Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Supreme Court Judge went missing had a panic attack

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Supreme Court Justice Clement Gascon says he suffered a panic attack last week before he briefly went missing Wednesday night. Gascon, who has already announced plans to retire in September, said in a statement Tuesday that he has long dealt with depression and anxiety, an insidious illness he has generally been able to manage, but led him to a crisis last week." He's just another Peter Leask.

Is that why a judge with experience in Business Law concurred with the other clowns in Santa suits to destroy the Canadian Charter of Rights? The greatest act of Judicial Treason in Canadian history? Perhaps they should all retire and reassess their murder of civil liberty.


  1. Wow, a judge with mental health issues. Nothing wrong with that..... :rolleyes:

  2. How come these people are not vetted - they are all political appointees.

  3. "My learned colleague". Who happens to be mentally unstable. LOL. No different than the police, when was the last time one of them turned in a fellow "member" for cause? Only when the facts become so obvious they can't be ignored, and even then the penalties are a joke when in reality they should be twice what a citizen gets. Higher standard and all that. I don't see "being made to resign" listed as a penalty for a offense anywhere in the Criminal Code of Canada. I guess "membership has it's privileges". "The Player's Club card, baby"....


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