Monday, May 27, 2019

Wally Oppal is a scoundrel

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Mistrials resulting from deadlocked juries are extremely rare and are a sign that the judicial system is working, former B.C. attorney general Wally Oppal said Sunday. Oppal said the public should not be concerned that jurors could not reach a verdict in the case of Jamie Bacon, who is charged with one count of counselling someone to commit murder in late 2008." AYFKM? WTF is wrong with the Vancouver Sun?! No really.

The fact that Wally Oppal isn't in jail for collusion after sabotaging the missing woman's inquiry is proof the system is broken. Jamie Bacon got off scot free for ordering the worst gangland slaying in BC's history because of trial delays resulting from police misconduct. The fact that someone on the jury wouldn't convict him in DK's murder makes it look like someone on the jury was paid off. That's what it looks like. For that piece of garbage to say the public should not be concerned and the system is working just fine for him is absolutely outrageous. The fact that the Vancouver Sun would even quote that raging lunatic is very offensive.

Wally Oppal was a horrible attorney general. With gang violence escalating the public were protesting bad judges. Wally Oppal said everything is fine. That's when Vern started putting huge signs on flatdeck trucks that said Recall Wally Oppal. The group Vern was with in Aldergove weren't talking about gang violence, they were talking about property theft. They had drug addicts stealing from all their neighbors and every time the police arrested them the courts let them free. It was a revolving door judicial system that served no one. That was when the VPD came up with a proposal asking for 30 strikes and your out. Showing that the more crimes these chronic offenders committed, the less jail time they were sentenced with. Wally said it was just fine.

After Wally Oppal lost the election, the Vancouver Sun pushed to have him on the Missing woman's inquiry. I was like WTF are they doing? Women from the DTES spoke up at a public meeting saying Wally Oppal was the wrong choice to head that inquiry. They were right.

Durring the missing Woman's Inquiry Wally Oppal took a second job acting in a slasher movie. That National Post said it was bad judgement. Indeed it was.

In 1992, when he was a B.C. Supreme Court justice, Wally Oppal appeared at a boozy, men-only dinner hosted by members of the Vancouver Police Department and told jokes about what a rape victim had said in court. There is no way the Vancouver Sun should have endorsed him for the Missing Woman Inquiry. He didn't even do his job on the Inquiry.

As soon as the inquiry heard evidence that implicated the Hells Angels, Wally Oppal shut the inquiry down and turned it into a *less adversarial* panel discussion where he could more easily censor evidence. That was collusion.

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