Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Blarney Inquiry has begun

There is a great deal of smoke and mirror hoopla over a public inquiry into money laundering in BC. I will simply restate the obvious - it is a complete farce. Why is it a farce? Wait 'till I tell ye. Who do you think is the driving force behind this bogus inquiry? It's the RCMP. Why are they pushing it? Aside from distracting the public from their own refusal to investigate Hells Angels drug trafficking in BC any more, it is a cash cow for them. They get to seize the proceeds of crime. This means the police and the politicians become the pimps and drug dealers. Instead of stopping human trafficking and fentanyl overdoses, they get to profit from it. That is why they have no desire to stop crime. They want to make money from it. God damn you all.


  1. The RCMP will be the last ones who want an inquiry Much of it may be aimed at them and their lack of action regarding the River Rock casino and all that went on there. The River Rock is in Richmond and Richmond is policed by the RCMP. No wonder the Mayor of Surrey wants a police force for surrey and not the RCMP.

    Eby has made a good start at looking into the money laundering in B.C. Cabinet was divided on whether to have one or not. Eby wanted one and now I see he is getting on.

    There is much more to the corruption in B.C. than casinos and the RCMP. It all needs to come out. Laila Yuile some interesting comments as does Norm Farrell.

    This inquiry may be one method of ridding this province of the RCMP and the culture which prevails in it here in B.C.

    1. I'm sorry but that is simply not true. If this *money laundering* inquiry was a *police corruption* inquiry like the Mollen commission in New York, then that would be a good thing but that is clearly not the case. This is exactly what I said it was - a tax grab by the RCMP where the police and the politicians can profit from crime without lifting a finger to stop or restrain it.

      Eby is a limp fish and the BC NDP have become a huge disappointment in crime reduction. They have fallen for the RCMP con and have refused to bring back the OMGU to address organized crime. They simply want to tax it so they can profit from it.

      Laila Yuile is the one who warned us about the dark undertow within the NDP that is no different than the BC Liberals. Blind obedience to the NDP is no different than blind obedience to Hilary Clinton knowing her ties to drug trafficking and arms dealing. That blind obedience goes beyond complacency and has become culpability.


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