and he will want to avenge the death of his brother. Stefano Sollecito is out, he is working with the HA (they are the kings in Qc rightnow) and he wants bloods for his father murder (he must be the one who order the Scoppa murder). Andrew is insane, like Sal was. That storie will continue this summer for sure. Long time reader, first time comment.


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