Sunday, May 26, 2019

Newly elected Green MP has a brain

Global is reporting that "Green Party MP-elect Paul Manly openly questioned the “corporate media’s” coverage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and whether there is additional evidence that would reveal a different explanation for the attacks." Finally someone with a brain. Global is trying to discredit him and make him sound like a wing nut. IF he said the third tower collapsed into it's own blueprint at freefall speed due to heat and fire, THEN he'd be a wing nut. He did not say that.

When Global confronted him for something he said on a podcast years ago Paul Manly replied “There are a lot of conspiracy theories when it comes to 9/11 and I do not subscribe to them, but when people remember the official story of 9/11 it was that Saddam Hussein was directly involved with the bombings of 9/11. We now know that is not true.” Exactly. First they said it was Bin Ladden but the confession video didn't look anything like Bin Ladden.

One has to wonder why on earth is Global sounding like a cheap tabloid all of a sudden. It's because it's now owned by Post Media News. That's why. In contrast, the Toronto Star reported that "Green Leader Elizabeth May introduced Ottawa to incoming MP Paul Manly, whose victory in the former NDP riding of Nanaimo-Ladysmith appears to have both energized May's party and prompted a warning from former New Democratic MP Svend Robinson. He called the Green breakthrough a “wake-up call” for Jagmeet Singh’s NDP to take a more aggressive stance on climate change and the environment." Indeed. Wakie wakie achy breaky.

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  1. Global reported as it did, in my opinion, to distract from Manley's win and to take away from the event of May introducing him. They know the Conservatives came in second in the riding. I'm sure they'd like to see Manley gone, no return of the NDP and have a nice homophobic, racist, mysgonistic party represent the riding.

    I'm not a Green party member, but they do have a message for Canadians and they are doing a fairly decent job of getting it out there. Elizabeth May is most likely the hardest working party leader out there. Really like her. today she was on a local radio show and it was very, very interesting. She informed liseners that when they see packaged wild B.C. salmon, they inspect it more closely, because some times its processed and packed in China. She advocated for those jobs remaining in Canada (value added jobs) Now that was something I did not know. I always check packing for source and if they don't say, I don't purchase. no wonder they don't like Elizabeth May.


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