Thursday, May 16, 2019

3 kilos of cocaine seized in St John's NL

VOCM is reporting that "A week-long investigation by the RCMP dubbed Project Blowfish has netted drugs, guns, cash and vehicles—and the largest seizure of crystal meth the province has ever seen. Staff Sergeant Thomas says police received a tip that three kilograms of cocaine from Montreal was headed to the province, prompting the search warrant. As a result, 25-year-old Tyler Nickerson Butler and 21-year-old Shae O’Keefe were arrested and charged with eight counts each of drug offences and three counts each of careless storage of a firearm. Both have been released from custody on a recognizance and will be back in court on June 26."

CBC is reporting that "It's the second large seizure of cocaine since April 1, after Project Bowman swept up a handful of men and nine kilograms of the substance. 'These are large amounts of cocaine coming into our province within a short period of time – undoubtedly, organized crime groups are behind these shipments,' said Staff-Sgt. Stefan Thoms."

If the RCMP in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia investigate the Hells Angels drug trafficking, why don't they do it in BC? What makes the BC RCMP SO corrupt?

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  1. This report leads me to conclude the NFLD RCMP are doing fine. Its the RCMP in BC who aren't doing as well as they ought to. My opinion; its cultural. There is a culture amongst the rcmp I'm B.C. which leds it to be less than it is in other provinces, i.e. the drug arrests in NFLD and other provinces.

    Last evening news also clearly outlines the issue with in the RCMP.
    The interview of a male RCMP OFFICER with a 17 year old rape survivor. It was disgusting. It violate all norms of police procedure. If the 17 yr old had been a white princess from a well to do or middle class family, half the detachment might have been fired. In the case of a 17 yr old Indigenous female, all are still on the job. this happened in 2012! What the hell was/is going on. no wonder Indigenous women continue to be raped, murdered, etc. with impunity, if the survivor is treated like the criminal. My opinion, the officer seemed to be enjoying himself.

    It ought to be noted this was not broadcast on the msm until after the Indigenous network, APTN had broadcast this. Watching APTN FROM time to time, you'd think we were living in two different countries and yes I'd suggest we are. There is a whole other reality for Indigenous people. The RCMP still are not according the respect they do other people in this country. Its all of how the RCMP is failing this country and its citizens.


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