Saturday, May 25, 2019

Gypsy moth spraying continues in North Surrey

The Foray 48B or BTK Ariel pesticide spraying of north Surrey continues. Thursday I saw and heard the plane go over my house 12 times between 5;00 AM and 6:00 AM on my way to work. Evidently they haven't killed enough song birds yet. BTK pesticide kills all moths, caterpillars and butterflies. It is not healthy for humans to breath. It also effects all other mammals that eat moths, caterpillars and butterflies including songbirds who feed caterpillars to their young.

Dr. Karen Bartlett with the UBC School of Population and Public Health has studied the pesticide. She says warnings to stay indoors during the spraying are fair, but not because it’s toxic. “Not so much because the chemical is terribly toxic, but it’s not good to inhale any foreign substance that you don’t need to. So staying inside with the windows and doors closed is a good idea,” says Bartlett, who was part of a study in the 1990s that looked into the effects of Foray 48B.

It's not harmful for humans is very different from it's not terribly toxic. I don't want to breath that on my way to work in the morning. The small traps on the ground are much more effective than blanketing everyone from the air with toxic pesticides. Don't worry. Next they'll try to figure out a way to inject the pesticide into the seeds. GMO yo. Until then the air will continue to be toxic.


  1. If it kills birds there's NFW it's not toxic to humans. More lies from those who are supposed to be looking out for you and are well paid to screw that up.

    1. It doesn't kill birds directly so to speak. It kills all caterpillars and the birds eat those and feed them to their young. If the poison doesn't kill their young the lack of food will.


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