Thursday, May 16, 2019

Is Andrew Scheer any different than Brian Mulroney?

I have to admit I like Andrew Scheer a lot more than Jason Kenny but I am still leery of him. After all, we've heard it all before. They claim the left will tax and spend when the right is the worst offender. That pork barrel politics caused a rebellion against Brian Mulroney and created the Reform Party. Brian Mulroney squandered tax dollars on the Air Bus scandal and raised taxes by cramming in the GST. Meanwhile, the BC NDP saved tax dollars through fiscal restraint and lowered taxes by removing bridge tolls. Sometimes you have to look beyond the stereotypes.

Not all pipelines are bad. Green Justice supports LGN. Burning natural gas is a lot cleaner than burning coal. We're even OK with unrefined crude. We're just against unrefined bitumen. We need to talk about what we are going to do with the petroleum coke. We need to talk about clean up. The Tar Sands are not responsible. We need to stop the lies and arrogance coming out of Alberta. Alberta isn't the only province in Canada and they are no better than anyone else. If they want to separate, feel free. You can air lift your dirty oil to China. F*ck the Fraud.


  1. Scheer with the weird smirk. he looks like one of those 70s guys who was always playing pocket pool while they walked around the office. He's creepy.

    His campaign manger is Hamish Marshall. Hamish Marshall's previous job was with Ezra Levant, who runs "the Rebel" rag mag. they used to "pal" around with people like Faith Goldy and that wolf pack types from Quebec. Levant has been described as a racist, homophobia, misogynistic, so if his no. 1 cheer leader left to go work for Scheer, do you really want that running Canada?
    In my opinion, when it comes to religion, Scheer is just the Christian version of the Taliban. No better than harper.

    If a candidate comes out to say, he won't "touch" Canada's laws or lack of laws concerning abortion you need to worry. The other party leaders didn't come out to say that because no one is concerned about it. Some in this country may not like Trudeau, but have a good look at Scheer and those who surround you. It would be like voting for the same agenda Trump has. You have only to look at what Ford is doing in Ontario to education, health care, libraries, and decimating services to autistic kids. Want that for all of Canada? If any one does, they can vote for Scheer. He was also a lousy Speaker of Parliament.

    1. Neo Cons have a right to their religious affiliations. The problem with Neo Cons isn't their religion it's their religious hypocrisy. The Rebel mag started off great then went a little bit weird. We need to balance the extremes.

      The abortion argument has always been plagued with extremism on both sides. On one side you have extremists trying to ban abortion in cases of incest or rape. On the other side you have extremists trying to promote late term abortions as a form of birth control. Promoting murder is nothing to brag about.

      The bottom line is that abortion stops a beating heart. Late term abortions as a form of birth control is simply irresponsible. Blind obedience to this issue is no different than blind obedience to anything else.

  2. I'm sorry but there is nothing to debate. That comment was disgusting. The "mass/blob" ?! That is really offensive. IT is not a woman's body IT is a human being inside a woman's body. Like I said extremism exist on both sides of the argument. Promoting murder is nothing to brag about.


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